Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As promised, here are the specials for the

FA (1 Hit) CD=2

- Increasing damage with every activation, alternating with BA

BA (2 Hits) CD=2

- Increasing damage with every activation, alternating with FA

Arms start with 1.2 times damage. Every activation gives +10% damage, caps at 200%!

Shoulders (2 Hits) CD=2

- 1.5 times damage
- Hit 2: chance for a crit

Head (4 Hits) CD=5

all specials activate on Hit

- increasing damage for every Hit
- Hit 1: BtH BoT for 5 turns, starting with +10 BtH (10/20/30/40/50)
- Hit 2: chance for a crit
- Hit 3: Damage BoT for 5 turns, starting also with +10 (10/20/30/40/50)
- Hit 4: chancel for a crit

Body (3 Hits) CD=5

- increasing damage for every Hit
- Hit 1: optical sensors damaged BtH NoT for 5 turns, starting with -5 (5/10/15/20/25)
- Hit 2: armor damaged Defense NoT for 5 turns, starting with -10 (10/20/30/40/50)
- Hit 3: stun for 1 round (guaranted)

Have fun and enjoy your weekend.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maypril News! And More!

Maypril Fools! No foolin' - we're working overtime to get the Maypril Fools Day Mecha ready for excitement on May 1st! (Does Korin ever sleep? Do I? The entire MQ team has been putting forth an enormous amount of energy and devotion into MechQuest's upcoming releases.)

This mecha is another amazing design by Thyton, with specials by blues. The Maypril mechas will be available for ONE DAY ONLY - May 1st, starting at midnight. This means, beginning Friday at midnight Eastern Standard Time (server time), until Saturday at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Here is a sneak peek at the pricing, so that you can save up for the one you want:

Level 3 = 16500 credits
Level 8 = 41000 credits
Level 13 = 143000 credits
Level 18 = 198000 credits
Level 23 = 253000 credits
Level 28 = 308000 credits
Level 33 = 363000 credits
Level 40 = 440000 credits

Level 3 = 165 Nova Gems
Level 8 = 440 Nova Gems
Level 13 = 715 Nova Gems
Level 18 = 990 Nova Gems
Level 23 = 1265 Nova Gems
Level 28 = 1540 Nova Gems
Level 33 = 1815 Nova Gems
Level 40 = 2200 Nova Gems

Maypril Weapons! Charfade has been working on the art for these, and I must say they're looking fantastic! I don't have any art sneak-peeks to share, so I'll just tell you that they have a springtime theme and you can imagine what that might mean. They will be an asset to your arsenals for sure - blues and I had a fun chat about specials for them this morning - he'll be on vacation this month so we've done a ton of pre-planning. Anyway, the weapons will be available for a week, beginning May 1st.

*Rixty Bazook for Nova Gems! - You may now use your Nova Gems to purchase a Rixty Bazook for your character! As a special treat for those of you who were unable to take advantage of the Rixty Card promotion, we have made new versions of these shoulder weapons: the N1 and the N2. These will be in the shop for two weeks. Log in to MechQuest now to find the shop in the button menu in Soluna City.

Come say hello on the forums, please invite your friends to play MechQuest, and in general, enjoy your day!

P.S. - I just corrected the month. Maypril is May 1st! Pesky time-gremlins!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

It's finally Earth Day! The planet's still spinning. The skies are still blue. The ground is still... there. And luckilly gravity is still here to keep everything from shooting off into space in a violent explosion. And oxygen I guess.

Anywho, to celebrate, MechQuest decided to make a new solar-powered shoulder weapon. This baby uses no EP at all and actually regens some of your EP. So you flat out gain EP for using it. That's pretty win to me. Here is a picture and some info about it.

Earth Day Shoulder Weapon

Read More


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grand Theft Starship

That's right. Steal a Shadowscythe ship and you can either keep it for Soluna's forces to use or destroy it because that's fun too. This was my grand plan all along that this quest would be the war-ender. It gives 15 victories for 7 fights but if you're Star Captain, it only takes 4 fights. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Also, the Star Captain Monthly Mecha is out and available. We call this guy the Morehawk because he has a mohawk and we already have a mecha named Mohawk so if we have more mohawk then we must have Moreawk!!! He's a floating mecha and extremely offensive. And I mean that in the sense that he is super strong and kept making fun of my mother :(

Anywho, Rixty item will go NG on Monday for everyone that can't get a hold of a Rixty card. Also, the Earth Day weapon will be gone on Monday so be sure to get it. Next week, Maypril Fools mecha and May Day weapons are a definite. Storyline release not as definite but we'll see.

Keep in touch and thanks for playing. Have a great weekend.


Monday, April 19, 2010

The Bugfixin' Continues

The frighteningly-colorful Gremlins buglist is shrinking! Korin and I worked together for most of the day to fix and pre-test the top-priority fixes we could fit into the day, and then Personater and Azami and I worked together to finalize the Nuberizing issues at long-last. More on Nuberizing in a bit - here's the rundown of the rest of today's fixes:

*Generic Cloverblade - if killing blow uses credit/xp draining special, player no longer gets 0 rewards!

*Korin Head - in Assault Mecha, when the Korin head switches your HP/MP, you no longer have to switch mechas or log out & back in to restore your normal HP/EP values! Then also, there was a specific bug that was happening under specific conditions: If you got stunned right after activating the Decreasing Damage special with the Korin head, your "Boost" went to "NaN," and you did zero damage until the special wore off. It's Very difficult to get the right conditions on the NaN issue, but we *think* it's fixed. Please let us know on the Gremlins forum if you continue to encounter this.

*Planet Necryptos Replay - It seemed there was no option to take the Bloodshard after defeating Akana - fixed! Please note that if you have the final Bloodstone in your inventory, you will not be able to get more shards to make a second one. It is intentional that you should only be able to have one Necryptos Bloodcrystal in your inventory.

*Nubertrons - Nuberizing: Personater devoted over 13 hours total (and I don't count mine so I haven't a clue of how long I tested and re-tested) - we had lots of testing and finally the fixed special is rolled Live! Applies to the Anniversary series as well as the Lucky series. This fix addresses a series of strange issues, so now: When you fight in the Knife & Spork challenges and other series-style quests, you now have the ability to Nuberize more than just your first opponent; Also, if you use this special during stat training, you now get a special message explaining why it doesn't work there (you should try it just for fun); Also, the odd things that happened when you Nuberized a low-level enemy should all now be fixed! Many thanks to Personater, everyone who tested and consulted (Azami, blues, Lyris, Korin, Warlic) (and I probably forgot someone) - I think we need to throw a big Nuberizing party! Nothing official - just having fun Nuberizing friends and foes. I always laugh at the messages when I win in Assault Mecha - and it's even more fun when I Nuberize my friends on the forums! Stay tuned because I'm going to make a special Maegwyn character for Assault Mecha - one that won't randomly become invisible or suddenly come out of nowhere to pwn you with over 9000 damage... I just haven't had time to make her yet :)

I also want to give a special thanks to the Gremlins ArchKnights on the forums: neodiabolus, phoenixfire555, and Terosin! The hours of work these guys put in to confirm the bug reports and to note exactly how to replicate them is just astonishing. That's on top of the notes they make in individual posts and generally keeping the Gremlins forum tidy.

We've also released new shoulders over the weekend. And I accidentally forgot to change the testing-cooldown of 0 for one of them. Sorry! I fixed that. More information about the new back shoulders is on the post below this one, which is actually 2 messages from blues, but one got caught in the transdimensional whatsit. Soooo - here's bluesy!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend Weapon Notes!

For this weekend there is another new BackShoulder Weapon, the Shadow Pulse Laser (NG, 4 Hits, CD=3) It comes with an increased damage output when a ShS unit is detected. Besides this it does:

- Increasing damage for every Hit
- Hit 1: chance for a crit
- Hit 2: chance for +40 BtH
- Hit 3: chance for a 1.25 time EP drain DoT. Does 1.25 times damage and drains the amount
- Hit 4: chance for a crit

When you have EP problems, this is the Weapon for you.

Have fun and as Korin used to say:
Tell your friends to play MQ.

Enjoy your weekend


Here are the Stats for the new war reward Shoulders.
Shadow Proton (SC, CD=3)
against non ShS enemies: 1.25 times damage
against ShS enemies: starts with +40 BtH initial
- increasing damage for every hit
- all hits have a decreasing chance for a crit
- Hit 1: chance for a 1.5 time HP Dot, additional chance for +15 general damage boost
- Hit 2: chance for a 1.5 time EP Dot, additional chance for +15 general damage boost,stacking to 30
- Hit 3: -35 enemy BtH
- Hit4: - 35 enemy defense

Shadow Laser (NSC, CD=3)
against non ShS enemies: 1.25 times damage
against ShS enemies:
- 1.5 times damage, initial +30 BtH
- chance for -20 enemy BtH and defense
- chance for a HP DoT
- chance for -20 enemy damage
- chance for +20 general damage boost

There you go. Have fun with your brand new anti-ShS Shoulders!


Friday, April 16, 2010

The war continues! And still Rixty!

Don't forget to check out the Rixty Promotion! Information is on the post below this one.

In other news, we have a new quest for the war on Lagos. Prince Robert needs your help to steal back an Arthurian Ship that has been stolen by the Shadowscythe! This quest would be wise to do as it gives you 7 war victories for 3 fights. Sounds like a great deal to me.

We've also released an extended Intro cutscene. We had to leave this part out last week because the NPC wasn't finished yet but when you see the NPC, you won't care because it's just awesome. We'll also be releasing another cutscene next week to inform you of what Warlic and company has found out about that purple-haired girl.

We've released another shoulder weapon in the NG salvage shops and there are 2 weapons waiting for you in the 50% shops. There is one SC and one NSC back shoulder weapon. We'll post their specials soon.

We've got a huge to-do-list for the next planet. Everyone has harsh deadlines. We will be working very hard the next 2 weeks so I hope everyone's looking forward to that. On that note, everyone have a great weekend. Thanks for playing MQ!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enjoy the brand new Rixty promo Rocket Launcher

Rixty Promo (Rocket Launcher) CD=3

Increasing damage for all Hits

- Hit 1: chance for -40 enemy BtH
- Hit 2: chance for -30 damage
- Hit 3: chance for -50 enemy defense
- Hit 4: chance for a crit

and it´s got an additional special: when all 4 Hits connect, it has a chance for an increasing
HP DoT. Starts as normal DoT and increases every turn by 10% damage.
Stays the whole fight. Doesn´t this sound fantastic?

And not to forget, once you reach 25% you will unlock the first shop
which contains a NG Shoulder: (CD=3)

Against non ShS enemies it just does 1.25 times damage. Now you may think
this is weak.... well, test it against ShS enemies:

Weapon starts with +50 BtH against ShS enemies
Increasing damage for every Hit

- Hit 1: chance for -40 enemy BtH
- Hit 2: chance for a double HP DoT
- Hit 3: chance for +40 defense
- Hit 4: chance for a crit and additional chance for an extra Hit

Does this sound sweet or does this sound sweet?
Crushing ShS enemies never was soooo sweet as with this Weapon.
More to come....

Have fun!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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Got loose change? Buy BattleOn Games Points at Coinstar using Rixty!
We are happy to announce a new way for you to buy BattleOn Points through our latest partner: Rixty. With Rixty, you can use cash and coins to buy points. No credit card? No problem!

Have a jar full of coins at home staring back at you? How about a stash of crumpled bills?
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Rixty Card

Read More


Monday, April 12, 2010

Bugfixey Things!

All L20 Eggs now scale properly to Level 29!

Some typos fixed in Dean Warlic's office/ Dragonoid Saga mouseovers. Mostly tiny punctuation issues in dialoge, actually.

Readjusted Nova Gem War Reward Mecha shop unlock - will unlock at 100% with the rest of the mechas!

Fixed stability issue with Char's quest - no more blackscreen on retreating.

Testing is wrapping up on Nuberizing specials! This fix is almost ready to roll, but not quite yet!

Star Captain Mechula Pricing:
Pricing on the Star Captain Mechula will change at 5 PM Server Time Tuesday 13 April - last chance for the 0-credit price!

Coming Soon:
We've got a couple of surprises in store that will soon be revealed. Korin and Personater have been hard at work coding some things blues has cooked up, Lyris and Azami have been testing (I helped test, yeah) - Jemini, Char, and Thyton are working on some things for that planet we've been talking about - we're basically planning to knock your socks off (Cysero gets the left socks, and we'll do something fun with the right ones)! Stay tuned, as I say so often... and thanks for playing MechQuest!


Friday, April 9, 2010


Yeah. I'm tired. Been working hard all day. Some things still didn't work the way I wanted them. Anywho, the things I REALLY wanted to work, are working. And I like them. I want to say I love the Bait quest. You should too.

That said, at 25% you will get access to some weapons. Lucky for us, we still have time to code it. Our main weapon coder, Personator is down for the count right now. So I get to pretend I know what I'm doing with the weapons and code a good one. Then I get to work on a promotional item for next week since time has effectively eluded me so my day is not yet over.

Expect the intro video to change a little next week. Also I hope to get 2 new quests out next week along with the war boss who won't be a boss as much as it'll just be another tougher enemy to fight in the war.

As always. Report bugs. There may be a few because I had a ton of code to fumble through. I may make a better DNs post when I have time. Unforunately, I have none! O_O!!!!

Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for playing MechQuest. Be back later.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Medium Egg now scales properly to Level 29.

Changes to Eggs (implemented Monday) - "Slamming Egg" should now give added BtH on hits 2 & 4 as intended. "Scarmbled Eggs" now correctly states the nerf to enemy defense. Number of turns adjusted for all effects so that they function as intended.

Changes to Bunzilla (2010) - Head - effects now last for 5 turns. Front Arm Buff: First hit now does extra damage; new effect added - on hit, adds Bonus to Hit effective for the duration of battle.

Personater & I will resume work on the Nuberizing special to get all those Gremlins unraveled, and once the team tests it fully, that fix will also roll.

Meanwhile, everyone is working on Friday's release and looking ahead to prepping for the following Friday as well. Just who is that purple-haired girl? Why does Braddock need us on Lagos? What's the deal with this 'wormhole device' Char is working on? Hold on to your ejecto-seats and tune in regularly, because things are getting exciting!


Monday, April 5, 2010


Yes. Whoopsie-Daisies. Turns out there were some bugs on the Easter mecha. Luckilly, fixing them actually makes them stronger. Therefore, you should definitely show interest in acquiring one. Blues has more info as he always does.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here the specials for the new Bunzilla and the Egg Mecha.

Bunzilla: (NSC, SC, NG)

Head:( CD=5)

- increased damage for all Hits
- Hit 1: general damage boost (10,15,20)
- Hit 2: + BtH (20,25,30)
- Hit 3: + Defense (20,25,30)

Body: (CD=5)

- increased damage
- chance for a 1.5 time HP and EP DoT

Shoulders: (CD=3)

- increased damage
- BtH nerf, stacking (10,15,20)

FA: (CD=0)

- increasing damage for every hit (+10,+12,+15)

BA: (CD=3)

- increased damage
- chance for defense nerf (-10,-15,-20) on every hit

and now the Egg-tastic Mecha:

Only the NG version has the choose your attack feature.
NSC and SC versions do random attack patterns.
SC and NG versions have a 100% special activation, NSC version has low rolls.

Attack 1:

- increased damage for each Hit
- Hit 1: defense NoT (-25,-50)
- Hit 2: damage NoT (-25,-50)

Attack 2:

- increased damage for each Hit
- Hit 1: BtH NoT (-25,-50)
- Hit 2: general damage BoT (20,40)

Attack 3:

- increased damage for each Hit
- Hit 1 and 5: crit
- Hit 2 and 4: +20 BtH each
- Hit 3: double HP DoT

not to forget the Choco Bunz Shoulder:

3 Hits, each hit as a decreasing chance for a crit and a decreasing chance for a HP and EP DoT.
Hit 1 and 2 get +10 BtH for the next Hit.

In total you can get:

- double damage
- triple damage HP DoT
- triple damage EP DoT

Have fun!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thanks, Blues. Also I would like to point out that I will be removing the April Fools shops in a few hours and this will also remove the St. Patrick's Day shops as well so this is your last chance to pick up the Korin Bag head and the Cloverblades! Hurry up. No guarantee on how long I'll leave them up because really it'll be whenever I remember to do it once I get home.

Also, if you go to Gark's Cantina, you may or may not spot a familiar face. However, that's all it'll be. You can't talk to the person.

Anyways, we'll be returning to Lagos briefly to help Braddock while Char continues to develop the wormhole device. As we speak, Warlic is asking around to see if anyone knows who the purple-haired girl is. After that venture, we will begin the next planet which should be a great amount of fun content that should remind everyone of the older days, yet carry the newer, slightly more serious storyline while also maintaining the puns (which you'll greatly notice on the planet after this next one) and overall humor as before.

On that note, hope everyone had a great weekend. I has a headache. Yes I said has. And yes this is the end of the Design Notes post for now. New post will come when I remove St. Patrick's Day and April Fools buttons.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Post-April Fools and on to Easter!

We meet again. Much less stressful week. We did release a tad late but we were doing some thorough testing on the Revived Bunzilla. I figure it's worth the extra 30+ minutes.

We opened up the previous Chickee War which also has the Egg Hunt release from the year before that. I would like to note that the Chickee War now has no war. It's just the quests. You do still need to beat the boss before accessing the shops. Same goes for the new release which is a simple boss fight then rewards.

Revived Bunzilla is the main reward. It's the white one that jumps underground since we all need clarification including myself. You can also get a monster mecha version of the boss. If you are kind enough to get the NG version, you can actually choose the attacks. The SC and NSC choose attacks randomly. This is af eature I'm quite proud of despite how simple it was to do but don't ruin my moment :P

Regardless, nice easy release. I should also point out that I accidentally ended the St. Patrick's Day release early and now you should be able to access it through the April Fools shop using the GIANT button at the top which will take you to the rainbow town and also progress you to top rank. I apologize for yanking it away a couple days early.

A lot of you seemed to love teh new sounds. Unfortunately (or fortunately...) we can't make a toggle on or off so the sounds are gone forever. Might bring them back next year. Who knows? Hopefully some people got it on youtube.

The April Fools shops as well as St. Patrick's Day shops will remain open until Monday afternoon. Expect a Mayrpil Fools Mecha in May. Hopefully May 1st. Sorry for the delay on that but there's realistically way too much to do but I assure you we have more exciting stuff planned in a couple weeks. We have people working very hard on content for the upcoming releases. I hope to finally recapture the style used in the days of old where planets had walkable areas. Things are looking good on that front so we'll see more on that soon.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great weekend. And if you celebrate Easter, have a very Happy Easter. Don't forget to tell your friends to play MechQuest! Boy I hope I didn't forget something... If I did I'm certain I'll be back later with an update. But before I go, I just remembered. Personator had his wisdom teeth removed. Let us laugh in a supporting fashion that his mouth is so sore that he can't open it. Haha! Just kidding Personator. Good show. Feel better. Alright I'm tired of typing. And I'm hungry. We'll post special information from Blues about the Bunzilla sometime soon so don't panic. I'm just not sure where it's at and as I previously stated, I'm hungry. So see you next week!

P.S. Enjoy the Korin heads. I was sad that I had to make them and release them :( Despite the fact that it was fun to animate. Also expect 2 more transformations for it soon. Alright seriously. Hungry. Later.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sound Engine Update

Finally, after weeks of planning, we've upgraded the sounds. We bumped the quality up from 4000hZ to 8000hZ. Sure it costs a few extra KB in bandwidth but it's easily better. Sounds are thicker with more bass and really, we're just proud of it. We're positive you will be too.

Warlic did a great job mi xing the sounds together and making them work in the game. Maegwyn and Charfade had some input as well. We know you'll like it.