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May 09, 2014

Begone Gremlins

Star Date: 9 May, 3014

Hi! I'm going on vacation tomorrow for a week! I'll be checking my email and the forums and twitter when I have internet access. MQ is in good hands with Vivi and Ash doing next week's update, and Korin is going to help post Design Notes for you, so you probably won't even notice I"m away.


Greetings! This week I worked on getting a bunch of the bugs that were around, and that you all reported recently, fixed.
There were a bunch, and I can't mention all of them, but to sum up everything.
- A bunch of typos.
- Item bugs.
- Mech bugs
- Travel Map bug
- Romero quest bug

I also have a hunt tonight for you all for a new type of mod. These still boost stats but they boost a different set then you all usually see. I'm working on seeing about putting extra effects on new mods for some true passive effects but for now I wanted to put these out.
What better way to do that then a hunt through the game! I'm hiding the mods in a shop and the following is your clue.

"Struggled to be free, fled from destruction, leaving pieces behind with a kind of kin."

Good luck and feel free to work together on the forums! Have fun!

bip bip pongggggg

Thanks, Ash!

I wanted to mention that you might want to build up your stash of credits because there's an o.Ops weapon planned for later this month. Good chance to run into Richy the Rich Guy in the Soluna East mission this weekend. Also, we've got a little something for you on Mother's Day so definitely log in again on Sunday!

Good luck with the hunt, everyone!

L8r m8s!


Tags: Gremlin Bugfix Ash Riches Oops Mother's Day Maegwyn

May 04, 2013

Maypril Weapon scheduled for SUNDAY 5 May 2013 - Shooting for noon server time!

I think the weapon is looking good! Just needs me to do a bunch of database entries (unless I or another tester finds a last-minute Gremlin) - and I also need to adjust some files before rolling the Go.Oogly series Live.

Going to get some sleep and I'll catch you on the bounce-around! With a shop and lots of nice weapons for you!


Tags: Maegwyn Oops Maypril

April 19, 2013

Soluna City Spring

Star Date 19 April, 3013:

The new springtime look of Soluna City is here! Practel did the decorations (I made the blooms) and he melted all the snow. And did you find who it is that has a flower tucked perkily behind one ear? (Could there be more than one?)

Please join the MQ team in wishing Lyris a happy birthday (almost missed it... I really need to change my calendar settings to alert me in advance...) Happy Birthday, Lyris!

Last chance for the O.ops: The 5000000 credit O.ops Clover Shot will be available in the shop button in Soluna City for the duration of the weekend. It is available for all players to purchase (as long as you have enough credits) and has received a buff - if you are a Star Captain, it now does the Star-Captain- powered specials.

Small bugfixes: the Arthuria vs. Pirate (AvP) war quests should now give all the credits you earn.

Working on a very exciting quest that you'll unlock at the Queenadent's War Camp - most likely we'll have it ready for next Friday (the 26th).

Have a great weekend, and Battle On!


Tags: Maegwyn Lyris Oops

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