Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Korin Special Sale

4th of July 3011 - Korin Special Sale on Nova Gem Models!

Nova Gem Models: Note New Pricing

  • Level 5 -   Scales to L18  -   1000 Nova Gems 
  • Level 19 - Scales to L23  -   1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 26 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 33 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 40 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 45 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems

We read your comments about Nova Gem Pricing on the forums - and Korin, blues, Vivi, and I met this morning for a discussion.  One of the issues you noted is that a regularly-priced mecha model at Level 45 comes at a Nova Gem cost that is slightly more than the minimum package.  Korin came up with this amazing idea to have a special system for the 4th of July models this year!  Instead of basing the Nova Gem pricing on level, where the cost in the past has behaved like the credits versions, increasing as you level up - he's doing a special where a Nova Gem model costs you the same amount regardless of your level. The low-level models will be levels-with-you style to accommodate the change, and the higher-level models are more of a bargain the higher the level.  (See the previous Design Note for the old pricing.)

This Korin Special Sale works out to benefit you!  Don't forget - besides our Nova Gem packages available for purchase, also the referral system can earn you Nova Gems, and remember also that you can still view the Ballyhoo ads at Cinemech for a chance to get some, you can still redeem your Battleon Points, and you can still participate in AExtras offers to earn more Nova Gems.  

We really appreciate your support - Star Captains have gotten exclusive quests in the Traveler / Maria 5 saga lately, and we've got some more really amazing Phoenix-themed rewards coming along (not this week) for you.  Minar has been doing a fabulous job with these and really pushing some limits. Note that the Phoenix items synergize, and the set is not yet complete.  Also, the quest line will return each time the Traveler comes back to town so if you upgrade to Star Captain you will still be able to access this series of quests and rewards when he returns.

Thanks to everyone for playing!  See you on the forums - or catch us on Facebook, Formspring, and/or Twitter!