Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blues Vacation


Hello all!
Probably you noticed that I´ve been veeeeery quiet for weeks, that´s because I had a looooong vacation. Once a year I always take a break and visit Crete, my favourite Greek island. This time I´ve been there for 5 weeks. 5 weeks seem to be a long time but they feel a lot less when you meet good friends and you enjoy everything. After 1 week you start to relax, after 3 weeks you think you had enough rest to go back to work, and after 4 weeks you start to think "Work? Why?". So, after 5 weeks I was completely relaxed, used to having vacation, used to have my morning walk, go to the beach, swim in the sea, make siesta, go running, prepare for a nice Cretan dinner, talk with friends.... yes, friends, it´s very important to have friends. Some of mine live not too far away, but we seldom manage to meet us at home, but we meet each other on Crete, which is fantastic. This time 2 good friends from England were surprisingly also 2 weeks there so we had a fantabulous time every evening! Not to forget my friend Nicole from Switzerland. I know her now since 16 years. And of course  Apostolis whom I know now 20 years and a lot of others from all over the world!
I really love the sunny weather in Crete. You can plan your days because the weather will be good for sure. Not like here in Germany where it rains now since 2 weeks nearly every day. And of course sitting outside til 1 in the morning, eating excellent food and enjoying excellent company. When you like Greek food, then try some of my favourite dishes: Melitzanosalata, dolmadakia, tiropitakia, tzatziki, skordalia, kokkinisto or keftedes me makkaronia. 
Greek people are very pollite and nice, at least all the ones I met and meet, just the language is very complicated. While everybody understands even the most broken English none will understand your Greek when you don´t know the grammar. I started to learn Greek some years ago and now I can talk a bit. Not too much but enough and Greek people are pleased when you speak some Greek.
Here in Germany, people seem always to be stressed and most of them are quite unfriendly, in Crete  it´s quite different.
The first thing I always recognize when leaving the plane is the smell of Crete. You smell a mixture of thyme, oregano, salt water.... it´s great.
So,when you have time, visit Crete, and if you are Greek, well, invite me :P
Now I´m back to my normal schedule and slowly I´m getting used to it. Also my handball team starts to prepare for the next season so      I´m quite busy again. I hope you like the specials of the heads I made last week and this week some nice Shoulder weapons will follow.
Another thing I´m working on are the specials for the new *guesswhat* and I´m sure you´ll love them.
Ok, hope you liked my little vacation report.
Take care, enjoy every day and have a lot of fun!!!!!
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