Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weapon Specials

And here come the specials of all the new Weapons:

Yokai war reward Heads

NSC (Gong series)

- 120% damage
- chance for -20 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 25% for 5 turns

SC (Sugegasa series)

- 130% damage
- chance for -30 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 30% for 5 turns

NG (Acu-Puncture series)

- 140% damage
- chance for -35 BtH
- chance for a general damage boost of 35% for 5 turns
- chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT
- chance for -40 defense for 5 turns

Final Fight on Yokai (NSC,SC,NG)

Head (Beard Fist)

- 1.2 (1.3,1.5) times damage
- general damage boost of 20 (25,30) for 5 turns
- +20 (25,30) accuracy

Shoulder (Rocket Boot)

- chance for 1.1 (1.2,1.3) times damage
- chance for a crit  --> NG>SC>NSC
- -20 (-25, -30) accuracy for 5 turns

Arm (Finger Zapper)

- chance for  1.1 (1.2, 1.3) times damage
- chance for a crit --> NG>SC>NSC
- chance for a guaranted stun --> NG>SC>NSC
- -30 (-40,-50) defense for 3 turns

And not to forget our new Promo Item the BOOMBOX
Thats a boombastic BS Weapon
It comes with NG DPT and a CD of 2.  
- increased damage for both Hits
- Hit 1: +40 Acc, -40 Def
- Hit 2: chance for a crit, chance for -40 Acc

this sounds already sweet but now comes the boomtastic extra special:

50/50 chance for an extra Hit

- chance for -30% damage for 4 turns
- chance for a crit
- chance for a guaranted stun

I hope you like all the new Equipment delivered to you by your MQ Team!
As always.....

Have fun!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Target is offering 10% off!

Special in-store only promotion  

As announced in the Target stores circular (much better than a square-ular) starting today there is a special promotion! You can get any of our GameCards in Target stores at a whopping 10% discount. ( Off their end... not ours! So go for it!) Get $20 worth of upgrades for only $17.95! Do not forget you can finally stack up cards to get bigger packages in the BattleOn Master Account System. This Target promotion ends on July 31st.

New "BattleOn!" cards will start showing up on store shelves too!
We really need to do the "BATTLEON SITE SWAP" soon...

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Monday, March 29, 2010

We're Insane!

Korin has been plotting and planning and eating pickles with peanut butter and pumpernickel and porpoises (ew!) and probably parrots and peccaries (and ketchup) - or something like that. Maybe he doesn't even like pickles. But his favorite color is green. So I highlilght stuff in green for him. But I can't say much about all that just yet. I know you want more news about this week than what I'm saying. But my lips are zipped for now. Expect insanity!!

Personater & I worked on a Buggy Monday starting on ... Thursday? Saturday? Well, whatever day we started - we're making GREAT progress on the Lucky Nubertron, and on the Nuberizing special. (I take too much credit - Perso's done the coding, and I've just been testing & saying "Hey wait, not perfect yet.") So blame me for the delay with the bugfix! I may have driven Perso over the edge into insanity (join the club!) We're just going to get those Nubertrons to stop doing strange things. Over the weekend I also added some commas and a period, maybe a dash and an ellipse - to the Friday speech bubbles - and fixed a couple of mouseovers. Yay me! But it's best if this all waits to roll Live at once. And it will. When it's good to go, but not before.

Tentative Plans for Buggy "Mondays"
With work schedules and timezones and whatnot, we may be having "Buggy Mondays" on a Tuesday or a Wednesday in the upcoming weeks. We've got an insanely dedicated gang working on getting ALL the bugs out of MQ. I have a fancy, complicated, prioritized, color-coded List going. The ArchKnights neodiabolus, phoenixfire555, and Terosin have been combing the Gremlins forum for older as-yet-unfixed bugs, as well as keeping on top of the newer ones & alerting me to them. Azami, blues, Korin, Personater, and Warlic all have their unique skills they lend to the process. I can fix a thing or two, and I'm horribly bossy telling x to test y, and z to fix m, and r isn't quite perfect yet, and everyone goes qq...

Of course you who report the bugs on the forums are key in letting us know what's not working as intended. Thank you all so much!!

Choco Bun-Z! Our special Game Card promotion is back! For a limited time you can get the Choco Bun-Z in Mech Quest by redeeming your Artix Entertainment Upgrade card to upgrade to Star Captain or to get more Nova Gems.

If Artix Entertainment Upgrade cards aren't in your area, and I hear on the forums that they're not available everywhere:

Our game cards are available in the US, Canada, and UK at Target, BestBuy, WHSmith, Sobeys, Needs, Safeway... and a bunch of others... even including some gas stations like Cumberland Farms! (See a full list of stores carrying our cards at: ) If our cards are not available in your area, please let us know on this forum post and we will send the list to the card company letting them know! If for any reason you are unable to get one of our game cards, don't worry. We have more amazing items coming for you in the next releases for everyone -- regardless of where you are located. Thank you for supporting the MechQuest Team during this special promotion if you are able!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update Check

Thank you, Blues. A very hefty post indeed. And while on the subject of weapons, I realized I forgot to do the check in Warlic's office which I have now fixed. Going there after completing the quests will earn you the new weapons that Blues mentioned. As for the Choco BunZ promo item, you'll need to pick up an Artix Entertainment upgrade card from any local stores that may have one! If I were super responsible, I would have a list of stores. Unfortunately I don't so I'm useless there but then again, I just spent the last 72 hours of my life working almost non-stop. Worth it though.

So the Lucky Star Captain Mecha are no longer available but now you have (hopefully) unbugged and fully color customizable versions! I hope you enjoy those as well.

Finally, let us know in the forums what you think of the release! Otherwise, have a great weekend.