Friday, July 30, 2010

Yokai Town Reclaimed!

This week's release brings you back to Yokai, where you should begin to explore the reclaimed Town!  A door has opened, and if you will help the brother of a friend, you will be rewarded. 

Yes, there is a new NPC, and Jemini really did a fabulous job with him. He reminds me of an old friend, in fact.  The newsletter mentioned quests - in this area there is a chance to get either the minigame or a single battle.  So technically that's 2 quests!  And if you are a Star Captain, you might want to check out Hard and Extreme modes here - there's a boosted RTK (Rounds To Kill) to kick things up a notch.  Korin did an amazing job with the minigame - there's nothing like it on any other planet. 

After you complete the process (I don't want to be too specific due to spoilers) then you will gain access to some shops with new weapons.  I'd like to say what a grand job Minar did with the designs, and thank blues as always for the terrific specials.  Vivi tested with me to be sure everything is working as intended, so unless some Gremlin snuck in, things are looking good.  I'm feeling confident that our team-fu is strong this week! 

There's something going on in the Dojo as well. You should poke your head in & check it out for at least a minute.  I realize that this may be as exciting as kicking the box in the Museum ( Embarassed ) - but Korin did something amusing - and if you want to see Everything in MechQuest, you will grin ... at the very least.  (I guffawed.)

Ok for now I think that's it - I should probably take a little break!   Thanks for playing MechQuest - please tell your friends and don't forget - if you give them your special recruitment link (see the News Screen in Soluna City - Recruit button) to sign up, then YOU will get a daily bonus equal to 10% of all the experience and credits they earn. A lot of people ask me how to earn free Nova Gems and I mustn't forget to include this part: If your friend upgrades, then your character will receive 250 Nova Gems!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weapon Specials

And here come the specials of all the new Weapons:

Yokai war reward Heads

NSC (Gong series)

- 120% damage
- chance for -20 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 25% for 5 turns

SC (Sugegasa series)

- 130% damage
- chance for -30 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 30% for 5 turns

NG (Acu-Puncture series)

- 140% damage
- chance for -35 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 35% for 5 turns
- chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT
- chance for -40 defense for 5 turns

Final Fight on Yokai (NSC,SC,NG)

Head (Beard Fist)

- 1.2 (1.3,1.5) times damage
- general damage boost of 20 (25,30) for 5 turns
- +20 (25,30) accuracy

Shoulder (Rocket Boot)

- chance for 1.1 (1.2,1.3) times damage
- chance for a crit  --> NG>SC>NSC
- -20 (-25, -30) accuracy for 5 turns

Arm (Finger Zapper)

- chance for  1.1 (1.2, 1.3) times damage
- chance for a crit --> NG>SC>NSC
- chance for a guaranted stun --> NG>SC>NSC
- -30 (-40,-50) defense for 3 turns

And not to forget our new Promo Item the BOOMBOX
Thats a boombastic BS Weapon
It comes with NG DPT and a CD of 2.  
- increased damage for both Hits
- Hit 1: +40 Acc, -40 Def
- Hit 2: chance for a crit, chance for -40 Acc

this sounds already sweet but now comes the boomtastic extra special:

50/50 chance for an extra Hit

- chance for -30% damage for 4 turns
- chance for a crit
- chance for a guaranted stun

I hope you like all the new Equipment delivered to you by your MQ Team!
As always.....

Have fun!


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Artix has pictures and stories from Metrocon here

I was so excited to hear about the many die-hard MechQuest fans there!  I know from the forums how intense, loyal, and dedicated you are - thanks for turning out for the convention!  I wish I could have been there myself - but I am planning to go to DragonCon this year, and couldn't do both. Are you going to DragonCon?

The MechQuest team is super-excited about a ton of things - Korin & I were just talking about the new Museum exhibit while getting some testing done on the new weapons for Planet Yokai.  And doing a bunch of other stuff.  We're big on multi-tasking - I'm eating cherries while doing stuff in the database and reading the Gremlins and General Discussion sections of the MechQuest forums, while waving a magnet over my ear, thinking about typo-fixes and pondering what Gianna Glow might have meant when she said, "Otter Bomb"...  and if I told you what Circe & I were considering, I might... have to... nah, couldn't do THAT!

So yeah - the MQ team is also working on the SCMM - the Cosmic Talon!  Korin & Arklen are working together on animation/attack-related things so that either Korin or I can get the number of hits/animation description for each attack over to blues so he can design the specials.  I've got the basics set up in the database, though the default weapons names and descriptions have to wait until I see how they look and what they'll do - then we'll work with Vivi (and whoever else on staff is around to help) to get it all tested & balanced.  The plan is to have it all set for Monday.

I'm insanely excited about the AE CD, "Critical Hits" - by the NPCs!  We've got some cool promo weapons planned for the CDs.  I can hardly wait for the premiere of the new HeroMart Store (which I've been told will open shortly) - and the new ChickenCow Shirts!  

Well, blues wrote up specials which were supposed to be posted early last weekend except that Korin was at Metrocon & I was swimming ... and ok, also I goofed off a little playing AQWorlds ... we jumped into this week with both feet and suddenly it is Thursday somehow!  So read the post below this for the info blues prepared & wanted you to have on Saturday!  If you haven't read it already.  Because I spent like 2 extra hours agonizing over whether these DNs were funny enough/informative enough/tooooo boring to post ... what do you want to read?  Please tell us on the forums!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Target is offering 10% off!

Special in-store only promotion  

As announced in the Target stores circular (much better than a square-ular) starting today there is a special promotion! You can get any of our GameCards in Target stores at a whopping 10% discount. ( Off their end... not ours! So go for it!) Get $20 worth of upgrades for only $17.95! Do not forget you can finally stack up cards to get bigger packages in the BattleOn Master Account System. This Target promotion ends on July 31st.

New "BattleOn!" cards will start showing up on store shelves too!
We really need to do the "BATTLEON SITE SWAP" soon...

Read More


Friday, July 16, 2010

War Begins on Planet Yokai!

That's right! It's time for war! It shouldn't be too bad. We have a hughuge battle in store for the finale that should be really awesome. But I digress!

The war rewards as of now are 3 heads of the monks, each designed to do some pretty strong attacks! These items will NOT go rare as this little war will become permanent content so no worries. More information on those will be available next week.

Next week we will be unloading the final boss fight on Yokai but this is not the end of Yokai. We'd like to open it up a little more with some special things, one of them being a potentially lengthy SC only quest so look forward to that!

It's a pretty short and simple release this week because there;s much to get done next week for the final boss fight. There's a tiny cutscene, 2 new mechs. I do need to figure out the rewards for next week though... Anywho, enjoy your weekend! It's about time for me to get out of here!



Monday, July 12, 2010

Master Blaster and Liberty specials

Master Blaster

This SCMM is overall usable. He has medium defense with nice offensive capabilities.

1 Hit attack:
- Crit

5 Hit attack:
- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for - 8 BtH per Hit

- Hit 1: chance for -50 defense
- Hit 2: Crit

- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for damage decrease on every Hit, stacking

- chance for damage bonus for the Hit
- general damage boost BoT
- chance for a BtH boost

- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for +10 defense per Hit


This one is a pure DoT Mecha, damaging HP and EP via DoT´s.
Every Weapon has reduced CD´s, but defaults are necessary.

- chance for an accuracy boost
- chance for a HP or EP DoT

- chance for a HP and EP DoT

- Hit 1: defense boost
- Hit 2: damages EP instead of HP
- Hit 3: HP DoT

- enemy defense reduction
- HP or EP DoT

- damage reduction
- combined HP and EP DoT

DoT Damages: NG>SC>NSC

Hope you like the Mechas!

Have fun!


Friday, July 9, 2010

C-Mail, Art Museum and Arcade Game!

Hello all! We're a tad late but that's nothing new :P We have some good functionality updates this week.

Anywho, we now have a fancy new Story button in the C-Mail which will let you view the status of various storylines. Now, Westion Chapter 2 is not a code-written requirement yet but I must warn that people will need to redo, BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT you only need to start from the Mobile Shadowscythe Base hunting missions. Complete it 15 times and then the War Boss and the 3rd mission, you win.

The Art Museum is officially released. There will be purchaseable versions of the art work this upcoming week. I just ran out of time to get it out today. If you follow the blue arrows in the museum, you will find the 10 chosen pieces of art for this week. I won't lie, it was hard to choose 10. Please continue submitting artwork!! I look forward to seeing more of it. Also let me know how well it works in the large version of MQ because I haven't checked that yet... >__>....

Also, the fancy-pants minigame from 4th of July is now purchaseable for your starships the same way as the Braddock Steel game was. So grab that up quick and get the highest score! Something I'd love to implement would be a leaderboard for scores so we'll see if that can happen.

Also, the Liberty mech is up until Monday so grab it while you can! This will be your last chance to get it before it's gone forever!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

C-Mail System Improves!

The first step in improving C-Mail is the addition of a Storyline button. This will advise you of what you should do next to progress in the requirements for accessing the next quest. Some people are missing something that is required for access to the Dragonoid Saga, for example (although currently everyone can use the New Release button to access Yokai when there is a new Yokai release, this new feature is designed to keep you moving along with the actual storyline).

The C-Mail messages that we're also working on, which will come a bit later, will tell you about the non-essential quests as well. Lyris and Vivi have been working closely with me to set things out in documents for Korin - who is setting up the mechanics of the interface.

So, the requirements for the Dragonoid Saga will be in the Storyline section, and that is the first improvement you will see. This is being set up to track each character's progress, to show you step-by-step what you are still missing from the required quests.

We will be adding new actual C-Mail messages as the next step. When both of these improvements are in game, they will work together to help you do things in order and help keep you from missing something (whether it is an actual requirement in the Story button or just a C-Mailed directive showing what you should do next for the best understanding of the story).


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

End of 4th of July Weekend?

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July for those who celebrate it! For everyone else, hope you had a great early-July weekend! There are a few things to talk about right now.

First, I have scaled the rewards for the arcade game. This includes scaling to your level however your score does determine a boost to both your Exp and your Gold.

Seocnd, yes this means we are continuing the 4th of July event. We're leaving it up until next Monday(July 12). So there's plenty of time to get the Liberty mech (which now has a fixed front arm which uses an HP and EP DoT correctly).

Third, this week I would like to keep light since we only have 3 days left. So one of the things I will be doing is making the arcade game for your starships of Firework Command. So look forward to that this week.

I will also be working on the C-Mail and trying to get as much of that done as I can. I honestly don't see it taking too long since we have a lot of information documented to make my life easier while I do it.

ALSO, I will be working on getting the Art Museum up with YOUR artwork! Look for the chosen artwork in the Art Museum (hopefully) this Friday. I will confirm whether or not this will work but I really don't see it being very difficult so I'm not really worried.

Next week we will work on the finale of Yokai's main storyline. I say main storyline because yes, there will be more side quests on Yokai that will be optional. One of them will also be a rather elaborate SC-Only quest that I'm very happy with so far. So that's definitely something to look forward to.

Finally, you may have noticed that the hairs are officially working. So check those out immediately!

On that note, it's time to go home! Thanks for playing MechQuest! Later.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

4th of July Mecha Levels & Prices!

These "4th of July" models will go into the shop on Friday, July 2nd and stay there through Monday, July 5th. 

Available to all players:

  • L8       22000 credits
  • L16    176000 credits
  • L24    264000 credits
  • L32    352000 credits
  • L40    440000 credits

For Star Captains:

  • L7       19250 credits
  • L14    154000 credits
  • L21    231000 credits
  • L27    297000 credits
  • L35    385000 credits
  • L40    440000 credits

Nova Gem Models:

  • L5       275 Nova Gems
  • L12     660 Nova Gems
  • L19   1045 Nova Gems
  • L26   1430 Nova Gems
  • L33   1815 Nova Gems
  • L40   2200 Nova Gems

Azami is back for a few days - perfect timing - he double-checked all the prices on the mechas to be sure I didn't make any typos.  Thanks, Azami!  And now you all have the info so you can plan ahead!  Have fun!