Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thyton retaliates against Jemini's drawing

So Jemini and Thyton were in a meeting and decided to doodle. Thyton was first drawing a normal Jemini until he drew the pupils on opposite sides which you'll understand when you see the final drawing. This prompted Jemini to retaliate with a simple little drawing of Thyton.

Jemini's drawing of Thyton

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Korin October Special Day

Korin gave me the ok to let you know that October is going to be a month with a special day for him in real-life - he is getting married!  There aren't plans to do something in-game for this - it is the real-life Korin, not the NPC Korin, you see.

I am extremely excited and enormously enthusiastic about this but I'm afraid there isn't a whole lot I can tell you about it.  Wishing him and his fabulous fiance a terrific wedding day and a joyous life together!


Friday, September 24, 2010

New Items Friday

The Traveler has received a new shipment: he is keeping it quiet regarding from where, exactly.  He will be in Soluna City for the following week, and he'd like you to drop by and see what he has to offer. 

I think we haven't gotten you specials for a while (sorry!) so I will add the specials on the new Arms and Shoulders in a nother note in a little while.  Anyway Korin wasn't kidding about how Serious the Gatlings are, nor about how Pretty the new Lasers are!  We think you'll like them.

More shops on Yokai now have higher-level versions of some items and also now some of the Necryptos shops have a few (this week the focus is on Heads).

A quick list of this week's additions:

Vampire Hunter shop
Skull of Holiness SLE (SC) L43

NG Sekali Desert shops
Hound Lasque (NG) L44
Dimitri's Glance (NG) L43

Miko shop
Straw Hat XXL (SC) L41

Crane Master

Crane Master Head (all 3 types) L42

Short and sweet DNs for now - where does the time go?  I swear I just posted Design Notes the other day, but apparently it was over a week ago.  Time definitely flies when you're having fun - I love working with Korin & the MechQuest team, and I have so much fun helping get the releases together!  There is a LOT more being prepared so I'll try to tell you more about all of that too.  Have a great weekend and I plan to write again before Monday :)


Friday, September 24, 2010

Traveler Weapons Specials

Here are the specials for the latest shipment of weapons in The Traveler's shop!

Serious Gatling series:
FA (4 Hits), NG
- Boosted Damage
- Each Hit gets +8 accuracy (Bonus to Hit) on hit for 3 turns
- Hit 2 and Hit 4 have a chance for a critical hit
BA (4 Hits), NG
- Boosted Damage
- Each Hit gets +8 defense on hit, no roll for 3 turns
- Hit 2 and Hit 4 have a chance for a critical hit

Pretty Laser series:
BS (2 Hits), NG
- Boosted Damage
- Each Hit gets -15 enemy accuracy (Bonus to Hit) on hit for 3 turns
- Hit 2 - chance for a double HP DoT for 3 turns
FS (2 Hits), SC
- Boosted Damage
- Each Hit gets -10% damage on Hit for 3 turns
- Hit 2 - chance for a 1.5 x HP DoT for 3 turns

FS (2 Hits), NSC
- Boosted Damage
- Each Hit gets a chance for -7% damage (on Hit) for 3 turns
- Hit 2 - chance for a 1.5 x HP DoT for 3 turns


Also testing whether the use of punctuation in the Headline breaks things. This Design Note has no punctuation in its Headline.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

SCMM Preview!

That's right. The mech is now being animated. Looks like we're aiming for release on October 1st which is also when we'll be releasing the MQ anniversary stuff! Which we're still figuring out! We have lots of ideas on what to release but we just need to get a rock solid list. Anywho, click this link to view a little sample of what the new mech looks like.


We might just name it The Nemesis.

This week we're putting new weapons into the Traveler's shop so get ready. One is a fancy hand-gatling-gun featuring a fancy 3D turret since we're always very serious about our gatlings. We also have a big laser that shoots a really pretty looking beam at your enemies.

I hope everyone's enjoying their mech inventory spaces and higher levels. More DNs tomorrow when I have more to talk about. Now I need to start programming the weapon specials.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Mecha Slots!

That's right! We've talked about it recently here and there and we finally added it, and on a Thursday even! Enjoy 10 extra mech slots for all!

We're still working on the rest of the release for tomorrow which will include a new Talk Like a Pirate Day weapon along with all the old weapons from Pirates Day past.

Also, we're raising the level cap! Tomorrow! Assuming we're still on schedule! I think we are. Maegwyn is leading the level cap raise and she has not expressed many concerns to me so I'm certain things are going smooth. We should be rolling weapons and mechs that take advantage of these higher levels so feel free to be excited.

As for the current release schedule, I'm still revamping the Intro Shuttle to work a little different but not much and also hoping to add a skip feature so you can skip the dropship altogether so it's easier to get through if you're making extra characters. I'm hoping to make 1 or 2 new quests for it as well. The new intro shuttle should be up in the next couple of weeks.

So overall, good week so far. I also plan on releasing a preview photo of the upcoming SCMM. Any Star Captains out there ever feel like a Nemesis?

In other news, looks like we may be moving to the next Planet Mortis saga before tackling the new planet since time is not on our side. I can safely say prepare for more Evil Jim and maybe, MAYBE, a George Lowe (as a voice) appearance assuming we can get his lines figured out in time. It should be awesome if we can get everything figured out so we've got Lyris refining the script so we can have a good solid event. The previous Mortis events will be released with it and I think we will require that they be played prior to the new one but they should be small and simple.

In more other news, I'll be bugging Warlic and Rolith in the near future to help me finish revamping the energy blade fights. The Yokai class is a small example of what the rest will look like and handle like but I would like to get more effects like Damage over Times and buffs and nerfs to make it a little more than Strong Attack spam. Otherwise it might as well be a short cutscene everytime.

We also plan on adding more inventory slots in the future. Probably before the end of the year but we figure 10 more mech slots is plenty for now.

I certainly plan on focusing on the S.O.O.N. list in the future though I'm worried not all of them are doable.

Anywho, look forward to tomorrow! And the SCMM preview!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Artix Entertainment 2011 Wall Calendar!

There are two big projects going on right now, one made by us, and one made by your fellow players!

First up, the Artix Entertainment 2011 Wall Calendar!  This is a project we've wanted to do for about six months, and a month or two ago we realized "hey, it's almost 2011. We should really start making this calendar if we're going to get it to the players on time."

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Running Late!

First off, about the Traveling Salesman guy, it was not intended to make him look like a Quibble(didn't know what it was until today). I just wanted to make a cyborg-looking Moglin-wannabe thingamabob. So I did. But he will have  recurring roles and he should get explained more in future appearances. Anywho, that's the part of the release that is taking time to finish. We need to finish the art for the weapons. The specials are already coded so we just need to plop the code on the weapons and upload. Problem is, I won't be around to do it until 9-10 server-time.

However, the new art museum exhibit has already launched! Go check them out despite the fact that only 7 people contributed. I'm really hoping for more this month so get to it! I'm really excited to see what you all can come up with.

Also, that's right. We're raising the level cap. To be mean, that's all the info I'm giving. And as countless parents say throughout the ages, if someone's being mean to you, it's because they like you. But this is plutonic. Otherwise it's awkward. And while I am awkward, this is not. Well now it is. You know what? I'm being mean, period. Just kidding. But still, all I'm saying is it's going up. But how far? And when!? More later. Next paragraph!

Intro shuttle is continuing to be reworked. More detail on that later.

Mecha inventory slots will be coming. More details on that probably on Monday.

Finally for now, Mini-Korin. Bow down and praise it.



Sunday, September 5, 2010

We Can Has Design Notes

Korin & I wanted to say hi really quickly since we realized that we haven't posted any DNs since the last ones I posted... partly because we didn't have internet in our rooms.  We're having a great time - the panel was amazing and we got to meet a bunch of you for the first time and see others of you again this year.  So right now Vivi & Korin & I are sitting at this table with half-eaten pies and pretzels on it. And Char just walked up 47 flights of stairs to join us.

The Star Captain Monthly Mecha was a little tricky this week because the file was corrupt.  Korin actually did the shading & coloring, and Vivi helped test while I was getting ready to fly to Atlanta for the second part of my vacation.  So Korin went to the forums and asked you to name this one - and you came up with "Steve Skysplitter," which was the one that cracked him up the most!  (There will be a description on this model in a couple of days, by the way.)

Anyway, about the panel!  We met an awesome player known as Azorra who knows more about MQ than we do (we think) - we're going to stay in touch with him about fixing a few things with the early lower-level game experience, too!  We also got to meet neo_manni from the forums, whom I've seen around the forums since before MQ even existed & we used to talk on the forums about Adventure Quest - I didn't realize at the panel that he was neo_manni so I got really excited at the Voltaire concert when I figured that out.  Aeonarial from the forums was also at the panel - and he won the Guitar Hero giveaway via the best Twilly Punter! Aeonarial & I ran into each other waiting to see the George Lowe panel this morning - which was AMAZING - and we got front row seats - which was also amazing!  I could go on for hours writing about all the people we've gotten to see - players you might remember hearing about from last year's DragonCon who cosplayed as AE characters J6, Tek, Valencia, and Ash (and this year Tek had the most amazing little Korin with her - we'll get some photos up when we get back from Con) - and others who traveled from as far away as the UK and New Zealand!  I could go on for even more hours & I'm sure I forgot to talk about things I was meaning to write about but we are all half-delirious from tons of walking & lack of sleep so we'll stop here for now. So, bye from Thyton who just walked in like the ninja he is, and from the rest of us - see you on the forums!