Friday, October 3, 2014

After Reset

Star Date: 3 October, 3014

Incoming Transmission - From Ash:

Many of you have been asking what we had planned for the next big storyline and now you all can find out! You can access the new quest, which will begin the brand new main storyline, in Soluna Main right now!
Right now you'll be able to access it without having to play "The End", the end of the previous main storyline, but that will change in two weeks. If you haven't completed the ending, which includes the conclusion of the biggest war against the Shadowscythe ever, you really should first as this new quest might be a bit confusing if you haven't.
There's also a limited time reward if you complete the quest now. There's a brand new mecha drawn and animated by Minar!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

C-Mail System Improves!

The first step in improving C-Mail is the addition of a Storyline button. This will advise you of what you should do next to progress in the requirements for accessing the next quest. Some people are missing something that is required for access to the Dragonoid Saga, for example (although currently everyone can use the New Release button to access Yokai when there is a new Yokai release, this new feature is designed to keep you moving along with the actual storyline).

The C-Mail messages that we're also working on, which will come a bit later, will tell you about the non-essential quests as well. Lyris and Vivi have been working closely with me to set things out in documents for Korin - who is setting up the mechanics of the interface.

So, the requirements for the Dragonoid Saga will be in the Storyline section, and that is the first improvement you will see. This is being set up to track each character's progress, to show you step-by-step what you are still missing from the required quests.

We will be adding new actual C-Mail messages as the next step. When both of these improvements are in game, they will work together to help you do things in order and help keep you from missing something (whether it is an actual requirement in the Story button or just a C-Mailed directive showing what you should do next for the best understanding of the story).


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dojos, Starlords, and Lateness, Oh My!

Forgive me for the Wizard of Oz pun. Sincerely. Anywho, Design Notes are a little late. So was the release by a couple hours. I was surprised it was only by a couple hours. There WERE going to be weapon rewards but I figured just opening the Yokai story to all players via New Release button is best. If anyone wishes to watch the intro that has entered Yokai from New Releases panel may want to find the Replay Intro button from Miko. It will include the cutscene and still leave you confused. As for removing the storyline requirements, it'll only be this way until C-Mail is up to date.

In quick news, I have this to say. And by "I", I mean the person that sent me the text. Huzzah!

Starlord Class

Star Captains are quick and dangerous, capable of engaing multipl e enemies at range.
Star Captains gain mana when they:
strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)

Rank 1 Pulse Compression
20 mana, 3 sec cooldown
A moderately powerful ranged attack. Applies Pulse Compression, reducing the target's haste by 15% for 6 seconds.

Rank 2 Pulse Dilation
25 mana, 10 sec cooldown
If Pulse Compression is present on the target, deals heavy damage. Otherwise, applies Shearing, a 3 second stun, but deals no damage.

Rank 3 Energy Arc
20 mana, 3 sec cooldown
Emits a burst of energy that will hit up to 3 targets. Also applies Loose Energy, a moderate DoT, to each.

Rank 4 Evasive Maneuvers
Doge chance increased by 15%

Rank 4 Locked On
Hit chance increased 5%, critical strike chance increased by 10%

Rank 5 High Energy Arc
30 Mana, 12 sec cooldown
Emits a burst of energy that will hit up to 3 targets, dealing less damage with each bounce, returning part of the damage dealt as HP if the target is affected by Pulse Compression.

Well there's som fancy AQW stuff for you. Remember that you need to upgrade in all 3 games(AQ, DF, and MQ) to get access to ALL the special Verified classes(listed a few posts down)! Links and more information is available belowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I believe you only need to be upgraded in MQ to get the Starlord class though!!!

I was hoping to have another big thing in Soluna released yesterday but I forgot to find a moderator for the forums that is required for this X_x but I'm sure I'll get that taken care of this week. It may even come out on Wednesday if we can get things figured out in time.

Anywho, for those just joining Yokai, I feel I should mention that Jemini has stolen the Dragon Heart Shards from Warlic's Ultimate Weapon! It's up to you, Char, and Sys-Zero to track her down and recover them!

And uh, If we haven't referred to the elemental things as Dragon Heart Shards in game, that's my bad. Pretty sure I was supposed to replace some words in dialogue... Still will eventually in any case. I'll have Maegwyn help me since I know she loves to :D!!!!!! That's right. 6 exclamation points! And another! And one more!! And look! 2 More! Actually 3 More! Or is it 4!? I lost count!!! No more.

Expect a boss fight this upcoming week. Also some new weapons. It has become a Game of Death! Can we say death? It has become a Game of Potential-and-Unfortunate-Restarting-of-Quests!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, fellows. Hope I didn't forget anything.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Buggy Monday and more

Before I get into the bug fixes, I want to point out that AQWorlds is updating their Verification Shop! This means that by upgrading in AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest, you can get access to THREE (3) brand new classes this weekend in AQW! You don't even need an AQW membership to get them! Each class will also have it's own unique skills!

If you have already purchased a membership in DragonFable, MechQuest or AdventureQuest then you will need to verify your accounts in AQW, which you can do HERE.

If you are having trouble verifying your memberships in one of the other games, CLICK HERE for help!

You may find more information in the AQWorlds Design Notes which can be found HERE.

On to Buggy Monday.

NO MORE Blackscreen when leaving Yokai and trying to walk out of the Dean's office fixed (you now go outside the University instead of into the Dean's Office).

Fixed over the weekend: issue with swordfight enemy freezing.

Mechas that prevented you from going to the next screen in walkaround quests fixed: The Psychic Wings, the Eggs, the original Werewolf series and also the newer Werewolf series

Jawseph's Acid DoT now works

Energy Vein no longer carries its damage boosts to the next battle (both arms)

Plasma Guns now do the correct damage for each of the 4 hits (the last 2 were doing lower damage than they should've been)

Lucky Blademasters now changed over to Bladestorm name and description; body animations fixed and everything should now be working as intended.

NSC and SC Mechula head: incorrect numbers in description of head's 2nd hit changed to 15 as intended - also, Front Arm special for all 3 versions of the Mechula now has a popup.

We got a good chunk of fixes out of the way today and it felt great. Now for this week, the Dojo at the far end of the town in Yokai will be explored. You'll fight a brand new enemy as you begin your hosile takeover of the town to return it to it's rightful citizens. There will also be more new weapons and hopefuly we'll get those alternate Sam Rye versions out in time.

I understand many of you are still having trouble finding your way to Yokai. We're working on a big improvement to the C-Mail system that will let you see exactly what you're at in each required storyline. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce our latest friend to step up to the plate.

Vivi is going to be helping us out with a lot of testing and possibly more but he'll be especially valuable because, and he may not even know it yet, he'll be helping us get the C-Mail system in working order! We should optimistically have it up and running next week or the week after that. This week would be fantastic but I have no idea if it's possible yet. So big thanks and congratulations to Vivi.

As for everyone that's having problems, please bare with us. We know it's frustrating and annoying but we really think it's good for the game's integrity to have a storyline and this new system should REALLY help out. Until then, I do greatly apologize for the inconveniences. My advice would be to simply go back to the required planets and try beating the final bosses/quests again.

In either case, hope everyone had a great Monday. I also hope the rest of the week gos great as well. As always, thanks for playing.



Friday, May 14, 2010

Ninja Outfit

So first off, yes. Small release. I decided to take this time to check out how basic the sword fighting system is really code and as I found out, while it is basic in terms of functionality, it is ridiculously complicated when it comes to how it was coded. So in essence, it got a face lift. Here are a few things that would've come out, had there not been so many hoops to jump through to get this stuff to work: More variations of monsters, More energy blade weapons that included the magic spells (certain old energy blade weapons will get magic eventually as well), another training quest.

I'm sure I missed something. Anyways, it seems small but it was enough work to keep me working late nights. While I'm doing this, Arklen is animating the first boss monster which may come next week or the week after. Jemini is working on some stuff for the homepage as well as making backgrounds for the first boss and next week's release. We have another project going on that will go into Soluna which should be a fun thing. I have Maegwyn helping me get things in order for an updated C-Mail that will basically tell you what you need to do for each of the storylines that are required to access Yokai. This should make it much easier to see if you need to complete a certain quest or not.

However, all of this proved too much for one week. The cosmetics of the swordfighting have changed. Soon, when I can find a programmer that has time, it will get updated scaling and specials. For now, the ninja class will remain over-powered and we will just slowly trickle magic effects into existing energy weapons. I'll make sure we note which ones get them. The blade katana is just a small sample.

The attack extra moves make it much less mind-numbing. In te future there will be cooldowns and special attributes making the player choose what classes to be. At least, that's my goal.

On another note, I know some people are feeling bad for new players that have to come in and start playing and not have access to a new release but at the same time, I would think that a newer release wouldn't be available to the beginners. My stance on this whole pre-requisites issue is that, in any game you play, you're never ever to play the last level right away or play the middle level right away. You always start at the beginning and work your way. That's my opinion of how MechQuest should be but as I said before, if you all really want the game to be wide-open and not have the player required to see a part of the story that a newer part of the story is dependant on, then yeah, I'll open it up.

On the next note, I do apologize for the release being small. As I said earlier, it was supposed to be much bigger but certain things just kept me from progressing. I understand many of you are upset about that but all I can really say is that life happens. We're a little short-handed at the moment and there's a LOT going on in the background. More of these background details will be revealed early next week so feel free to look forward to them.

As for the weapons:

Yo-yu-mi: 55% chances for crits on both hits.

Maki-Suro: Lowers enemy defense by 30 for 2 turns. Guaranteed on hit.

Juugeki-Saisa: Front arm increases in damage per hit. Accuracy increases by 10 for the first 3 hits as well. 4th hit offers an accuracy nerf of -30 and lasts 3 turns which has an 80% chance of triggering.

The back arm increases damage per hit, with +12 accuracy on hits 1, 2, and 3. Then an accuracy nerf of -40 for 3 turns. Guaranteed when it hits. Hits 2 and 4 will heal half of the damage done for those 2 hits.

So there you have it. New stuff all laid out. More is definitely to come in the future. Next week will be a standard quest release with some rewards. Probably going to get those extra monsters out around Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience. I notice I say that a lot these days. Enjoy your weekends!


Friday, May 7, 2010


It is I, Jemini, Time Traveler Extraordinaire! And what you don't realize is....this message is coming from....THE FUTURE!


Anyway, down to business...Char has created a device that allows you to follow me through wormholes. Through time and space!! WHOAMG!! What!?! The Dragonoid Saga is sure taking some exciting turns... If you're having trouble accessing this part of the quest's what you should do: Check and make sure you've done absolutely everything. And I do mean everything! Can't remember what everything is? Whelp your in luck! Cause I'm going to remind you....

1. Start Dean Warlic's Quests, go to the Moon, finish the Quests and beat the Kingadent!

2. Use the Star Map to visit Planet 51 - complete all steps necessary to become the Grand Champion. There are 20 ranks to achieve!

3. Travel to Planet Westion and complete all quests, including the Bug War One and Two! You can find those in the Research Labs and the Inn in Khaeldron - Take the train in Westion to go there.

4. Use the Star Map in Soluna City's News Screen to travel to Planet Gark for the introduction to the Planet Lagos storyline.

5. Use the Star Map in Soluna City's News Screen to travel to Planet Lagos. From the War Screen, click “Replay War” and then “Rescue Robina” to play the Lagos Storyline (note: You can also talk to Prince Robert on Gark to reach the Lagos Storyline). Complete all quests for Robert and Robina, and then play the Arthurian vs. Pirate War.

6. Visit Dean Warlic in his office at the University. He has important information for you. (Doesn't he always! :P) Once you've finished all this, a new NPC will appear! Look behind your back in Warlic's Office!

7. Warlic's dialogue will now give you access to the Braddock Steele Vacation/Shadowscythe War on Lagos.

Wowza that's a lot of stuff! Now that we're up to speed you can talk to Char to get the release. If your still having trouble you can replay the vacation war boss fight if you did everything, and I do mean everything, but can't get the release.

YES you are supposed to be sent to the University - so go up to see the Dean and talk to Char! If you haven't done everything you need to do, you SHOULD be sent to the News Screen. that that's off my chest. Lets continue. My name is Jemini, I'm a well...Gemini, I have a weakness for kittens and I can't help but pick up shinny things!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The war continues! And still Rixty!

Don't forget to check out the Rixty Promotion! Information is on the post below this one.

In other news, we have a new quest for the war on Lagos. Prince Robert needs your help to steal back an Arthurian Ship that has been stolen by the Shadowscythe! This quest would be wise to do as it gives you 7 war victories for 3 fights. Sounds like a great deal to me.

We've also released an extended Intro cutscene. We had to leave this part out last week because the NPC wasn't finished yet but when you see the NPC, you won't care because it's just awesome. We'll also be releasing another cutscene next week to inform you of what Warlic and company has found out about that purple-haired girl.

We've released another shoulder weapon in the NG salvage shops and there are 2 weapons waiting for you in the 50% shops. There is one SC and one NSC back shoulder weapon. We'll post their specials soon.

We've got a huge to-do-list for the next planet. Everyone has harsh deadlines. We will be working very hard the next 2 weeks so I hope everyone's looking forward to that. On that note, everyone have a great weekend. Thanks for playing MQ!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Medium Egg now scales properly to Level 29.

Changes to Eggs (implemented Monday) - "Slamming Egg" should now give added BtH on hits 2 & 4 as intended. "Scarmbled Eggs" now correctly states the nerf to enemy defense. Number of turns adjusted for all effects so that they function as intended.

Changes to Bunzilla (2010) - Head - effects now last for 5 turns. Front Arm Buff: First hit now does extra damage; new effect added - on hit, adds Bonus to Hit effective for the duration of battle.

Personater & I will resume work on the Nuberizing special to get all those Gremlins unraveled, and once the team tests it fully, that fix will also roll.

Meanwhile, everyone is working on Friday's release and looking ahead to prepping for the following Friday as well. Just who is that purple-haired girl? Why does Braddock need us on Lagos? What's the deal with this 'wormhole device' Char is working on? Hold on to your ejecto-seats and tune in regularly, because things are getting exciting!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thanks, Blues. Also I would like to point out that I will be removing the April Fools shops in a few hours and this will also remove the St. Patrick's Day shops as well so this is your last chance to pick up the Korin Bag head and the Cloverblades! Hurry up. No guarantee on how long I'll leave them up because really it'll be whenever I remember to do it once I get home.

Also, if you go to Gark's Cantina, you may or may not spot a familiar face. However, that's all it'll be. You can't talk to the person.

Anyways, we'll be returning to Lagos briefly to help Braddock while Char continues to develop the wormhole device. As we speak, Warlic is asking around to see if anyone knows who the purple-haired girl is. After that venture, we will begin the next planet which should be a great amount of fun content that should remind everyone of the older days, yet carry the newer, slightly more serious storyline while also maintaining the puns (which you'll greatly notice on the planet after this next one) and overall humor as before.

On that note, hope everyone had a great weekend. I has a headache. Yes I said has. And yes this is the end of the Design Notes post for now. New post will come when I remove St. Patrick's Day and April Fools buttons.