Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maypril News! And More!

Maypril Fools! No foolin' - we're working overtime to get the Maypril Fools Day Mecha ready for excitement on May 1st! (Does Korin ever sleep? Do I? The entire MQ team has been putting forth an enormous amount of energy and devotion into MechQuest's upcoming releases.)

This mecha is another amazing design by Thyton, with specials by blues. The Maypril mechas will be available for ONE DAY ONLY - May 1st, starting at midnight. This means, beginning Friday at midnight Eastern Standard Time (server time), until Saturday at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Here is a sneak peek at the pricing, so that you can save up for the one you want:

Level 3 = 16500 credits
Level 8 = 41000 credits
Level 13 = 143000 credits
Level 18 = 198000 credits
Level 23 = 253000 credits
Level 28 = 308000 credits
Level 33 = 363000 credits
Level 40 = 440000 credits

Level 3 = 165 Nova Gems
Level 8 = 440 Nova Gems
Level 13 = 715 Nova Gems
Level 18 = 990 Nova Gems
Level 23 = 1265 Nova Gems
Level 28 = 1540 Nova Gems
Level 33 = 1815 Nova Gems
Level 40 = 2200 Nova Gems

Maypril Weapons! Charfade has been working on the art for these, and I must say they're looking fantastic! I don't have any art sneak-peeks to share, so I'll just tell you that they have a springtime theme and you can imagine what that might mean. They will be an asset to your arsenals for sure - blues and I had a fun chat about specials for them this morning - he'll be on vacation this month so we've done a ton of pre-planning. Anyway, the weapons will be available for a week, beginning May 1st.

*Rixty Bazook for Nova Gems! - You may now use your Nova Gems to purchase a Rixty Bazook for your character! As a special treat for those of you who were unable to take advantage of the Rixty Card promotion, we have made new versions of these shoulder weapons: the N1 and the N2. These will be in the shop for two weeks. Log in to MechQuest now to find the shop in the button menu in Soluna City.

Come say hello on the forums, please invite your friends to play MechQuest, and in general, enjoy your day!

P.S. - I just corrected the month. Maypril is May 1st! Pesky time-gremlins!