Friday, May 30, 2014

Permanent Strider

Star Date: 30 May, 3014

Happy Birthday Jemini! Star Captains: Get your Seasonal Rare Jemini Hologram from the shop in Soluna City and display it on your starship.

Star Captains: Permanent Version Of Strider Now In SC Club!

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Maypril the 4th E With You

Star Date 2 May 3014:

Well this is embarrassing... there's a critical issue with the Maypril quest involving cutscenes and player positioning that makes it unplayable and that has taken me way too long to sort out. So things remain color-faded until further notice. Which shouldn't be too much longer. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans... mmm scrambled eggs! It'll end up being better than it would have been. 

We're laying the groundwork for some great new features and continuing to plan ahead for a very exciting set of releases while we work on bugfixing. I am so excited about all of this coming together for you! 

May the 4th E With You: Be sure to log in on May the 4th to get a cool new holiday rare E-blade. Classic "lightsaber" styled weapons to fit the holiday. There will be versions for NSC, SC, and NG. Clarion made a whole lot of them, and Ash is inspired to add more colors - 

transmission incoming: it's Ash!

Greetings! Some of you mentioned that you weren't fans of the way the 4pri1 mech worked, so we took that into consideration for the Maypril mech. Blues and I talked about a few things and we came up with the following for this year.

F001 Series

Inflicts a 1x(1.5x/2x) HP DoT
Chance to inflict a x2(2.5x/3x) HP DoT instead.

Deals increased damage on hit. Amount is random.
3 turn increasing Defense nerf over time effect. -8(-9/-10) per turn.
(-8 -> -16 -> -24 -> expired)

Crit chance increase
4 turn enemy damage Nerf over Time effect. Starts at -25(-30/-35) and decreases by 8 per turn.
(-25 -> -17 -> -9 -> -1 -> expired)

Effect based on how many hits connected.
5 hits - Buffs Boost by 20(25/30) for 2 turns.
3-4 hits - Buffs Boost by 10(15/20) for 2 turns.
1-2 hits - Buffs Bonus by 20(25/30) for 2 turns.
0 hits - Buffs Bonus by 40(45/50) for 2 turns.

4 turn increasing Bonus nerf over time effect. -7(-8/-9) per turn.
(-7 -> -14 -> -21 -> -28 -> expired)
Nerfs enemy ImmoRes by -50 and chance for 2 turn stun
1 turn stun

Enemy BtH nerf over time. Starts at -40(-45/-50) and decreses by 10 per turn.
(-40 -> -30 -> -20 -> -10 -> expired)

In other news I did a few more revamps for Lagos. Robina's shops will have a bunch of higher level items for you guys. Hopefully that will tide you all over since I've done about all I can for right now. I'll revisit the planet in the future but I need to focus on some new stuff. Enjoy the F001 and I look forward to hearing what you guys think of it.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Ubertron Mech Model

Star Date: 25 April, 3014

Incoming Transmission: Ash

Greetings! As some of you know I've been messing around with new effects. Welp, I came up with one that is really powerful. It's not just powerful, it pretty much laughs at your opponent. Because of that I built it into a new mech and we're going to let you all have it for a limited time. Now it does have a low chance to activate instead of the normal effect, but when it happens it does some really cool stuff. Since I was given an assignment to create a powerful mech I decided to use the idea and convert the rest of the mech around it. Being all fancy and such I came up with an in-game reason for it. 

The Nubertron mech is a basic mech many of you are familiar with. It's an alright mech to start off with but it was the perfect test bed for a new power core. This core is a prototype of my own design and is way more powerful then anything I would normally let pilot's take out and use. (Even if you have saved the universe a few times.) I usually wait till I've fixed the power spikes and damage jumps before releasing it, but in this case I just couldn't resist letting you all play around with my prototype.

My creation is called the "Ultra Broad-ranging Energy Recovery core" or "U.B.E.R. Core" for short. This core usually only gives you a fairly large boost to mech HP recovery, granting a random amount of health back to you. This prototype can instead, very rarely, interface with your opponent and actually steal its HP and EP while giving YOUR HP and EP to the opponent. It's very random and the effect could make things really bad if it triggers when the opponent 
has less health then you, but it could also be amazing if you're down to almost nothing and the enemy is near full. 

Like I said, it's a prototype and a lot stronger then any other future versions I make will be, but it's a powerful piece of tech I know that you can use. The core has one other side effect. It's increased the damage and effects off all the other built in weapons. It won't boost the damage of non-built in weapons but it does grant a hefty bonus to the current ones.

That sounded like an NPC explaining something in game but it makes it sound cooler to hear it like that sometimes.

In other news, last week you'll remember that I tweaked some of the Lagos mechs and equipment. Some of you mentioned that those mechs didn't really seem to have a theme after that. They made convincing arguments and showed the pro's and con's of what each mech could have done so I went ahead and redid them along with a few other mechs. All these re-tweaks, along with the tweaks to the Navigator series, the Shadowed Arthurian Lion series, AND the basic Bunzilla's will come tonight after I've had some time to take care of a few more things. I'll be posting a list of all the changes and effects in the DN thread in the MQ General Discussion area of the forums as soon as I get done with it and they are live.

I know I also said I'd revamp some weapons. The problem is some of the weapons were supposed to go rare a while ago. That's why once you get to a certain part in the war you no longer have access to some shops. Right now I'm waiting to hear back about if they are alright to revamp and make a shop button for them in the Lagos War finale screen so you all can always access them, or if they are meant to be war rares that got lost in the shuffle. Once I know, I'll be able to proceed.

Enjoy the mechs and let me know what you think of the effect!

Thanks, Ash! And thanks to Blues for advising on power level for this innovative update! Then I'll just add a quick few bits of detail and news for you...

So the Ubertron model will be in the shop in Soluna City Main for a limited time: it will close on Wednesday, April 30th.  And then don't forget... Maypril will be here! 

Maypril f001: This model will be in the shop for a limited time - only until Monday, May the 5th. This one will be available for Nova Gems and will also have credits versions.

Enjoy your weekend - I hope it's nice weather where you are! 


Monday, March 3, 2014

Dage Birthday and More

Star Date 3 March, 3014:

Happy Birthday, Dage! In honor of Dage's birthday, I converted his Blademaster Katana (which he created for AQWorlds) to an MQ-styled energy blade. I also added a magic animation that unlocks if you wear the Ninja costume (found on Planet Yokai).  Get yours in the Birthday Shop button on Soluna City's Main Street!

whoops - not sure what went wrong with the image I meant to insert. Here's a screenshot link instead

Ash, who has been learning to code and is now helping me with database work, has been working on updating some of our older weapons with higher level versions and a few new specials! This week we had updates to the House shops at G.E.A.R.S, and here's Ash to tell you about them:

House Shop Updates

  • Wolfblade- New levels of the WM series arm weapons.- New levels of the WR series shoulder weapons.- New levels and specials on the Spit Fire series! If the attack hits it nerfs the stun resistance of your  enemy by 15/30/45 (NSC/SC/NG) and attempts to stun it for 1 turn.- New NSC/SC/NG permanent mods!  NSC up to level 48 and SC and NG versions that reach level 50!
  • Runehawk- New levels of the RC series arm weapons.- New levels of the RS series shoulder weapons.- New levels and specials on the Psychic Blast series! If the attack hits it buffs your Bonus by 15/25/35 (NSC/SC/NG)for 2 turns.- New NSC/SC/NG permanent mods!  NSC up to level 48 and SC and NG versions that reach level 50!
  • Mystraven- New levels of the RG series arm weapons.- New levels of the RB series shoulder weapnos.- New levels and specials on the Flak Bomb series! If the attack hits it causes a HP DoT based on the item  level and item type for 3 turns.  It deals 1.5/2/2.5 (NSC/SC/NG) times damage. - New NSC/SC/NG permanent mods! NSC up to level 48 and SC and NG versions that reach level 50! 

Tek's basic weapon shop updates
Chain pole series updated! New levels and special. If the last hit connects it causes an HP DoT  based on the item level for 3 turns.  DoT deals normal (1.5x) damage.

Next week, more items from all of Tek's Shops! Same MQ time, same MQ channel!

Thanks, Ash!

And now here's blues with the "revived" Cubot specials. You can find them via Braddock Steele in the Heroes' Hearts Replay of 3009


DoT´s stay til end of fight
CD to 1- starts with 150% damage- adds +25% damage per use (Shoulders only), caps at 250%- works also alternating with other shoulder- EP DoT, adds +25% damage per use, works also alternating with other shoulder 


CD to 1:- starts with 100% damage- adds +25% damage per use (shoulders only), caps at 250%- works also alternating with other shoulder- HP DoT,  adds +25% damage per use, works also alternating with other shoulder- decreases enemy immo res - tries to stun

both shoulders increase their own damage and also alternating the damage of the other shoulder when both are equipped, same with the DoT damages.So best is to buy both :)

Thanks, blues!

We've got a lot more on the way for you in the weeks ahead. Not just shop updates but also - finally - new missions! Ran into a few technical difficulties that had been causing some delays & Gremlins, but we should be on track again now.

Speaking of Gremlins... A new bug reporting system is being perfected, and we'd like you to check it out. (They're now called "bugs," but they'll always be "Gremlins" to me!)
From the menu, choose Mechquest - and remember when you submit a report, details are everything!


Thank you all so much for playing MechQuest! Please tell your friends!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weapon Specials Mogloween Set

Dear MQ players,
Again, long time no see. Hope all of you enjoyed the spooky day yesterday and the new decorated town along with the new NG head. It is the first part of the new Frankie - set, shoulders and arms will follow. It´s about time to give one of my favourite Mechas an update. I loved the Mecha when we released him years ago and it has still good specials and the coolest walk animation.
But now to the specials of the already released head and the weapons to come:
Numbers in brackets are SC, SC players have a higher chance for special activation when mentioned.
Head: ---> NG only

- NG only 
- starts with 125% damage 
- general damage boost of +40% for 5 turns 
- double EP DoT, stays til end of fight 
- enemy defense nerf of 60 for 5 turns 
- Damage NoT of -5% per turn for 5 turns 


- CD goes to 2 
- SC only: starts with 120% damage 
- Hit 1: chance for a crit, damages also EP with 35% of damage done 
- Hit 2: chance for a crit, heals player EP with 20% of damage done 
- Hit 3: chance for a crit, when NG head is equipped and the EP DoT is active, increases DoT damage by 33% with every successful hit, stacking, caps at 330% 


- CD goes to 2 
- alternating damage boost of +25% per use, stacks, caps at 250% 
- enemy BtH nerf of 6 (8) per hit, stacking, caps at 50% 
- normal (1.5 time) HP DoT, stays til end of fight, when NG head is equipped and the HP DoT is active, increases DoT damage by 33% with every successful hit, stacking, caps at 330% 

SC only: For every equipped weapon, Mecha gets a BtH boost of 10, when all 5 are equipped, boost goes to 75.  

And once agsin Real Life calls, this time Real Life is my mother.
Hope you guys have a lot of fun and you enjoy the new Frankie parts and MQ!

I´ll be back!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Mecha News and Mogloween

News from blues! This morning, I got a transmission from blues!

Dear Players!
Long time no see :P
We all are pretty busy with the upcoming events and here are some news from behind the scenes.
Our Mecha buffing project is ongoing and next buff will go to the Hospital Mechas. Specials are ready, they just need coding and some testing. Next one on my list is the Westion Sheriff Mecha.
All the promised buffs for the Promo Mechas are also ready and await coding. They will be significantly better and I´m sure you´ll like them. You will see better damage, lower or even no rolls and some additional specials.
Next major project are the new House Mechas. I already have a plan and I´m working currently on the raw specials so that we can discuss them next week. The main themes will stay the same. Wolfs will be offensive with high damage, Hawks will be a defensive powerhouse with lower damage and Ravens are somewhere in between with more ranged attacks. Power will be around SCMM standard so quite good. It´s not possible to balance them exactly because they have different themes. So, when you love hard hitting Machines with a lot of damage, then Wolfblade should  be your first choice. And when you are more the chilling player who loves to have a good defense and nerf his enemies Runehawk is the House for you. In case your undecided, then Mystraven is always a good choice.
I talked with Vivi this week and both of us can´t wait to create the new House Mechas.
Aaaaand... better late than never (but I already did this via MSN) : Happy Anniversary Vivi!
I can´t believe that you are already coding for one year!
Working with Vivi is really fun and he always finds a way to get all my fancy ideas working. Kudos to him and all the best for the next Year!
That´s all from me for now.
Enjoy playing MQ, your weekend and as always: Have fun!
Thanks, bluesy! And three cheers for Vivi!
Tonight's release brings you new Front Arm weapons in Joey's Salvage Quest.  There are never-before-seen weapons for all players of all tiers, and along with the usual gamble there is a grand one: in some of the tiers, you have the rare chance to Salvage the ultra-powerful Nova Gem BallDrop Mace! 
Mogloween Mecha! Korin asked me whether we had told you that there is a new mecha in the works for this year's Mogloween event ... and I don't think I've said a single word about it yet! Thyton drew another amazing one - I hear good things about it - I mean, it sounds awesome - it brings sweet music to my ears... I imagine it to be hauntingly beautiful, though I wouldn't want it to hit a sour note... anyway, enough of that, haha!  Korin got a head start on setting it up and he's sent it off to Arklen to add some of his cool attack animations.  You'll want to stock up on credits and you might even want to grab some Nova Gems for this new Holiday Rare Mecha!  
More Mogloween News: This year's event integrates the new Starship Trick-or-Treating-styled feature into the continuing Planet Mortis holiday storyline.  If you are a qualifying Star Captain, or are able to become one by Thursday the 27th of October 6:30 PM Eastern time (Server Time), then you will be able to give players from all over the world (or, should I say, the multiverse) the chance to visit your Starship! Head on over to the MechQuest Forums, see whether you qualify (Nigel needs to give you approval), and post your Character ID Number and Character Name 
Lyris has already put together a fantabulous animated intro cutscene and is working on more, I'm working on writing and laying the groundwork coding for the Starship Trick-or-Treating and other quests (and Korin & Vivi will help get them functional and refined) and Minar has been designing cool new Starship Items!  (Don't let me forget to make an Action Figure of the new mecha, ok?) We are all really excited about this year's Mogloween! 
So if you are a Star Captain, have fun decorating your Starship - and don't forget, everyone still gets the Anniversary XP and Credits Bonus in battle this week so that you can stock up on credits for the Mogloween Event rewards!
Have an awesome weekend! See you on the forums!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blues Vacation


Hello all!
Probably you noticed that I´ve been veeeeery quiet for weeks, that´s because I had a looooong vacation. Once a year I always take a break and visit Crete, my favourite Greek island. This time I´ve been there for 5 weeks. 5 weeks seem to be a long time but they feel a lot less when you meet good friends and you enjoy everything. After 1 week you start to relax, after 3 weeks you think you had enough rest to go back to work, and after 4 weeks you start to think "Work? Why?". So, after 5 weeks I was completely relaxed, used to having vacation, used to have my morning walk, go to the beach, swim in the sea, make siesta, go running, prepare for a nice Cretan dinner, talk with friends.... yes, friends, it´s very important to have friends. Some of mine live not too far away, but we seldom manage to meet us at home, but we meet each other on Crete, which is fantastic. This time 2 good friends from England were surprisingly also 2 weeks there so we had a fantabulous time every evening! Not to forget my friend Nicole from Switzerland. I know her now since 16 years. And of course  Apostolis whom I know now 20 years and a lot of others from all over the world!
I really love the sunny weather in Crete. You can plan your days because the weather will be good for sure. Not like here in Germany where it rains now since 2 weeks nearly every day. And of course sitting outside til 1 in the morning, eating excellent food and enjoying excellent company. When you like Greek food, then try some of my favourite dishes: Melitzanosalata, dolmadakia, tiropitakia, tzatziki, skordalia, kokkinisto or keftedes me makkaronia. 
Greek people are very pollite and nice, at least all the ones I met and meet, just the language is very complicated. While everybody understands even the most broken English none will understand your Greek when you don´t know the grammar. I started to learn Greek some years ago and now I can talk a bit. Not too much but enough and Greek people are pleased when you speak some Greek.
Here in Germany, people seem always to be stressed and most of them are quite unfriendly, in Crete  it´s quite different.
The first thing I always recognize when leaving the plane is the smell of Crete. You smell a mixture of thyme, oregano, salt water.... it´s great.
So,when you have time, visit Crete, and if you are Greek, well, invite me :P
Now I´m back to my normal schedule and slowly I´m getting used to it. Also my handball team starts to prepare for the next season so      I´m quite busy again. I hope you like the specials of the heads I made last week and this week some nice Shoulder weapons will follow.
Another thing I´m working on are the specials for the new *guesswhat* and I´m sure you´ll love them.
Ok, hope you liked my little vacation report.
Take care, enjoy every day and have a lot of fun!!!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Traveler Weapon Specials

Dear players, long time no see but I´m back with the specials of the new Weapons.

First we have a nice Head for some NG´s.
It gives 1.25 times damage and you have a good chance to get only 50% damage every turn for 5 turns.
Second a BA for our NSC and SC players.
(= SC numbers)
1.1 (1.2) times damage
Chance for a 1.5 time (double) HP FoT for 3 turns
Chance for +20 (+30) BtH for 3 turns
And third...a fabulous FA for our SC players only.
Disabling Weapons was never easier!
Equippable enemies:
Second hit disables a Weapon. Disabling order is FA-BA-FS-BS.
(If one or more of these are not present, simply skips it and moves on to the next) 

Unequippable enemies:
150% damage
Chance for a normal EP DoT
Chance for +15 BtH for 3 turns 

I hope you like the new Weapons!

Maeg told me you have tons of questions so I will try to answer some of them during the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend and as always:

Have Fun!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Supreme Master & Dragon Spirit Specials

And here is what you waited for.... the playable versions of the Yokai Mechas:

Supreme Master

Special rolls are NG
Damage NG>SC>NSC
Only the NG version has choosable attacks, NSC and SC version have a random attack order

- Increased damage
- Hit 1: +20 Bonus and Boost for 3 turns
- Hit 2:  chance for -30 Bonus for 3 turns

Beard Fist:
- increased damage
- chance for a crit

Double Kick:
- increased damage
- Hit 1: chance for a stun,
-30/40/50 defense for three turns
- Hit 2: chance for a crit and Boost -30 for three turns

Dragon Spirit

Every attack has a chance for a crit!

- acc decrease- -10 per Hit

Crescent Kick
- -25 enemy defense per Hit, -50 in total

Chi Phantom Punch
- damage decrease -10% per Hit, adds up to -30

Slap Kick
- acc decrease - 5 per Hit, stacks with shout

Fists of Fury
- Increasing damage for every Hit

Dragon Attack
- accuracy boost +15 per Hit, stacking to +45 total

The NG Model has additional +4 defense and accuracy per Weapon, stacking up to
24 for both!

We hope you enjoy the release, enjoy your weekend and as always...

Have fun!

Note from Maegwyn & Korin: Blame that transdimensional whatsit for the lateness of this note - blues sent it for publication last weekend *cue innocent whistlings* 


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cosmic Talon Specials!

The brand new Cosmic Talon SCMM is out and heres what you need to know about it :)


- Increased damage
- general damage buff BoT, +8% over 5 turns
- chance for an enemy damage nerf NoT, -5% over 5 turns


- Increased damage for both Hits
- Hit 1: chance for a crit, chance for immobility resistance nerf of 80
- Hit 2: -60 defense, chance to stun


- increased damage for both Hits
- Hit 1: chance for a damage boost
- Hit 2: chance for a crit


- increased damage
- acc nerf


- increased damage
- chance for an extra Hit with a chance for a crit


- increased damage for both hits
- Hit 1: chance for a crit
- Hit 2: chance for a crit

This Mecha does really nice damage, hope you like it :)
And...... have fun as always!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weapon Specials

And here come the specials of all the new Weapons:

Yokai war reward Heads

NSC (Gong series)

- 120% damage
- chance for -20 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 25% for 5 turns

SC (Sugegasa series)

- 130% damage
- chance for -30 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 30% for 5 turns

NG (Acu-Puncture series)

- 140% damage
- chance for -35 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 35% for 5 turns
- chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT
- chance for -40 defense for 5 turns

Final Fight on Yokai (NSC,SC,NG)

Head (Beard Fist)

- 1.2 (1.3,1.5) times damage
- general damage boost of 20 (25,30) for 5 turns
- +20 (25,30) accuracy

Shoulder (Rocket Boot)

- chance for 1.1 (1.2,1.3) times damage
- chance for a crit  --> NG>SC>NSC
- -20 (-25, -30) accuracy for 5 turns

Arm (Finger Zapper)

- chance for  1.1 (1.2, 1.3) times damage
- chance for a crit --> NG>SC>NSC
- chance for a guaranted stun --> NG>SC>NSC
- -30 (-40,-50) defense for 3 turns

And not to forget our new Promo Item the BOOMBOX
Thats a boombastic BS Weapon
It comes with NG DPT and a CD of 2.  
- increased damage for both Hits
- Hit 1: +40 Acc, -40 Def
- Hit 2: chance for a crit, chance for -40 Acc

this sounds already sweet but now comes the boomtastic extra special:

50/50 chance for an extra Hit

- chance for -30% damage for 4 turns
- chance for a crit
- chance for a guaranted stun

I hope you like all the new Equipment delivered to you by your MQ Team!
As always.....

Have fun!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Master Blaster and Liberty specials

Master Blaster

This SCMM is overall usable. He has medium defense with nice offensive capabilities.

1 Hit attack:
- Crit

5 Hit attack:
- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for - 8 BtH per Hit

- Hit 1: chance for -50 defense
- Hit 2: Crit

- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for damage decrease on every Hit, stacking

- chance for damage bonus for the Hit
- general damage boost BoT
- chance for a BtH boost

- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for +10 defense per Hit


This one is a pure DoT Mecha, damaging HP and EP via DoT´s.
Every Weapon has reduced CD´s, but defaults are necessary.

- chance for an accuracy boost
- chance for a HP or EP DoT

- chance for a HP and EP DoT

- Hit 1: defense boost
- Hit 2: damages EP instead of HP
- Hit 3: HP DoT

- enemy defense reduction
- HP or EP DoT

- damage reduction
- combined HP and EP DoT

DoT Damages: NG>SC>NSC

Hope you like the Mechas!

Have fun!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Tiger Weapons Specials

And here they are..... the specials for the Tiger Weapons.

This time they have similar specials as the enemy attacks.
FA, NG, 1 Hit:
- 1.2 times Damage
- chance for a crit
- chance for a BtH NoT of -3 per turn, doesnt wear off
BA, NSC (SC,NG), 4 Hits
- Increasing damage for every Hit
- chance per Hit for 3 (4,5) general damage boost, adds up, doesn´t wear off
Head, SC, 1 Hit:
- 1.2 times damage 
- chance for +40 BtH, lasts 5 turns
- chance for Damage NoT, -5% per turn, doesn´t wear off
Hope you like them :)
And as always..... have fun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weapon Specials!!

And here they are, new Weapon specials :)

- Increased damage for every Hit
- Hit 1: chance for -40 BtH
additional chance for -20 damage (-30, -40)
- Hit 2: chance for -40 defense
additional chance for a normal HP DoT

1.5 times damage
chance for a BtH BoT, +10 per turn for 5 turns
chance for a defense BoT, +8 per turn for 5 turns
chance for a general damage BoT, +8 per turn for 5 turns

1.4 (1.2) times damage
chance roll for a damage boost for the hit, roll between 40-60(30-50)
chance roll for a EP DoT for 3 turns

As always: have fun!!!!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weapon Specials!

A tad late but not too late :)

Banana - BS
- Increasing damage for every Hit
- Hit 1: chance for a damage boost for this hit
- Hit 2: chance to get no damage the next turn
- Hit 3: chance for a crit

SC and NG versions have higher damage and lower rolls.

Soul Nuke NSC and FS:
- 1.2 times damage
- chance for a defense BoT, +10 for 3 turns
- chance for a defense NoT, -10 for 3 turns

Tengu Wing SC/NG, BS: (=NG)
- Increased damage
- Hit 1: chancefor acc BoT, +15 (+18) per turn, 3 turns
- Hit 2: chance for acc NoT, -15 (-18) per turn, 3 turns
- chance roll for an extra Hit. Gives additional a normal HP DoT for 3 turns

As always....

Have fun!