Monday, April 19, 2010

The Bugfixin' Continues

The frighteningly-colorful Gremlins buglist is shrinking! Korin and I worked together for most of the day to fix and pre-test the top-priority fixes we could fit into the day, and then Personater and Azami and I worked together to finalize the Nuberizing issues at long-last. More on Nuberizing in a bit - here's the rundown of the rest of today's fixes:

*Generic Cloverblade - if killing blow uses credit/xp draining special, player no longer gets 0 rewards!

*Korin Head - in Assault Mecha, when the Korin head switches your HP/MP, you no longer have to switch mechas or log out & back in to restore your normal HP/EP values! Then also, there was a specific bug that was happening under specific conditions: If you got stunned right after activating the Decreasing Damage special with the Korin head, your "Boost" went to "NaN," and you did zero damage until the special wore off. It's Very difficult to get the right conditions on the NaN issue, but we *think* it's fixed. Please let us know on the Gremlins forum if you continue to encounter this.

*Planet Necryptos Replay - It seemed there was no option to take the Bloodshard after defeating Akana - fixed! Please note that if you have the final Bloodstone in your inventory, you will not be able to get more shards to make a second one. It is intentional that you should only be able to have one Necryptos Bloodcrystal in your inventory.

*Nubertrons - Nuberizing: Personater devoted over 13 hours total (and I don't count mine so I haven't a clue of how long I tested and re-tested) - we had lots of testing and finally the fixed special is rolled Live! Applies to the Anniversary series as well as the Lucky series. This fix addresses a series of strange issues, so now: When you fight in the Knife & Spork challenges and other series-style quests, you now have the ability to Nuberize more than just your first opponent; Also, if you use this special during stat training, you now get a special message explaining why it doesn't work there (you should try it just for fun); Also, the odd things that happened when you Nuberized a low-level enemy should all now be fixed! Many thanks to Personater, everyone who tested and consulted (Azami, blues, Lyris, Korin, Warlic) (and I probably forgot someone) - I think we need to throw a big Nuberizing party! Nothing official - just having fun Nuberizing friends and foes. I always laugh at the messages when I win in Assault Mecha - and it's even more fun when I Nuberize my friends on the forums! Stay tuned because I'm going to make a special Maegwyn character for Assault Mecha - one that won't randomly become invisible or suddenly come out of nowhere to pwn you with over 9000 damage... I just haven't had time to make her yet :)

I also want to give a special thanks to the Gremlins ArchKnights on the forums: neodiabolus, phoenixfire555, and Terosin! The hours of work these guys put in to confirm the bug reports and to note exactly how to replicate them is just astonishing. That's on top of the notes they make in individual posts and generally keeping the Gremlins forum tidy.

We've also released new shoulders over the weekend. And I accidentally forgot to change the testing-cooldown of 0 for one of them. Sorry! I fixed that. More information about the new back shoulders is on the post below this one, which is actually 2 messages from blues, but one got caught in the transdimensional whatsit. Soooo - here's bluesy!