Friday, November 18, 2011

Mae OOps Limited Time Weapon

The Shining Baz-O.Ops is:

  • ONLY available from release time today (Friday the 18th of November - whenever everything is ready) to noon Server Time (Eastern Standard Time) Monday (the 21st of November)
  • priced at 594000 credits
  • a Star Captain Exclusive Super-Ultra-Uber-Rare Back Shoulder weapon. 
  • a Level 45 version of the Star Captain Bazookas rewards for the SC Sneak Peek of the Black and White Planet
  • visually 'shinier' than the 'normal' SC version
  • costs much, much, much more than the 'normal' version due to a pricing typo that I sent out in the weekly newsletter  

So what's this all about?  As usual, I put together the weekly newsletter - and I heedlessly sent it upward without triple-checking my figures.  Even when my new Gremlins ArchKnight, NaturallyMaria, said something to me about the crazy-high pricing on MSN, I was oblivious.  You can read about it while the thread is still active here. The reaction on the forums upon seeing news of a weapon priced at 594000 credits was fascinating - players with insane amounts of credits stockpiled were simultaneously going O.O and interested in having a limited-time insanely-expensive weapon for rarity/novelty value.  

So Korin gave the go-ahead, and I - well, the technical term would be "recolored" but ... let's just say I - changed the look of the weapon slightly.  

The 'normal' SC weapons are going to be in the reward shop for the duration of this Star Captain Sneak Peek.  After the new planet opens to everyone, this version of the SC shoulder will go rare forever. Nice stand-alone weapons that become insane in synergy with the Nova Gem Front Shoulder counterpart. Their levels and pricing are

  • 7  -   2100 credits
  • 10 -  3000 credits
  • 13 - 15600 credits
  • 19 - 22800 credits
  • 22 - 26400 credits
  • 26 - 31200 credits
  • 29 - 34800 credits
  • 32 - 38400 credits
  • 37 - 44400 credits
  • 41 - 49200 credits
  • 45 - 54000 credits

The Nova Gem Front Shoulder weapons synergize with the SC Back Shoulder weapons to create insane power! They are good stand-alones, but amazing as a pair!! These shoulders will also go rare forever after the new planet opens to everyone. Levels and pricing:

  • 7   -  84 NGs
  • 10 - 120 NGs
  • 13 - 156 NGs
  • 19 - 228 NGs
  • 22 - 264 NGs
  • 26 - 312 NGs
  • 29 - 348 NGs
  • 32 - 384 NGs
  • 37 - 444 NGs
  • 41 - 492 NGs
  • 45 - 540* NGs

*(Newsletter also had a pricing typo, stating the cost as 594 Nova Gems. The correct Nova Gem price for the Level 45 version is indeed 540 NGs)

I'd like to send a shout-out to Warlic and superjars for the proofreading and editing work today!!!!

NOW back to breaking everything before it's time to release it!!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Art Museum and Mogloween Portal 3011

Art Museum Exhibit Six! The Art Museum's sixth exhibit is now on display! Go West in Soluna City to see the amazing NEW artwork by:

  • blackshock (2) 
  • Bomber of Justice
  • dragonie_em
  • kaibinlore
  • lordkaho (2)
  • Plasma Charge
  • Rikyri  
  • Ronoroa Asero

Congratulations to all of our new exhibitors, and thanks to all of you for your submissions!  It wasn't easy to choose from all the wonderful entries ...  don't forget that you can buy one of the limited-edition prints for your own starship! Just visit Circe's shop in the Art Museum.  Are YOU inspired to submit your own artwork for consideration? We're looking forward to seeing your cool entries in the submissions forum! 

3011 Mogloween Portal for your Starship! Check out the Starship Items shop on Planet Mortis - the Phantom Portal will send you back to the 3011 Mortis Mogloween events if you pick one up before the planet orbits away for another year! 

Korin taught me how to update the Art Museum from start to finish without needing him to step in and handle any of the steps involved! So keep those submissions pouring in and we can roll out frequent updates to that exhibit area - let's Art ON!!  I really enjoyed learning this - Korin is a fantastic teacher so it feels like it's super-easy, actually.  After giving me the basic rundown, he often lets me figure out stuff on my own and just ask questions if I'm stumped, which is really the best hands-on way for me to understand things.  That's actually how the portal item happened - I just wanted to see if I could do it, and tested it, and it worked, so I emailed Korin to let him know it was done & ready for testing. Other than any lingering bugs with the Live town and quest, there are no NEW Gremlins showing up in the portal item.  (But if you find any, please don't hesitate to report them!)

Happy 11-11-11 !!! (MechQuest is reserving 12-12-12 for our coolio special in-game something-to-commemorate-the-crazy-date thing thing. (I actually took a stab at making a cool energy blade but it lacked the cool factor I was aiming for, so it went to the scrap heap... haha) Check out Adventure Quest Worlds for a cool 11/11/11 release!)

We're working on the setup for the new Black and White planet that is coming soon (Star Captains may get a sneak peek quest as soon as this upcoming Friday if all goes well) and here are a few bits of info:

  1. The main quests on this planet will be accessible to everyone who has completed Val's current Museum missions AND has flight clearance to travel off-planet
  2. We are working out the details of what you might call an 'extra' mission that will have an extra requirement or two - requiring you to complete something on a different planet before you can access that part of the Black and White planet's content.
  3. Korin just finished vectorizing one of the art assets from Thyton and is sending it over to Arklen for animating!

I guess that's all of the bits of info for now! Come visit the forums to get more little nuggets of information and participate in the discussion! Thanks for playing MQ - please tell your friends, submit some cool artwork and weapons suggestions on the forums - and generally have fun this weekend!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post-Mogloween and Upcoming Stuff!

That's right. Mogloween is coming to a close. We haven't forgotten about a starship item to let you return to Mortis though! We'll be releasing it on Friday, likely in the shop panel. We haven't decided yet if we're going to axe Mogloween Friday or Monday so we'll see where things go but you will be well-informed.

The other thing is that you may have learned that we're building the next planet now! This planet is void of color. The reasons for that aren't anything evil.  It's coming along so you'll get to see it soon! As for a fun little teaser for you guys, the conclusion has something to do with something in Soluna City. As for the story, think of old black and white monster movies. The pre-requisites will be finishing the museum quests and being able to fly to other planets. Artix's DNs may be implying that the official launch is this week. Chances are it'll be next week. We've started production on it but we've also added things to make it grander that require a little more time.

We're also working on getting some daily bonuses setup but I need to speak with Rolith when he gets back to confirm we're ready for them. And I haven't forgotten about adding an option to increase your chances of finding a certain weapon type in the salvage field but it might not be added until next week.

Art museum will be finally getting its update.

Also, the House Mechas have been animated! There're still a few little things that need to be tweaked and tested but it shouldn't be long now. I actually would prefer to do the next GEARS Class before the next planet after the black and white planet. We would also release the new House Mechas at that time.

So as you can see, a lot is happening. This week we should have functionality for daily bonuses, a new Mortis starship item to let you return to this year's Mogloween whenever you want, the art museum is getting an update, and we're building lots and lots of content.

Last but not least, looky what's now available at HeroMart!


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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mogloween and More

This has been an insane couple of weeks! Sorry I haven't had much time to write you notes.  Here are some quick ones for now! The 3011 Mogloween event with Trick or Treating is still happening - if you are having a hard time with the clues, just keep going straight for that candy by the Bay Doors in Trick or Treating quests - if you fight the same person a couple of times in a row it is most likely an NPC with a clue and you should go explore his or her starship. There is an image of what the clue looks like by Jack in town on Mortis (orange fingerprint).

The old Hospital mechas have gotten some nice buffs to make them more useful and powerful. 

Last weekend I worked on a whole bunch of Gremlins - got some fixed - and was completely mystified by the Mecha Fryer crashing the game. Korin took it apart layer by layer this week to find the issue - and he has fixed it! Huzzah!

Salvage Quest: Joey has Heads - four models that are all completely new to the game, plus I selected a variety of heads that were either rare, seasonal-rare, or available somewhere in-game for each tier.

Special thanks to Gibby for compiling the list of Starship IDs for me last week, and to Kamui for helping us with pre-testing this week! And a huge thank you to all of you for playing MechQuest! Have a great weekend!