Tuesday, July 6, 2010

End of 4th of July Weekend?

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July for those who celebrate it! For everyone else, hope you had a great early-July weekend! There are a few things to talk about right now.

First, I have scaled the rewards for the arcade game. This includes scaling to your level however your score does determine a boost to both your Exp and your Gold.

Seocnd, yes this means we are continuing the 4th of July event. We're leaving it up until next Monday(July 12). So there's plenty of time to get the Liberty mech (which now has a fixed front arm which uses an HP and EP DoT correctly).

Third, this week I would like to keep light since we only have 3 days left. So one of the things I will be doing is making the arcade game for your starships of Firework Command. So look forward to that this week.

I will also be working on the C-Mail and trying to get as much of that done as I can. I honestly don't see it taking too long since we have a lot of information documented to make my life easier while I do it.

ALSO, I will be working on getting the Art Museum up with YOUR artwork! Look for the chosen artwork in the Art Museum (hopefully) this Friday. I will confirm whether or not this will work but I really don't see it being very difficult so I'm not really worried.

Next week we will work on the finale of Yokai's main storyline. I say main storyline because yes, there will be more side quests on Yokai that will be optional. One of them will also be a rather elaborate SC-Only quest that I'm very happy with so far. So that's definitely something to look forward to.

Finally, you may have noticed that the hairs are officially working. So check those out immediately!

On that note, it's time to go home! Thanks for playing MechQuest! Later.