Monday, April 12, 2010

Bugfixey Things!

All L20 Eggs now scale properly to Level 29!

Some typos fixed in Dean Warlic's office/ Dragonoid Saga mouseovers. Mostly tiny punctuation issues in dialoge, actually.

Readjusted Nova Gem War Reward Mecha shop unlock - will unlock at 100% with the rest of the mechas!

Fixed stability issue with Char's quest - no more blackscreen on retreating.

Testing is wrapping up on Nuberizing specials! This fix is almost ready to roll, but not quite yet!

Star Captain Mechula Pricing:
Pricing on the Star Captain Mechula will change at 5 PM Server Time Tuesday 13 April - last chance for the 0-credit price!

Coming Soon:
We've got a couple of surprises in store that will soon be revealed. Korin and Personater have been hard at work coding some things blues has cooked up, Lyris and Azami have been testing (I helped test, yeah) - Jemini, Char, and Thyton are working on some things for that planet we've been talking about - we're basically planning to knock your socks off (Cysero gets the left socks, and we'll do something fun with the right ones)! Stay tuned, as I say so often... and thanks for playing MechQuest!