Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post-Mogloween and Upcoming Stuff!

That's right. Mogloween is coming to a close. We haven't forgotten about a starship item to let you return to Mortis though! We'll be releasing it on Friday, likely in the shop panel. We haven't decided yet if we're going to axe Mogloween Friday or Monday so we'll see where things go but you will be well-informed.

The other thing is that you may have learned that we're building the next planet now! This planet is void of color. The reasons for that aren't anything evil.  It's coming along so you'll get to see it soon! As for a fun little teaser for you guys, the conclusion has something to do with something in Soluna City. As for the story, think of old black and white monster movies. The pre-requisites will be finishing the museum quests and being able to fly to other planets. Artix's DNs may be implying that the official launch is this week. Chances are it'll be next week. We've started production on it but we've also added things to make it grander that require a little more time.

We're also working on getting some daily bonuses setup but I need to speak with Rolith when he gets back to confirm we're ready for them. And I haven't forgotten about adding an option to increase your chances of finding a certain weapon type in the salvage field but it might not be added until next week.

Art museum will be finally getting its update.

Also, the House Mechas have been animated! There're still a few little things that need to be tweaked and tested but it shouldn't be long now. I actually would prefer to do the next GEARS Class before the next planet after the black and white planet. We would also release the new House Mechas at that time.

So as you can see, a lot is happening. This week we should have functionality for daily bonuses, a new Mortis starship item to let you return to this year's Mogloween whenever you want, the art museum is getting an update, and we're building lots and lots of content.

Last but not least, looky what's now available at HeroMart! http://www.heromart.com/


That's right! And guess what!? It's a late addition (doesn't even say so on the site) but we've decided to make a Chrono-Corrupter mecha that can be redeemed on January 1st. Basically you enter the code and you'll get a token that can be exchanged on January 1st for the finished mech. Thyton will be drawing it soon and we'll be plowing through it. It will be based on the AQW class so it's going to look awesome. We'll definitely post previews as we get them.

We'll update more through the week.

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