Friday, April 9, 2010


Yeah. I'm tired. Been working hard all day. Some things still didn't work the way I wanted them. Anywho, the things I REALLY wanted to work, are working. And I like them. I want to say I love the Bait quest. You should too.

That said, at 25% you will get access to some weapons. Lucky for us, we still have time to code it. Our main weapon coder, Personator is down for the count right now. So I get to pretend I know what I'm doing with the weapons and code a good one. Then I get to work on a promotional item for next week since time has effectively eluded me so my day is not yet over.

Expect the intro video to change a little next week. Also I hope to get 2 new quests out next week along with the war boss who won't be a boss as much as it'll just be another tougher enemy to fight in the war.

As always. Report bugs. There may be a few because I had a ton of code to fumble through. I may make a better DNs post when I have time. Unforunately, I have none! O_O!!!!

Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for playing MechQuest. Be back later.

Tags: #Korin