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July 03, 2014

Fourth Of July Chaos

Star Date: 3 July 3014

  • This weekend only - ALL NEW 4th of July "Haliaeetus" mecha model.
  • The Haliaeetus mecha has all NEW art by Minar and specials designed by Blues, and Vivi! It's in Soluna Main in the Holiday Shop on the sidebar. It'll only be here this weekend though! The art will probably return in the future, but specials won't come back in later years.
  • What's a "Haliaeetus?" Well, it's one of the most-recognizable eagle species. It ties in to the United States of America Fourth of July celebrations. And to think, I never would have known this if we hadn't already made an Eagle mecha model in the past! I love finding new and obscure bits of knowledge when researching - a friend of mine calls this "Research Rapture." Have you ever experienced research rapture, where you are led further and further off track from the original line of inquiry? This particular research line didn't veer at all. YET. But I digress...

  • Here are the specials:
  • Head:
  • CD= 3
  • - +25% general damage bonus
  • - enemy BtH reduce 15%
  • - enemy defense reduce: 50
  • - enemy immores reduce 100
  • - SC only: + 75 BTH til end of fight
    - NG only: +10% damage

  • FA:

  • CD =2
  • - Hit 1: 30% damage
  • - Hit 2: 45% damage
  • - Hit 3: 75% damage
  • Each hit heals EP for 50% damage done.
    - NG only: +10% damage

  • BA:

  • CD =2
  • - Hit 1: 10% damage
  • - Hit 2: 20% damage
  • - Hit 3: 30% damage
  • - Hit 4: 40% damage
  • - Hit 5: 50% damage
  • Each hit, 50% chance to damage EP for 100% damage done.
    - NG only: +10% damage

  • Shoulders:

  • CD=4
  • - Hit 1: 60% damage
  • - Hit 2: 50% damage, tries to stun.
    - NG only: +10% damage

  • Body:

  • CD= 4
  • - Hit 1: 40% damage
  • - Hit 2: 40% damage
  • - Hit 3: 40% damage
    Damage increases as enemy EP decreases. 1x/1.5/2x HP DoT.

  • - NG only: +10% damage

  • Star Captains can pick up the Traveler Hologram!
  • The Hologram will allow you to access the Traveler's shops, even when he's not in town anymore! Access it in Soluna Main on the sidebar. It won't be available forever, so snag one while you can!
  • Chaos Hairstyles are available!
  • To celebrate the Chaos finale in AQW, this week you can show off your chaotic side with a new male and female hairstyle! See HAL in Soluna City East to get your 'hair did!' More Chaos will come ... next week!

Enjoy the release, and have a sparkling weekend!


Tags: Maegwyn Chaos Traveler specials 4th of July Star Captains

June 27, 2014

Colosseum Chaos

Star Date: 27 June, 3014

Happy Birthday, Korin! To celebrate, pick up a Ketchup Cannon in the birthday shop in Soluna City Main. It's also the perfect date for this week's main release, which

> Incoming transmission: Ash

Oh ha. Well I'll just let him do the talking!

Greetings! This week we have a somewhat larger release, at least it feels that way to me. Hah!

Last week I was talking to Mae about what we could do to give you all something larger than normal. I came up with the idea to do something for our players who have done everything in the storyline already and wanted something extra. This turned into something larger than I had planned and it pushed me farther than I've gone in a while.

Tonight we have an addition to Planet 51. It's a series of fights that you can access after you've beaten the current 51, finished Yokai, AND finished Necryptos. Once you've done all that you can use the button that shows up on Korin's list.

This has several fights, most chosen by players when I asked, as well as one final fight that I came up with myself. It will take a little thought and strategy to beat a couple of them, but if you can it'll be worth it.

I also did some updates to the old Planet 51 rewards that you'll find in the Arm reward shop once you win. There's also some new stuff too that I came up with just for this. Some of the rewards are hints about something I'm cooking up personally and something in particular gives a hint at where the storyline is going next. You might have to talk to someone once you win to find out what that is though.

I hope you enjoy it and I'm very thankful to Mae for letting me go all crazy and do this. Make sure to let me know on the forums what you think of the fights and the rewards!

I'm quite thankful to Ash for all the hard work he put into this!

Here's a screenshot for you

Speaking of hard work, Minar is hard at work in his free time in between summer classes, creating art and animating because we are putting together an ALL-NEW mecha for you! It's slated for release on the 4th of July.

Also in the works: some serious chaos is coming your way next week. So have a great weekend, enjoy this week's new content, and get ready for more!

L8r, m8s!


Tags: Maegwyn Korin Ash 4th of July Rare Chaos

July 03, 2012

4th July Rare Mecha

Happy 4th of July! This week's release comes on Wednesday in celebration of the U.S. holiday.

The Fireworks Begin at Midnight!  The Holiday Shop will open at midnight server time July 4th and will be open until Monday at noon server time!  A lot of people are vacationing during this time, as it is summer and also a U.S. holiday, and we would like everyone to have the opportunity to grab one of these models before they go rare.  

Here's the pricing and scalability structure for this year's Rare Mecha Series:

For All Players: These models do not level with you.

  • Level 5  -   5000 credits
  • Level 15 - 150000 credits
  • Level 25 - 250000 credits
  • Level 35 - 350000 credits
  • Level 45 - 450000 credits

Star Captain Models:These models level with you.

  • Level 2  - (Levels with you to L5)  -    500 credits
  • Level 10 - (Levels with you to L15) -  25000 credits
  • Level 16 - (Levels with you to L19) - 160000 credits
  • Level 20 - (Levels with you to L23) - 200000 credits
  • Level 24 - (Levels with you to L27) - 240000 credits
  • Level 28 - (Levels with you to L32) - 280000 credits
  • Level 33 - (Levels with you to L37) - 330000 credits
  • Level 38 - (Levels with you to L42) - 380000 credits
  • Level 43 - (Levels with you to L47) - 430000 credits

Nova Gem Models: If you are a Star Captain, these models level with you. All players may purchase these but only Star Captains will unlock the scaling feature.

  • Level 10 - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 20 - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 28 - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 38 - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 45 - 1000 Nova Gems

Star Captain Scaling Feature of Nova Gem Models:

  • Level 10 levels with you to L19
  • Level 20 levels with you to L27
  • Level 28 levels with you to L37
  • Level 38 levels with you to L44
  • Level 45 levels with you to L50

The pricing of the lowest-level credits versions is not a typo!  We wanted to make sure that you would be able to afford these at the lowest levels when you haven't had a chance to earn a lot of credits yet. Picking up one of these will help you level up and earn more credits to afford one of the higher-level versions as well.

This is much more than a simple "revival" of an older mecha - nearly everything about it is new. Minar did a beautiful job with the art update on this model, and Arklen's fantastic new animations take it to a whole new level of awesome.  Complete with all-new specials designed by blues and programmed by Vivi!  

While you're in Soluna City, be sure to visit Braddock Steele to replay the events of the past.  

If you're traveling, please have fun - and don't forget to be careful! If you're not traveling, please be careful - and don't forget to have fun!

Tags: Maegwyn 4th of July Rares Braddock Steele

July 08, 2011

Traveler Weapons and More

The Traveler Gets a New Shipment!  A Star Captain Head complements the Ring shoulder series, and a Nova Gem and a non-Star Captain shoulder also arrive!

The Star Captain Macabre Circlet series: Each of the 4 hits has a chance for a critical hit. Can nerf enemy damage by -10% for 5 turns.  Can reduce enemy Bonus to Hit by -10% for 5 turns.  Has the potential to do HP and/or EP Damage Over Time for 5 turns.

The Nova Gem Poison Cannon series: May add +30 to your Bonus to Hit for 3 turns.  Good chance to do critical damage. May merge purge all Bonus to Hit nerfs affecting you; can also merge purge all Damage nerfs affecting you.

The non-Star Captain Flamethrower series: Does extra damage.  Good chance for an HP DoT - decent chance for an EP DoT as well.  Also has the potential to blind the enemy with a Bonus to Hit Nerf over Time (-10 per turn for 3 turns).

The 4th of July Mecha Models stay in the shop over this weekend! NG and SC get a buff! A lively discussion of the power level of the Deflagrator models is underway on the Balance Discussion Forums.  After some mid-week Staff discussion of your comments, we decided to buff the Star Captain and Nova Gem models a bit - the Star Captain models now have a chance to get what was previously the Nova Gem exclusive special, and the Nova Gem models have a greatly-increased chance of that special.  So we are keeping the shop open this weekend for you to pick up a Deflagrator.  

Char is working on opening the wormhole... but... 


This is a sneak-peek from one of the upcoming cutscenes in the newest Wormhole chapter of the Dragonoid saga!  Lyris has been putting together some epic scenes and we are working on quests, enemies, and ... rewards!  Thyton is drawing up something amazing, and as this unfolds over the next few weeks we think you will be on the edge of your seat!  

Minar, meanwhile, is working on an exciting top-secret project in his spare time, while keeping busy designing and animating weapons!  Awesome art, as always!

I guess that's it from me for now - I feel like I'm forgetting something I meant to tell you, other than to thank you - and I'll see you on the forums (and facebook, and formspring, and twitter...)

Tags: Maegwyn Dragonoid Saga The Traveler Star Captains 4th of July specials

June 29, 2011

4th of July Korin Special Sale

4th of July 3011 - Korin Special Sale on Nova Gem Models!

Nova Gem Models: Note New Pricing

  • Level 5 -   Scales to L18  -   1000 Nova Gems 
  • Level 19 - Scales to L23  -   1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 26 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 33 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 40 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 45 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems

We read your comments about Nova Gem Pricing on the forums - and Korin, blues, Vivi, and I met this morning for a discussion.  One of the issues you noted is that a regularly-priced mecha model at Level 45 comes at a Nova Gem cost that is slightly more than the minimum package.  Korin came up with this amazing idea to have a special system for the 4th of July models this year!  Instead of basing the Nova Gem pricing on level, where the cost in the past has behaved like the credits versions, increasing as you level up - he's doing a special where a Nova Gem model costs you the same amount regardless of your level. The low-level models will be levels-with-you style to accommodate the change, and the higher-level models are more of a bargain the higher the level.  (See the previous Design Note for the old pricing.)

This Korin Special Sale works out to benefit you!  Don't forget - besides our Nova Gem packages available for purchase, also the referral system can earn you Nova Gems, and remember also that you can still view the Ballyhoo ads at Cinemech for a chance to get some, you can still redeem your Battleon Points, and you can still participate in AExtras offers to earn more Nova Gems.  

We really appreciate your support - Star Captains have gotten exclusive quests in the Traveler / Maria 5 saga lately, and we've got some more really amazing Phoenix-themed rewards coming along (not this week) for you.  Minar has been doing a fabulous job with these and really pushing some limits. Note that the Phoenix items synergize, and the set is not yet complete.  Also, the quest line will return each time the Traveler comes back to town so if you upgrade to Star Captain you will still be able to access this series of quests and rewards when he returns.

Thanks to everyone for playing!  See you on the forums - or catch us on Facebook, Formspring, and/or Twitter!

Tags: Maegwyn Korin 4th of July

June 27, 2011

Fourth of July Mecha Models

The 4th of July mecha models will go into the special Holiday shop on Friday, July 1st and stay there for a week - until Friday, July 8th.  Ideally, this should give you plenty of time to pick one up if you're away celebrating the American holiday or having a vacation for any reason.  Thyton is drawing these and I hear they are going to be very cool-looking!  Usually our Holiday Rares are priced a bit higher than the normal price for a non-rare model, but this year we are going with the regular pricing to keep things affordable.  Here's the run-down:

Non-Star Captain Models: 

  • Level 8 -      20000 credits
  • Level 16 - 160000 credits
  • Level 24 - 240000 credits
  • Level 32 - 320000 credits
  • Level 40 - 400000 credits
  • Level 45 - 450000 credits

Star Captain Models:

  • Level 7 -    17500 credits
  • Level 14 - 140000 credits
  • Level 21 - 210000 credits
  • Level 27 - 270000 credits
  • Level 35 - 350000 credits
  • Level 40 - 400000 credits
  • Level 45 - 450000 credits

Nova Gem Models: Note New Pricing

  • Level 5 -    Scales to L18 250 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 12 -  600 Nova Gems 
  • Level 19 -  Scales to L23 - 950 Nova Gems  1000 Nova Gems*
  • Level 26 - Does NOT scale 1300 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 33 - Does NOT scale 1650 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 40 - Does NOT scale 2000 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 45 - Does NOT scale 2250 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems

Korin leveled up today but he still can't ketchup to me... Happy Birthday, Korin!  (There is already a birthday wishes thread on the forums in the MechQuest General Discussion area if you would like to add a post to it!)

Tags: Maegwyn Korin 4th of July

July 12, 2010

Master Blaster and Liberty specials

Master Blaster

This SCMM is overall usable. He has medium defense with nice offensive capabilities.

1 Hit attack:
- Crit

5 Hit attack:
- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for - 8 BtH per Hit

- Hit 1: chance for -50 defense
- Hit 2: Crit

- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for damage decrease on every Hit, stacking

- chance for damage bonus for the Hit
- general damage boost BoT
- chance for a BtH boost

- increased damage for every Hit
- chance for +10 defense per Hit


This one is a pure DoT Mecha, damaging HP and EP via DoT´s.
Every Weapon has reduced CD´s, but defaults are necessary.

- chance for an accuracy boost
- chance for a HP or EP DoT

- chance for a HP and EP DoT

- Hit 1: defense boost
- Hit 2: damages EP instead of HP
- Hit 3: HP DoT

- enemy defense reduction
- HP or EP DoT

- damage reduction
- combined HP and EP DoT

DoT Damages: NG>SC>NSC

Hope you like the Mechas!

Have fun!

Tags: Blues SCMM 4th of July specials

July 06, 2010

End of 4th of July Weekend?

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July for those who celebrate it! For everyone else, hope you had a great early-July weekend! There are a few things to talk about right now.

First, I have scaled the rewards for the arcade game. This includes scaling to your level however your score does determine a boost to both your Exp and your Gold.

Seocnd, yes this means we are continuing the 4th of July event. We're leaving it up until next Monday(July 12). So there's plenty of time to get the Liberty mech (which now has a fixed front arm which uses an HP and EP DoT correctly).

Third, this week I would like to keep light since we only have 3 days left. So one of the things I will be doing is making the arcade game for your starships of Firework Command. So look forward to that this week.

I will also be working on the C-Mail and trying to get as much of that done as I can. I honestly don't see it taking too long since we have a lot of information documented to make my life easier while I do it.

ALSO, I will be working on getting the Art Museum up with YOUR artwork! Look for the chosen artwork in the Art Museum (hopefully) this Friday. I will confirm whether or not this will work but I really don't see it being very difficult so I'm not really worried.

Next week we will work on the finale of Yokai's main storyline. I say main storyline because yes, there will be more side quests on Yokai that will be optional. One of them will also be a rather elaborate SC-Only quest that I'm very happy with so far. So that's definitely something to look forward to.

Finally, you may have noticed that the hairs are officially working. So check those out immediately!

On that note, it's time to go home! Thanks for playing MechQuest! Later.

Tags: 4th of July Korin

July 01, 2010

4th of July Mecha Levels & Prices!

These "4th of July" models will go into the shop on Friday, July 2nd and stay there through Monday, July 5th. 

Available to all players:

  • L8       22000 credits
  • L16    176000 credits
  • L24    264000 credits
  • L32    352000 credits
  • L40    440000 credits

For Star Captains:

  • L7       19250 credits
  • L14    154000 credits
  • L21    231000 credits
  • L27    297000 credits
  • L35    385000 credits
  • L40    440000 credits

Nova Gem Models:

  • L5       275 Nova Gems
  • L12     660 Nova Gems
  • L19   1045 Nova Gems
  • L26   1430 Nova Gems
  • L33   1815 Nova Gems
  • L40   2200 Nova Gems

Azami is back for a few days - perfect timing - he double-checked all the prices on the mechas to be sure I didn't make any typos.  Thanks, Azami!  And now you all have the info so you can plan ahead!  Have fun!

Tags: 4th of July Maegwyn

June 24, 2010

Maegwyn Tests the Shiny!

The very first Design Notes posted using the Shiny New System! 

The first, most important thing I'd like to do is to share this sneak peek at the 4th of July mecha designed by J6:

Sneak Peak

In the Holiday shops Friday July 2 - to Monday July 5th!!

I'm still getting the hang of how this all works, so fancy formatting with bold or italics will take some getting used to.

Korin says hi there!

He's having a great vacation so I didn't actually contact him to get that quote. But I'm sure he would say that!  And I just needed to test how to quote him (or anyone else) within my own post.  This is so shiny!  Now it is time to get back to work on this week's release - have a great day, please tell your friends to check out MechQuest - and don't forget to visit AE's MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds!

The grand finale of the Mythsong saga is a Live musical event featuring the fabulous band One-Eyed Doll!  8 PM server time this Friday, June 25th! This is available to all AQW players, and AQW Members will also get a VIP Backstage Pass for after the show!  See the AQWorlds Design Notes for more!

Tags: Maegwyn 4th of July

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