Friday, July 30, 2010

Yokai Town Reclaimed!

This week's release brings you back to Yokai, where you should begin to explore the reclaimed Town!  A door has opened, and if you will help the brother of a friend, you will be rewarded. 

Yes, there is a new NPC, and Jemini really did a fabulous job with him. He reminds me of an old friend, in fact.  The newsletter mentioned quests - in this area there is a chance to get either the minigame or a single battle.  So technically that's 2 quests!  And if you are a Star Captain, you might want to check out Hard and Extreme modes here - there's a boosted RTK (Rounds To Kill) to kick things up a notch.  Korin did an amazing job with the minigame - there's nothing like it on any other planet. 

After you complete the process (I don't want to be too specific due to spoilers) then you will gain access to some shops with new weapons.  I'd like to say what a grand job Minar did with the designs, and thank blues as always for the terrific specials.  Vivi tested with me to be sure everything is working as intended, so unless some Gremlin snuck in, things are looking good.  I'm feeling confident that our team-fu is strong this week! 

There's something going on in the Dojo as well. You should poke your head in & check it out for at least a minute.  I realize that this may be as exciting as kicking the box in the Museum ( Embarassed ) - but Korin did something amusing - and if you want to see Everything in MechQuest, you will grin ... at the very least.  (I guffawed.)

Ok for now I think that's it - I should probably take a little break!   Thanks for playing MechQuest - please tell your friends and don't forget - if you give them your special recruitment link (see the News Screen in Soluna City - Recruit button) to sign up, then YOU will get a daily bonus equal to 10% of all the experience and credits they earn. A lot of people ask me how to earn free Nova Gems and I mustn't forget to include this part: If your friend upgrades, then your character will receive 250 Nova Gems!