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July 19, 2013

New Shipment of Energy Blades Today and Epic Conclusion Next Friday

Today: Are you a Black Belt in the Energy Blades 101 Class? Go to Light's Sabers shop in Soluna City East to see the new shipment!

Blade and Zoshi, our two new apprentice artists, have begun putting together an awesome new series of Energy Blades! These are permanent in-game items for the students who have achieved Black Belt ranking, and we've got plans to add more designs & themes as time goes on.

March of the Shadowscythe WAR! Hurry back to the War Camp to catch up if you are not yet up to date with the latest events of the war, and prepare yourself for the epic conclusion of this massive conflict. Be sure to check back this upcoming Friday for the spectacular climax!

Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for playin-- 

bzzzt bip blip beepio boop bip

Transmission Incoming!

A plan for the future... or is it the past? Or some kind of wild alternate timeline?
Heya everyone, Plasma Charge here! As you all know the final battle between the Allies and the Shadowscythe is almost here, and from looking on the forums there seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to the state of the game after the finale of the main storyline. As such to put your minds to rest I'm happy to announce the location of the next planned saga of MechQuest; The next saga will take place on the planet Gark focusing on the Westian settlement! The basic bones of this saga have been in my mind for over a year now, and with the help of Maegwyn and other team members (past and present) it will be solidifying over **the next few weeks!

Hope you're all well, and best of luck in the battle ahead!
Plasma Charge out!

**We'll be busy polishing & refining, and will bring it to you Live when it's ready!

Tags: Maegwyn Swordfighting March of the Shadowscythe Plasma Charge Blade Zoshi

July 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Minar

Minar Levels Up! On the 10th of July, Minar had a birthday! We used to call him our "Artist Apprentice," but he's done so much fantastic art and animation for MechQuest over the past few years that we stopped considering him an "apprentice" long ago. Many happy returns of the day (and week, and month) to our very dedicated and extremely talented full-fledged Volunteer Artist, Minar! To commemorate this historic occasion, visit Soluna City to pick up an Ornate Energy Blade designed by Zoshi.

New Apprentice Volunteer Artists! We've got TWO new apprentices who have been arting it up in their own Undisclosed Locations: Blade and Zoshi! You may have caught a sneak peek or two via Twitter - if you want to follow them, their accounts are @BladeOfAE and @Zoshi_AE

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Addition to Light's Blades in Soluna City! This one's called the Mafic Blade, and is part of a series by Blade!

Bugfixes: There was a Gremlin in the Nemesis mecha that prevented you from moving from room to room in walkaround - that should now be fixed. Vivi figured out why the Male Star Captain uniform was popping up with a Battle Menu every time you went to sit down in class - that's also fixed. This wasn't really a bug, but I added a button so you can still access the mission from Braddock Steele after your progression in the War Camp takes you to a place where you have a "Previous Missions" button. 

March of the Shadowscythe Missions Continue: Report to the War Camp for a series of new missions! Are you really ALL ALONE out there??? Loads of new animated cutscenes, and FOUR new missions! Battle ON!

Tags: Minar Blades Artists Maegwyn March of the Shadowscythe

June 28, 2013

March of the Shadowscythe Heralds End of Universe

Star Date: 28 June, 3013:

Beginning of the End! The homepage countdown has hit 00:00:00 - launching The March of the Shadowscythe! The End of the Universe??!!?? Queenadent Odessa has TWO brand-new missions for you at the War Camp - complete with NEW music, NEW enemies, and NEW cutscenes!

GEAR UP! Check out the Head and Shoulder shops in the War Camp & Soluna City for a new Exclusive Limited-Time Set. Valoth's Epic Destruction Head & Shoulder work together to create combos vs. those nasty Shadowscythe enemies!

Happy birthday, Korin!

Cover your enemies with ketchup with this new seasonal rare front shoulder weapon by Plasma Charge! Screenshot courtesy of Blade.

Stay tuned for lots more exciting news ahead - and Battle on!

Tags: Maegwyn March of the Shadowscythe Korin ketchup

June 21, 2013

Epic Arm Weapons and More

Star Date: 21 June, 3013

New Valoth's Epic Weapons! The Limited-time Epic Heads are back for just a few weeks so that you can pick up all the commemorative items to equip for the upcoming March of the Shadowscythe battles! Today the "Of Doom" colored versions of last week's Cannon hit the Arm shop, along with all-new "Valoth's Epic Cannon" arms (and some with the "Of Doom" variant). You can find them in Soluna City Main or in the War Camp.

Dealing out some Epic Damage OF DOOM!

Here is a transmission from blues with the specials:

Shs cannon , 2 hits, as always NSC (SC, NG), CD=3 

Hit 1: 
- extra damage against SHS 20%(30,40) 
- Chance to reduce enemy HP to 50% of actual value. This means when actual HP is 760 it gets reduced to 380. When its 430 it goes To 215 etc. Also SHS only!!! 

Hit 2: 
- extra damage against SHS 30%(50,70) 
- same as above with EP values 

This thing is quite good when used very early. The EP/HP reduction is unique thats why i didnt give it specials against "normal" enemies.


Mod Shop With Valor Badge Merges! Queenadent Odessa's shop buttons in the War Camp now include the Mod Shop section. Pick up a Battle Mod to merge with the Valor Badges you earn, or use your Nova Gems to purchase powerful War Mods.

I have a lot more news for you so keep checking the Design Notes!  Have a great weekend & thanks for playing MechQuest!

Tags: Maegwyn specials March of the Shadowscythe

June 18, 2013

Thyton and Diozz join forces to create a Commemorative MechQuest Poster

Star Date: 18 June, 3013

Thyton & Diozz collaborating on the poster goes a lot like this:




Thyton describes it this way: "A mind-meld happens - and something comes out." From where I'm standing, I'd say... something EPIC comes out! The poster will blast into HeroMart in a few days!

As the End of the Universe launch is coordinating with the poster release, the Countdown Clock is being recalibrated to reflect the changes. Watch the Homepage and the Design Notes for updates!

Tags: Maegwyn Thyton Diozz March of the Shadowscythe

May 04, 2013


Star Date: May the Fourth (Be With You)

Go.Oogly! A Maypril RARE weapon is almost ready for you! I worked VERY late (it's was 5:30 AM in the Undisclosed Location when I started writing this note to you) - and, among other things, modified an old weapon with some new graphical assets and sounds to create a new theme for it. Still need to tweak the specials  - everything is functioning so the coding shouldn't take me too long. Oh, and still need to decide the levels, come up w/descriptions & names, and make the database entries - sounds like a lot, but goes quickly. My plan is to give you a Cinco de Mayo Shop. Ideally I'll have it ready to open on Sunday, May 5th - should be doable! Watch this space and the homepage for updates!

Sneak Peek:

The Story Behind the Design: One of our players, known as #Kale on the forums, suggested that we make an O.ops version of one of the starting guns as a Maypril fool.  I didn't want to just release a weapon that only players with 5,000,000 credits could get, so I decided to do something different with the o.O part of the theme.

o.O: Gibby recently linked me to a series of photos of googly eyes stuck onto store packaging, and that fed into the inspiration for the weapon. I remembered that we released a carrot weapon - a gun that shoots little carrot flechettes that stuck into the enemy & hung there before exploding. So I thought maybe I could figure out how to convert the existing animation. It was a little fiddly figuring out how it was done, but it's always fun when you get that "aha!" moment.  Then I started recoloring and redecorating it. The really fun part was figuring out how to attach the sound effects! I think you'll find it amusing.

Maypril Mecha Delayed: I know that many of you are eager to get the traditional holiday super-RARE mecha and I do apologize for not having one ready for this Maypril. Everyone is working overtime on Finale assets and although we did talk about doing a mecha, the art and animation wasn't practical to schedule in, and had to be put on the back burner. I do still want to give you some kind of foolish, fun mecha this year, but I can't promise you a date.

Upcoming Installment of the Finale Quests - Rescue Jemini: We had hoped to have this ready by Friday - we still are in need of one background, but that gives Vivi more time to code the new enemy you'll be up against (and more time to test & balance). Blues also came up with specials for an SC Challenge version, so Vivi will code that after finishing the regular version. Korin has been building the quests in "bare bones" framework so I/we can add the art assets as they come in. J6 and Minar both made some BEAUTIFUL backgrounds for this mission. Ghost did the cutscenes, which are AMAZING. I really love the facial expressions in the first one - we can hardly wait for you to see them in game! He also has a wonderful new soundtrack, and I'll be making a stereo for those of you who are Star Captains to put in your Starships (along with a bunch of new Starship Items).

NPC Enemies: During some of the upcoming Finale missions, you'll be on foot battling more NEW enemies. I've been working on some new swordfighting monster AI - not a global revamp of the swordfighting engine, but a fresh approach to creating the enemy tactics. These individual enemies are getting unique attacks which should turn out to be fun, requiring a little strategy beyond just hitting Strong Attack (or Magic) with your strongest Energy Blade. I got the Casting animation to work in the monster file I was doing earlier this week, so there's a chance I/we can apply this to make other existing swordfighting enemies do some interesting things in the future as well.

I can't say too much about the NPC enemies because it's an ENORMOUS spoiler, but I can tell you that Alina sent me a WHOLE LOT of files this evening (er, I guess that's yesterday now) and one of them is an NPC I was eager to start working on! So I did get started on converting it to an MQ-style monster in the wee hours of the morning. I learned quite a lot about how the body parts are put together due to a sizing issue when attempting to replace an existing head with the new one. I'm looking forward to doing more with this! And the top-secret NPC whose casting animation now works is one who only had a front-facing view - Minar created a side view so that the battle wouldn't look weird. 

Missions After This Next One: Plasma Charge made some backgrounds that will be in an upcoming mission, and he's working on art for a new mecha-battle enemy. He's in the midst of his Leaving Certificate so he's pretty swamped with school. Vivi, Practel, and Arklen are also quite busy at their schools, so I'll add more news about what they're up to when their schedules free up a bit! 

Thank you for playing MechQuest! May the Fourth be with you (and I'll update with Cinco de Mayo news when I know 

Tags: Maegwyn Maypril Fools MQ March of the Shadowscythe Rescue Jemini J6 Ghost

April 30, 2013

Shadowscythe Prepare for Attack!

And their next target is... Jemini!

When Jemini's wormhole device scrambles her destination, she finds herself facing an enemy any traveler would run from... across galaxies AND times! Korin, Maegwyn, and the MechQuest team have joined forces with Ghost and J6... and the next explosive (literally!) mission in the March of the Shadowscythe finale is almost upon us!

I gathered some shots from the cutscenes Ghost is working on* to bring you just a couple sneak peeks! And whispers around the Lab say that the man in the paper mask is poised to make an appearance very, VERY soon! (And you know what THAT means!)

Prepare yourself, pilots, because you're about to battle something that NO sane student (or Master, for that matter) would willingly face. And you'll need to win... or the Universe bites the big one!

* Backgrounds will change; they are not quite done.

Tags: Rescue Jemini March of the Shadowscythe Alina wears a Warlic mask

April 22, 2013

Planet Lagos will NOT Surrender

In the exosphere, where planet meets space…

Bursts of white-red-orange flare, their blasts lighting up the night sky. Soundless explosions rock the unforgiving battlefield above Lagos.  No screams ring out, no unsung heroes flee in fear. There is nowhere to flee TO, not when they fly miles above Lagos, fighting for their lives AND their home against the Shadowscythe.

On the planet below…

The young boy kicks a rock off the cliff. 1…2…3…4… He cannot hear the thud as it lands. He kicks at the ground until a clod of dirt rips loose. He kicks that off the edge, too. He frowns, and turns his attention to the hard-packed clay runway below. Even up here, on Freedom’s Bay Cliff, he can hear the roar of fuselage engines as the prep crews’ shadowy figures prepare the ships for takeoff. 

They would leave him, just like they left him before the Battle of Crow’s Nook. They always left him! His father, his brother… it wasn’t FAIR. And he – he didn’t know if they’d be back. Not THIS time. Not with how –

He sniffles. Wipes his nose on a ragged sleeve, torn earlier that day as he raced through the high hills up to watch the first fleet of ships depart. HE would wave goodbye even if no one waved back. Someday HE would board the ship. HE would blow the aliens out of the sky FOREVER! Then, maybe…

"Oh!" He jumped at the hand that thumped down on his shoulder.
"Boy.  You can’t spend your life staring at the stars if you want a future exploring them. Get back to your Nana. She’s made fishloaf and greens –"
He mutters, repeating the end of his Nana's favorite saying. "An’ I won’t grow up to be a pilot if I don’t eat my greens…"

His grandfather smiles down at him, then turns his face towards the sky. A shower of comets rains down, remnants of a ship that didn’t fly fast enough.

"Is – is it one of ours?" He can’t quite get the words out around the clot of dread rising in his throat. "Is it Bre –"

His grandfather shakes his head. "I can’t tell from here. You know that."

"Your brother is up there. Somewhere." His grandfather’s trembling arm raises high, brown and wiry from years spent hauling nets at sea. "And we won’t know where he’s been or what he’s seen until he comes home."
"But he… WILL come home?"

The Future of the Universe is in Your Hands

His grandfather kneels down next to him, pulling the young boy close. Even up here, the air is thick with ship exhaust, the screech of metal on metal, and the cries of crewmen shoving to board the great transport ships. The war-weary elder sighs, remembering days before the war. Before the young ones had to board ships bound for space instead of for sea.

His grandson scrubs at eyes too dry for tears.
"I won’t lie to you, boy. But I WILL tell you that your father fought bravely. He risked everything to make sure your momma and her babes would grow up free from fear. Safe.
"And now your brother fights that same war. The same enemy. ALL of the young men and women down here – and all those up there – are fighting to make sure we stay safe."

The two stare, transfixed, as explosions blossom and fade overhead, dying in a furious blaze of white-hot glory. A tear rolls down the boy’s cheek as he vows to himself that someday, someday HE would make the Shadowscythe share his pain. He does not speak as his grandfather hugs him close.

"There is only one universe, and if the Shadowscythe control ANY galaxy in it, we will have no refuge. No home. They will not leave us in peace, and we will not surrender. Your father knew that. So does your brother. So do you. 

"What the sea cannot tame, the Shadowscythe will NOT conquer!"

Note: These story Design Notes do not hint at where YOU will battle next in the MechQuest finale. But this conflict spans ALL the planets, and it is good for a Hero to know what battles are fought in the far-flung corners of the universe.
Remember: while you fight bravely, others wait and watch and hope for your victory! 

Tags: Alina Story Design Notes Planet Lagos March of the Shadowscythe

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