Friday, July 9, 2010

C-Mail, Art Museum and Arcade Game!

Hello all! We're a tad late but that's nothing new :P We have some good functionality updates this week.

Anywho, we now have a fancy new Story button in the C-Mail which will let you view the status of various storylines. Now, Westion Chapter 2 is not a code-written requirement yet but I must warn that people will need to redo, BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT you only need to start from the Mobile Shadowscythe Base hunting missions. Complete it 15 times and then the War Boss and the 3rd mission, you win.

The Art Museum is officially released. There will be purchaseable versions of the art work this upcoming week. I just ran out of time to get it out today. If you follow the blue arrows in the museum, you will find the 10 chosen pieces of art for this week. I won't lie, it was hard to choose 10. Please continue submitting artwork!! I look forward to seeing more of it. Also let me know how well it works in the large version of MQ because I haven't checked that yet... >__>....

Also, the fancy-pants minigame from 4th of July is now purchaseable for your starships the same way as the Braddock Steel game was. So grab that up quick and get the highest score! Something I'd love to implement would be a leaderboard for scores so we'll see if that can happen.

Also, the Liberty mech is up until Monday so grab it while you can! This will be your last chance to get it before it's gone forever!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.