Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Mini

A Mid-Week Mini-Release?!!?

As I hinted on the forums, all did go well, and Vivi coded up more specials for the Non-Star-Captain Dropship weapons!  He's putting together a note on what everything does so I'll add that in when he's done.  Oh he's done already!


  • Salvaged Pulse Laser: Good chance at -25 bonus for 3 turns on hit
  • Squire's Volt Sword: Good chance at +25 boost for 3 turns on hit
  • Double Autogun: Very Good chance at -30 defense for 3 turns on hit


  • Used Gatling Gun: Good chance for EP DoT for 3 turns on hit
  • Mecha Boomstick: 140% damage
  • Bargain Bin Laser: Good chance for -25 boost for 3 turns on hit
  • Refurbished Machine Gun: Very good chance on each hit to raise bonus by 10 for 3 turns 


  • Freshman Laser Pointer: Good chance for an extra shot that does 50% damage 

Thanks, Vivi!  We'll have a part three with some Heads - ideally next week but we're not promising an exact timeframe on those yet.

Update to Dropship Interface:

In response to some feedback (thanks for passing this along, neodiabolus) Korin has given SysZero a button to Tek's Dropship Shop, with a bit of extra dialogue.  

Yokai Mantis Quest Bugfix:

A couple of Gremlins reports came in with people being unable to unlock the Mantis Master.  I found where the problem was hiding, and Korin helped me with updating the code!  I'm starting to understand those kinds of bugs a little better, so this was a really exciting fix.  

Exciting Week: Monday Bugfixes, Friday is Almost Here, Azami is Back from Hiatus, and Other Notes!

This has been an exciting week already!  On Monday, we got a few bugs fixed with the new minigame 

  • Invincible enemy on stage six is no longer invincible 
  • The triple shots now work on a timer, so you don't have to wait until all the bullets fly off the screen, but only on the triple shots 
  • Level skipping bug is gone 

Also I am going to be insufferably proud of myself and make a big deal out of this: I found and fixed the Hoverscythe A infamous "damage oover time" bug!  It was the weirdest thing ever - "oover" just didn't exist - everything looked A-Ok - and then he would attack with that arm and it would pop up again... "damage oover time."  Well, I tried something new and different, and Vivi & I tested it, and it worked!

Speaking of testing - Azami's schedule has freed up enough now so that he is back with us on the pre-testing and planning and bug-squashing again!  I'm so excited I'm dancing...

...Speaking of dancing... the forum member caneyempor was inspired to post a thread about having a Mechquest dance!  Circe, who is very excited about this, showed me the thread - and I got very excited about it as well.  I was hesitant at first, because these kinds of decisions are made by Korin, whether we are even considering an idea - so when I saw Korin online this morning I pounced him  and gave him the link.  He said he is game for a "prom" - some kind of Spring Dance!  When he said that, I danced, and then I messaged Circe (because  we're both so excited) and emailed Lyris (because her pre-staff suggestions post had something related to this) and put something up to alert the whole MQ team. So please use this link to discuss your ideas - the MechQuest team is listening and starting to put together plans for the future. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm IM-ing with Lyris!

...Speaking of plans for the future... Korin has given his blessing to me and Vivi to work on the parts of the S.O.O.N. list that we can tackle without needing the entire team!  As in, stuff that doesn't require completely new art, or complex coding, and so on.  So we are going through the list making an assessment - we'll have news and results for you... er... soon (haha! get it? soon!)


Friday, September 24, 2010

New Items Friday

The Traveler has received a new shipment: he is keeping it quiet regarding from where, exactly.  He will be in Soluna City for the following week, and he'd like you to drop by and see what he has to offer. 

I think we haven't gotten you specials for a while (sorry!) so I will add the specials on the new Arms and Shoulders in a nother note in a little while.  Anyway Korin wasn't kidding about how Serious the Gatlings are, nor about how Pretty the new Lasers are!  We think you'll like them.

More shops on Yokai now have higher-level versions of some items and also now some of the Necryptos shops have a few (this week the focus is on Heads).

A quick list of this week's additions:

Vampire Hunter shop
Skull of Holiness SLE (SC) L43

NG Sekali Desert shops
Hound Lasque (NG) L44
Dimitri's Glance (NG) L43

Miko shop
Straw Hat XXL (SC) L41

Crane Master

Crane Master Head (all 3 types) L42

Short and sweet DNs for now - where does the time go?  I swear I just posted Design Notes the other day, but apparently it was over a week ago.  Time definitely flies when you're having fun - I love working with Korin & the MechQuest team, and I have so much fun helping get the releases together!  There is a LOT more being prepared so I'll try to tell you more about all of that too.  Have a great weekend and I plan to write again before Monday :)


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Supreme Master & Dragon Spirit Specials

And here is what you waited for.... the playable versions of the Yokai Mechas:

Supreme Master

Special rolls are NG
Damage NG>SC>NSC
Only the NG version has choosable attacks, NSC and SC version have a random attack order

- Increased damage
- Hit 1: +20 Bonus and Boost for 3 turns
- Hit 2:  chance for -30 Bonus for 3 turns

Beard Fist:
- increased damage
- chance for a crit

Double Kick:
- increased damage
- Hit 1: chance for a stun,
-30/40/50 defense for three turns
- Hit 2: chance for a crit and Boost -30 for three turns

Dragon Spirit

Every attack has a chance for a crit!

- acc decrease- -10 per Hit

Crescent Kick
- -25 enemy defense per Hit, -50 in total

Chi Phantom Punch
- damage decrease -10% per Hit, adds up to -30

Slap Kick
- acc decrease - 5 per Hit, stacks with shout

Fists of Fury
- Increasing damage for every Hit

Dragon Attack
- accuracy boost +15 per Hit, stacking to +45 total

The NG Model has additional +4 defense and accuracy per Weapon, stacking up to
24 for both!

We hope you enjoy the release, enjoy your weekend and as always...

Have fun!

Note from Maegwyn & Korin: Blame that transdimensional whatsit for the lateness of this note - blues sent it for publication last weekend *cue innocent whistlings* 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cosmic Talon - and What's Next?

Star Captain Monthly: Cosmic Talon!  The NEW SCMM is now released - wouldn't it just figure it would give us technical difficulties when we were SO CLOSE to releasing it right on schedule... Well it's in Tek's special monthly shops NOW - and we're hoping that it is now Gremlin-free (as in, no bugs) and that you all enjoy it.  I or blues will write up its specials later, but for now you should have fun playing with it and putting it through its paces.

What's Next?  Well we had a few things planned in a certain order - and then Korin reassessed "popular demand" as we were all reading the forums, and so the playable "Bruce" and "Chuck" mechas are now next up in line.  You really really really want those.  So the Star-Captain-Only quest on Yokai will be delayed, and the Soluna Art Museum's next exhibit may also have to wait a bit longer. Those things are still coming though as well.

No Buggy Monday News This Week?!??  Well I have some typos fixed in various areas but I didn't want to put those up for testing until after we had the SCMM ready.  Because I probably didn't break anything while fixing typos in a zone, but imagine if we didn't have time to test it & it rolled Live by accident when the SCMM rolled and what if I somehow broke an entire planet... I have nightmares about this... so yeah, holding off another week on those typos.  Innocent

Thanks for playing MechQuest & enjoy your week - be talking with you again soon!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Yokai Town Reclaimed!

This week's release brings you back to Yokai, where you should begin to explore the reclaimed Town!  A door has opened, and if you will help the brother of a friend, you will be rewarded. 

Yes, there is a new NPC, and Jemini really did a fabulous job with him. He reminds me of an old friend, in fact.  The newsletter mentioned quests - in this area there is a chance to get either the minigame or a single battle.  So technically that's 2 quests!  And if you are a Star Captain, you might want to check out Hard and Extreme modes here - there's a boosted RTK (Rounds To Kill) to kick things up a notch.  Korin did an amazing job with the minigame - there's nothing like it on any other planet. 

After you complete the process (I don't want to be too specific due to spoilers) then you will gain access to some shops with new weapons.  I'd like to say what a grand job Minar did with the designs, and thank blues as always for the terrific specials.  Vivi tested with me to be sure everything is working as intended, so unless some Gremlin snuck in, things are looking good.  I'm feeling confident that our team-fu is strong this week! 

There's something going on in the Dojo as well. You should poke your head in & check it out for at least a minute.  I realize that this may be as exciting as kicking the box in the Museum ( Embarassed ) - but Korin did something amusing - and if you want to see Everything in MechQuest, you will grin ... at the very least.  (I guffawed.)

Ok for now I think that's it - I should probably take a little break!   Thanks for playing MechQuest - please tell your friends and don't forget - if you give them your special recruitment link (see the News Screen in Soluna City - Recruit button) to sign up, then YOU will get a daily bonus equal to 10% of all the experience and credits they earn. A lot of people ask me how to earn free Nova Gems and I mustn't forget to include this part: If your friend upgrades, then your character will receive 250 Nova Gems!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weapon Specials

And here come the specials of all the new Weapons:

Yokai war reward Heads

NSC (Gong series)

- 120% damage
- chance for -20 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 25% for 5 turns

SC (Sugegasa series)

- 130% damage
- chance for -30 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 30% for 5 turns

NG (Acu-Puncture series)

- 140% damage
- chance for -35 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 35% for 5 turns
- chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT
- chance for -40 defense for 5 turns

Final Fight on Yokai (NSC,SC,NG)

Head (Beard Fist)

- 1.2 (1.3,1.5) times damage
- general damage boost of 20 (25,30) for 5 turns
- +20 (25,30) accuracy

Shoulder (Rocket Boot)

- chance for 1.1 (1.2,1.3) times damage
- chance for a crit  --> NG>SC>NSC
- -20 (-25, -30) accuracy for 5 turns

Arm (Finger Zapper)

- chance for  1.1 (1.2, 1.3) times damage
- chance for a crit --> NG>SC>NSC
- chance for a guaranted stun --> NG>SC>NSC
- -30 (-40,-50) defense for 3 turns

And not to forget our new Promo Item the BOOMBOX
Thats a boombastic BS Weapon
It comes with NG DPT and a CD of 2.  
- increased damage for both Hits
- Hit 1: +40 Acc, -40 Def
- Hit 2: chance for a crit, chance for -40 Acc

this sounds already sweet but now comes the boomtastic extra special:

50/50 chance for an extra Hit

- chance for -30% damage for 4 turns
- chance for a crit
- chance for a guaranted stun

I hope you like all the new Equipment delivered to you by your MQ Team!
As always.....

Have fun!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Tiger Weapons Specials

And here they are..... the specials for the Tiger Weapons.

This time they have similar specials as the enemy attacks.
FA, NG, 1 Hit:
- 1.2 times Damage
- chance for a crit
- chance for a BtH NoT of -3 per turn, doesnt wear off
BA, NSC (SC,NG), 4 Hits
- Increasing damage for every Hit
- chance per Hit for 3 (4,5) general damage boost, adds up, doesn´t wear off
Head, SC, 1 Hit:
- 1.2 times damage 
- chance for +40 BtH, lasts 5 turns
- chance for Damage NoT, -5% per turn, doesn´t wear off
Hope you like them :)
And as always..... have fun!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tiger Master Released!

Greetings everyone!  It seems like ages since I have written the MechQuest Design Notes!  When Korin asked me if I could oversee release while he was away,  I nearly jumped out of my seat with excitement!  I am honored to bring you this week's release!  

Anyway,  this week,  we have the Tiger Master on Planet Yokai!  The way to his shrine may only be revealed to a true master of the various Yokai fighting styles!  Can you figure out the mystery of the gongs and challenge the powerful Tiger?  Watch out!  Tiger style is all about hitting hard...  and then harder...  and then even harder!  Can you counter the awesome power of the Tiger?

The Tiger shrine quest breaks from the recent Yokai mold.  You will not have to fight any waves of enemies before entering the Tiger Shrine,  Instead you will have to go to the shrine and solve the riddle of the gongs in order to locate the secret entrance and challenge the Tiger Master!  Also,  we added an awesome new Fast Travel button that will appear in the Yokai camp after you have gained 100% control of the Dojo.  This fast Travel button will instantly transport you to the Dojo.   Yay!  no more random encounters!

The MechQuest team is going at maximum overdrive for the next few weeks!  We still have this month's SC Monthly mecha,  the 4th of July mecha, and the Yokai finale in the works...

I also had a lot of fun play-testing the One-Eyed Doll Live Event in AQ Wolrds this week!  It is really spectacular and One-Eyed Doll rocks!  This is my favorite AQW release yet!  (I am admittedly biased towards all Mythsong related events).  Anyway, It is definitely worth checking out!  Remember tonight at 8pm Server time!

I hope everyone enjoys tonight's Yokai release!  I had a lot of fun making the Gongs :)



Monday, June 21, 2010

Weapon Specials!!

And here they are, new Weapon specials :)

- Increased damage for every Hit
- Hit 1: chance for -40 BtH
additional chance for -20 damage (-30, -40)
- Hit 2: chance for -40 defense
additional chance for a normal HP DoT

1.5 times damage
chance for a BtH BoT, +10 per turn for 5 turns
chance for a defense BoT, +8 per turn for 5 turns
chance for a general damage BoT, +8 per turn for 5 turns

1.4 (1.2) times damage
chance roll for a damage boost for the hit, roll between 40-60(30-50)
chance roll for a EP DoT for 3 turns

As always: have fun!!!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Mantis Master!

Long time no see. I've been swamped! Today, not so much. First, I would like to announce that the Mantis Master has been revealed! Not quite what you expected but don't be fooled, he packs a huge punch. You know... When he can at least.

New weapons! In Miko's shop, you'll find a new shoulder weapon as well as a new head weapon! They use elements that should be feared! The reward item for defeating the Mantis is also ghastly. I believe Blues will have the details soon? I guess I could check. Stupid laziness. While I wait, I'll.. nevermind. He hasn't yet so yes! He will have the details soon. Sure I could delete this mass of text above me but nah.

There's some humor in this week's release. It is a little bit more of the same stuff but don't worry. Once this main Yokai story mode is finished, there will be more to do including a special fancy SC only quest. The new C-Mail is continuing to be worked on and while I won't be available to work on it next week, I may be able to get a lot of work done on it the week after. That said, Warlic will be assisting with the release next week! Woot!

Speaking of old faces helping out, we also had J6 design a 4th of July mech! So look forward to that. I think I'll post a picture of it on Monday so be ready.

As for the SC mecha, we're still working on him but he's ready to be animated. We have a lot of stuff to do and very little time but it should be a great beginning to July.

I also want to say I love seeing the entries for the Art Museum and I'm hoping to see many more. I already have my own list of favorites so keep up the good work everyone.

Anywho, long DNs short, have a great weekend everyone. Please enjoy the release. See you Monday! Later.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weapon Specials!

A tad late but not too late :)

Banana - BS
- Increasing damage for every Hit
- Hit 1: chance for a damage boost for this hit
- Hit 2: chance to get no damage the next turn
- Hit 3: chance for a crit

SC and NG versions have higher damage and lower rolls.

Soul Nuke NSC and FS:
- 1.2 times damage
- chance for a defense BoT, +10 for 3 turns
- chance for a defense NoT, -10 for 3 turns

Tengu Wing SC/NG, BS: (=NG)
- Increased damage
- Hit 1: chancefor acc BoT, +15 (+18) per turn, 3 turns
- Hit 2: chance for acc NoT, -15 (-18) per turn, 3 turns
- chance roll for an extra Hit. Gives additional a normal HP DoT for 3 turns

As always....

Have fun!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weapons Specials!

Specials for the new Weapons :)

Chichinobake: NG, CD 3
- 1.5 times Damage
- chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT for 3 turns
- chance for a 1.5 time EP DoT for 3 turns
- chance for a BtH NoT, -10 per turn for 3 turns

Kanabo: SC, CD 3
- chance for a crit
- chancel for a def nerf of -30
- chance for a damage NoT, -10 per turn for 3 turns

Harionago: NSC, CD 5
- Hit 1: chance for a crit
- Hit 2: chance for a general damage buff of 20 for 6 turns
- Hit 3: chance for a 1.25 time HP DoT for 5 turns

Crane Heads
- 1.2 damage
- chance for a damage Bonus between 40 and 70%

- 1.4 damage
- chance for a damage Bonus between 40 and 70%
- chance for a BtH NoT, 3 turns, -10 per turn

- 1.4 damage
- chance for a damage Bonus between 40 and 70%
- chance for a BtH NoT, 3 turns, -10 per turn
- chance for a defense BoT, 3 turns, +10 per turn

Here we had fantastic weather, up to 29° C.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)

Have fun as always!


Friday, June 4, 2010

A Door is Open!

Yes, in Soluna City - go West until you see the banner! It's no secret any more, actually - check out the new wing of the Museum! Watch your step (and watch for hidden "mouseovers" as you go - did you find them all yet? There's also a little hidden 'feature' if you stand in the right place next to a pair of boxes - I kind of doubt whether anyone will discover it without more hints, but you might surprise me...) It's all under construction, because the Museum's Board of Directors is waiting for your submissions! Talk to Circe to find out more! And be sure to click the link she gives you! Or you can just click here also, to get to the Mech Quest Art Museum submissions forum! (It's the same link she gives you in-game.) Please do read the rules before beginning your amazing creations, to be certain that they fit the guidelines, and be sure to follow the forum rules when you post :) We're all totally excited about seeing what you submit for consideration! This is an on-going feature, so you'll have plenty of chances to post - and perhaps your artwork will be selected for a month-long display in the Museum! Good Luck!

Also new: Travel to Yokai using the New Release button in Soluna City, and speak to Miko at the Dojo about the Crane Master! Don't forget to check her shops, as we have new weapons, again more awesome by Minar with specials designed by blues!! (Oh and blues will have Design Notes about those specials plus the Crane Master reward later this weekend.)

Thanks for playing MechQuest! Have a fantastic weekend!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend! Here in the US, we celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday of May - which is this weekend! So I'm sure lots of you will be busy with parades and picnics and barbecues and cookouts and parties. Have fun - and don't forget that your MechQuest team is still working to get the new Star Captain Monthly Mecha ready! (And yes, that's fun for us! We'll get some celebrating in as well.)

This mecha is yet another amazing design by Thyton, with specials by blues. The AC-490 mechas will be rolling in to Tek's Monthly Shop in Soluna on Monday, so if you're inside cooling off, why not log in to MechQuest for a peek!

New Weapons in Miko's Shops! Minar, whom some of you may know from the forums, designed and animated some very cool new weapons for Planet Yokai this week. Visit Miko's shop to check these out - there is a Front Arm, Dragon Fury, in the Nova Gem shop; in the regular shop you will find the Straw Hat for Star Captains and also the Scroll Beam Front Shoulder (available to all players).

Snake Master Reward Shops: We discovered that some of you were having trouble unlocking these shops after completing the new Temple of Masters mission from Miko on Planet Yokai. There was much emailing and texting and instant-messaging, phoning and testing and troubleshooting - many thanks to Korin for rolling Fix #1 (which alas didn't completely solve this for everyone - Fix #2 will come soon) and to Vivi for posting the following workaround on the forums:

Gremlin Workaround by Vivi: If you're still having trouble accessing the reward shops after beating the Snake Master, please complete the Assault Mission one more time. This should cause the lock next to the shops to become an exclamation point and then defeating the Snake Master will unlock the shops properly. We'll try to get the quest fixed so that this isn't necessary, but for now this is how you get into the reward shops. Sorry for any inconvenience.

So have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for playing MechQuest! Please tell your friends, too. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the upcoming weeks!

What with all the shop-gremlin-busting activity, I completely forgot to deliver the Design Notes from Blues! So here they are:


Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm Back! With Weapons Specials!

I´m back from my faboulotastic Vacation and here are the specials for the new Weapons:
Dragon Fury (4 Hits) - FA - NG

Increasing damage for every Hit

- Hit 1: chance for a 1.5 HP DoT, 3 turns
- Hit 2: cance for a Def NoT, -20 per turn, 3 turns
- Hit 3: chance for a BtH NoT, -20 per turn, 3 turns
- Hit 4: chance for a crit

Straw Hat (1 Hit) - Head - SC

- Def BoT, +10 per turn, 5 turns
- chance for a Damage buff, roll between 40 and 70%
- chance for a damage reduce NoT, 5 turns, -8% per turn
- chance for an increasing EP DoT, starts with normal DoT damage and increases by 25% then for 3 turns. Adds +25% to the last damage done.

Scroll Beam (2 Hits) - FS - NSC

- Hit 1: chance for a damage boost for this hit, roll between 40 and 60%
- Hit 2: chance for a crit

Snake Master (2 Hits) - FA - NG,SC,NSC

SC and NG versions have increased damage for both Hits

- Hit 1: chance for a crit, additional chance for an increased HP DoT
- Hit 2: chance for a crit, additional chance for an increased EP DoT

NG version has* an additional Damage NoT on Hit 2, -10 for 3 turns.

*Maegwyn tells me that the Damage NoT for the NG version doesn't look like it's happening right now - or else she's very unlucky. So if this special isn't happening on the NG Arm yet, don't worry - it will get added soon!

Hope you enjoy the new Weapons and have fun!