Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Getting Points allows you to get what you want, when you want, for any of your favorite Artix Entertainment games! When you get Battle Points on your Master Account, you will be able to redeem them for any AE game that you have an account in, as long as you have linked it to your Master Account.

Got loose change? Buy BattleOn Games Points at Coinstar using Rixty!
We are happy to announce a new way for you to buy BattleOn Points through our latest partner: Rixty. With Rixty, you can use cash and coins to buy points. No credit card? No problem!

Have a jar full of coins at home staring back at you? How about a stash of crumpled bills?
Rixty lets you purchase points by exchanging your coins for FREE at 10,000 Coinstar machines throughout the USA. You can also buy a Rixty prepaid card at a nearby convenience store and transfer your cash online with no fees.  Rixty currently has over 18,000 convenience store locations nationwide.

Rixty Card

It’s easy! Here's how:

1. Click here to find the Coinstar machine or Rixty prepaid card retailer nearest you.
2. Visit  http://portal.battleon.com and login or create a BattleOn Games account.
3. Click Shop from the menu, and choose Buy Points.
4. Choose Rixty as your payment option.
5. Enter your Rixty Code (or login to your Rixty account) and follow the instructions to complete your BattleOn Points purchase.
6. Click Dashboard, and select the game user account you want to upgrade with your Points.

There are no fees to use Rixty!!!

For more information about Rixty, visit www.rixty.com. Questions? Comments?

And, as an added bonus, for the next two weeks (Until April 26th), if you use a Rixty card to purchase BattleOn Points, you'll be able to get a RARE item in the game of your choice! In MechQuest, you'll get the Rixty Bazook, an awesome dual-barrelled bazooka made by Korin.

Rixty Rocket Launcher

Need to make a Master Account login of your own? Visit http://portal.battleon.com and start linking ALL your Artix Entertainment game accounts today for better security and ease of playing!

Questions? Comments? Visit http://portal.battleon.com/help anytime.

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