Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Medium Egg now scales properly to Level 29.

Changes to Eggs (implemented Monday) - "Slamming Egg" should now give added BtH on hits 2 & 4 as intended. "Scarmbled Eggs" now correctly states the nerf to enemy defense. Number of turns adjusted for all effects so that they function as intended.

Changes to Bunzilla (2010) - Head - effects now last for 5 turns. Front Arm Buff: First hit now does extra damage; new effect added - on hit, adds Bonus to Hit effective for the duration of battle.

Personater & I will resume work on the Nuberizing special to get all those Gremlins unraveled, and once the team tests it fully, that fix will also roll.

Meanwhile, everyone is working on Friday's release and looking ahead to prepping for the following Friday as well. Just who is that purple-haired girl? Why does Braddock need us on Lagos? What's the deal with this 'wormhole device' Char is working on? Hold on to your ejecto-seats and tune in regularly, because things are getting exciting!