Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Automorph P Specials and Other News

Star Date: 11 June, 3013

I'm actually transmitting to you from the Secret Underground Lab, which I can tell you is a far drive from my Undisclosed Location. I battled the elements to get here - Water and Lightning were especially strong, and Darkness turned out to be a factor in the end. Mission Accomplished - I'm sitting across the desk from Korin!

Specials: Here are the specials for the Automorph-P series mecha models that are now in the Star Captain Club mecha shop on the 2nd floor (Artillery Level):

Front Arm: 
- 1.25 times damage 
- -30 enemy defense 

Back Arm: 
- 1.25 times damage 
- Roll for an additional hit 
- Hit 1 and 3 get additional a roll for -10 enemy defense 

- Roll for an additional hit 
- Hit 2 and 4 get a roll for +20 BtH each, stacking 

- each hit gets a roll for +10 BtH , stacking 
- Hit 1,3 and 5 get a roll for a critical hit 

- Hit 1: +10% general damage 
- Hit 2: +15% general damage 
- Hit 3: +20% general damage ---> no rolls, stacks up to 45% general damage bonus 

Hits 1 and 3 get a roll for a critical hit

Thanks to blues for the specials, and to Vivi for doing the coding!

SC Club "SCEM" for Levels 43 and up! With last week's Automorph-P release, many of you asked for it and other models to be released for the higher-level players. I'm going to show Practel how to add the scaling code and I'll make the new database entries for this Friday's release. Automorph-P, Dharmahp-P, and Falcon-P will the the models getting the higher levels this week!

Tweet #MechQuest: Send out a tweet using the #MechQuest hashtag with your wishlist of non-rare weapons and mecha models you'd like to see at higher levels.  The weapons are the very fastest for me to put together so if you get me a list I should be able to add a TON of them! 

Magitech Scythe Recolor: Plasma Charge did a nice recolor to the arm that is a huge improvement upon my original. This is the promo weapon that comes with the Artix Entertainment Artist Sketchbook, which you can get from HeroMart

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anniversary Notes from Maegwyn

Hi! I'm so excited about our Artix Entertainment 10th Anniversary ALL-GAMES Special Event! It will begin Friday at 6pm Server Time (EST) - which is tomorrow!  I've been busy hanging decorations and designing a couple of cool quests -- yep, MQ has more than one quest for you!  I know you really like quests so I've been working extra-hard for you - and of course the reason we are having a special event is because of YOU! Whether you came to Artix Entertainment 10 years ago, 10 days ago, or 10 seconds ago, we are so grateful for your support! Definitely check out MQ tomorrow and please tell your friends!

Before I get back to work I wanted to be sure to let you know that there's a new Zorbak t-shirt at HeroMart

I'd better hurry up & post this quickly - talk to you later! =Mae


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buggy Monday on Tuesday and Calendar PreOrders

Buggy Monday on Tuesday! We worked yesterday and this morning on fixing some of the Gremlins that crept in to things - here's the list


  • Removed an incorrect description from mod SC dB5



  • Fixed missing color on Skelapunk FA hand & finger   
  • Korin added color to missile popups
  • Corrected the HP values on the chassis to display correctly for NSC  
  • New Feature: Korin added Color-Customization feature for SC players and on the NG models


  • <s>Back Arm</s> HEAD no longer causes NaN bug when battled in PvP 
  • Body of AC-490 can trigger damage-increasing effect now - and Back Arm

er, ooops - durrrrr - (via IRC: 

  • <&Vivi> oh Mae, it was the head causing the NaN bug in PvP XD
  • <~Mae|Highlight> oh ha 
  • <&Vivi> BA and Body are for triggering damage boost
  • <~Mae|Highlight> I'll just quote that shall I?

This was a fun set of fixes - Vivi showed me how to fix the missing color stuff and he fixed AC-490 - Korin added the extras on Skelapunk and we decided to wait until today to roll everything ... which was great because he got a letter in the mail from a player who reported that his HP value on the Skelator model wasn't displaying correctly.  I was able to fix that so it is live in this set of fixes as well.  As always, thanks for reporting your bugs in the Gremlins forum and even by mail!   

Calendar Pre-Orders!

Great news - we are doing a second print run on the calendars!  You still have time to get a Chronomech in MQ and the other games' promo items as well!  Go to HeroMart  now to pre-order your 2011 "Year of the Moglin" AE Calendar!  Hurry before these all sell out... 


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Encore War Mogloween etc

Thanks for being patient & waiting for the more-detailed Design Notes!  Yesterday I did a terrible haphazard job of vacuuming but I had a lovely time at the corner store and spent some time out with my cousins and brother-in-law plus some friends.  Later, my cousin came over and played guitar with my husband - I played a little trumpet, but that is a loud instrument for late-night jam sessions in a quiet neighborhood...

Anyway, I was a little surprised that the Encore War wasn't going very quickly - until Terosin asked whether there was a reward... it does help to know that you're fighting for something, doesn't it!?  There is a brief mention in the newsletter also, but here's the scoop. Jack has some new mods for your mechas, but you'll have to get through the groupies and have a facedown with Evil Jim himself before those shops will unlock.  Azami and I worked together on these - even though they're holiday rares, the idea is to create some that fill an empty niche.  So you won't already have something with the same stat boosting values.  There are NSC, SC,  and NG mods waiting for you in the shops, and Korin made a really cool cutscene... I think I'll wait until you get to 100% and have a chance to see Evil Jim in action before I talk more about Mogloween-related stuff - so Battle ON!  

So if you've battled the character IDs in PvP from yesterday's DNs - 8367666 and/or 304236 - you've gotten a little sneak peek at the Chronomech's capabilities.  When you have one of your very own, which you can get by ordering the AE Calendar at HeroMart (right now these are just pre-orders and they have not begun shipping yet- so there will be a wait before you can get your calendar with your code) you will be able to click an area of the body during battle.  This is a new thing for MechQuest - with this button you can choose between two specials on the body attack.  The regular special - that happens if you don't toggle the button - triggers the Time Warp Drive that wears down your enemy's weapons and armor (Nerfs Over Time) while increasing your own speed (Buffs Over Time).  By toggling the button, you can choose during battle when you want your next body attack to do its healing special.  This is available once per battle, and has a VERY rare chance of restoring your HP and EP back to where they were at the beginning of the combat.  So this is something that is impossible to see in Assault Mecha, and just one of the cool innovations - Vivi and I will post all the specials for you in much more detail.  They are very interactive specials so the PvP AI can't display the real power and potential for you.  Also we'll get a picture up.

Real life calls again for now - I need to do a better job of vacuuming (haha) and also help my husband, who is trying to figure out some issues with our plumbing... I know some of you are awaiting answers to your PMs on the forums too, so I'll get to those later also.  See you on the forums when I have my household tasks done!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

BattleOn Holiday Sweepstakes

Hey, Free Stuff!

Here's your chance to win a HeroMart item of your choice totally FREE! All you need is a Battleon Master Account!

On December 10th, 2010 Artix Entertainment LLC. will randomly select FIVE winners for our Holiday Sweepstakes. Each winner will be contacted via e-mail and be allowed to select ONE item of their choice from our new AE Store, HeroMart. We're even setting aside five AE Year of the Moglin 2011 Calendars just for the sweepstakes, since those are nearly all swept up via the pre-orders already!

The item will be sent to the winners anywhere in the world (even if it's not on the HeroMart delivery country list), completely free of charge - and shipping is free.

The AQW team will announce the winners on the AQW Design Notes on December 10th!  Then we'll post them up here on the MechQuest Design Notes also!

Rules and How To Enter:

  1. All you have to do to enter is start* a Battleon Master Account on our portal site (Register a Free Account here!). That counts as one entry into the AE Holiday Sweepstakes. 
    *If you already have an account, see #3.

  2. For each AE GAME (not game account, but game. i.e. AdventureQuestAdventureQuest WorldsEpicDuelMechQuest, & DragonFable) that you have linked to your Master Account you get ONE additional entry into the sweepstakes, for a grand total of SIX entries! *****

  3. If you already have a Master Account and/or have already linked your game accounts to it then you are already entered into the sweepstakes, but if you want to increase your chances be sure to link each AE GAME to your account!

  4. You must also have a valid e-mail linked to the Master Account. We will be alerting winners via e-mail, and without a valid e-mail we will not be able to contact you!

  5. The number of game accounts that you have linked to the Master Account and the upgrade status of those game accounts will not be considered in the drawing.

  6. If we get no e-mail response from one of our winners after two weeks, a new winner will be selected.

  7. AE reserves the right to disqualify entries based on a history of hacking, cheating or other violations of our Terms of Service.

  8. Good luck and happy holidays from Artix Entertainment!

Here's a link to everything I just said plus all the legal mumbo jumbo that we are required to post. Be sure to click the SHARE button if you have a Facebook account!

***** Please pay special attention to rule number two. It doesn't matter if you link 1 or 6 or 19 or 300 MQ accounts to your Master Account - it only counts as ONE entry for MQ.  Each GAME counts; each ACCOUNT does NOT.

We're starting the holidays a little early, which is especially hard for me to wrap my mind around since the weather where I live has been unseasonably warm.  (I am not at the Secret Underground Lab - I work from an Undisclosed Location.)  Anyway, all of us on the whole MQ team are excited about everything that's coming along in the next few months, not just in MechQuest but in all of our games! Here at Artix Entertainment we've got more contests, events and surprises headed your way before the end of the year - so be sure to check back every day!

Happy Early Holidays from all of the MechQuest team!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HeroMart is Open and Novel in November

Hero Mart!

It's official: HeroMart is open for business!  Now you can "Dungeon Dive in Style" - check out the HeroMart site 

Check back often, because we have plans to stock MANY new items ... including...

The First Artix Entertainment Full-Length Novel!

One of the most well-loved storylines in AdventureQuest's long history is the Great Fire War. Starring Galanoth, Demento, and YOU, the hero, as you battle against Akriloth and a host of fire monsters, this story has gone down in AQ's history as one of the most widely-talked about and reminisced-over wars we've done so far. But the story hasn't ended! Artix Entertainment's first full-length novel, The Dragon's Secret, is coming this November to HeroMart !

Written by Lyra Trice Solis, a member of the AdventureQuest storyline team, The Dragon's Secret tells the story of apprentice mage John Black, who loses his entire family to a dragon attack and vows to get his revenge, one way or the other. (A dragon? In the Great Fire War? Whoever could it be?) He doesn't think things can get any worse until he discovers a secret about one of his best friends which pushes his loyalty to the limit. Come along with John and his group of incorrigible friends as they escape confinement, battle dragons, stow away on a pirate ship, face off against a terrible and evil mage, and confront the underwater Council of the Mer! Through the story, John must choose between revenge and friendship, and decide whether or not to risk everything to stand up for what he believes in! Filled with dragons, dwarves, and VERY dark magic, The Dragon's Secret will tell the tale of the Great Fire War in a brand-new and exciting way! 

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday MQ Week Two

Happy Birthday, MQ!  Week Two!

The celebration continues!  Now you can finally ride the Floorivator again!  There is a lot of partying to be revisited, and here's what is NEW this year:

In case you didn't see these already, the Newbatron AnniV3010 models are for sale in the Holiday Shop in Soluna City.  Did you get one yet?  NEW TODAY: a shipment of special Anniversary Mods for your mecha models!  Visit the Holiday Shop in Soluna City and grab yours now!

If you have a Starship, you will be glad to know that when you ride the Floorivator at Tek's Mechs, there is a series of special 3010 Starship items in the shops downstairs! 

Thanks to Minar, we have a 3-year Anniversary Cake!  Also I learned how to make a couple of things - Korin started me off, so I had a couple of simple things ready - and then with many thanks to Warlic (who happens to be an excellent real-life teacher as well as being the Dean in-game) we even have a couple of items in the Nova Gem section!  One of the things he told me how to do, and the other was extra code he added to something I made, to make it more betterer.  He also sent me what he did, so that I can know for next time.  So ... I've been to GEARS and learned things! 

Looking Ahead:

Looking ahead, and speaking of learning things, I have been working with Vivi who has coded up some very nice weapons updates - can't say too much about this just yet, but he is doing excellent work that you will see when the time comes!  Also behind the scenes Lyris has some things up her sleeve.  Korin has been doing insane things for upcoming weeks and everyone has been working hard & not saying much... yet.  I am sworn to secrecy, as is usually the case, but I can tell you that the MQ Team is extremely excited about this season!

HeroMart.... shhhhhh!

HeroMart, our bizarre online ... bazaar... featuring our first Music CD, The NPCs: Critical Hits, and the ChickenCow T-shirt - is being released to the General Public next Wednesday! If you are reading this, you are an insider!  Being a valued insider, you can secretly access the live, working*, store before anyone else! Just go to and click on the blue gem in Robina's necklace. (Artix says: "Shhhh. Secret.") There are even reports of some people being able to place an order successfully already!**


**If you encounter an error message, keep in mind that our testers have probably reported it already, and that the fix is probably in process - but please do keep notes for when we have an official place*** to report any errors, just in case they do persist!

***I will be sure to update the DNs to let you know what to do, as soon as we have an // I learn about // our official bug-reporting system!


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Artix has pictures and stories from Metrocon here

I was so excited to hear about the many die-hard MechQuest fans there!  I know from the forums how intense, loyal, and dedicated you are - thanks for turning out for the convention!  I wish I could have been there myself - but I am planning to go to DragonCon this year, and couldn't do both. Are you going to DragonCon?

The MechQuest team is super-excited about a ton of things - Korin & I were just talking about the new Museum exhibit while getting some testing done on the new weapons for Planet Yokai.  And doing a bunch of other stuff.  We're big on multi-tasking - I'm eating cherries while doing stuff in the database and reading the Gremlins and General Discussion sections of the MechQuest forums, while waving a magnet over my ear, thinking about typo-fixes and pondering what Gianna Glow might have meant when she said, "Otter Bomb"...  and if I told you what Circe & I were considering, I might... have to... nah, couldn't do THAT!

So yeah - the MQ team is also working on the SCMM - the Cosmic Talon!  Korin & Arklen are working together on animation/attack-related things so that either Korin or I can get the number of hits/animation description for each attack over to blues so he can design the specials.  I've got the basics set up in the database, though the default weapons names and descriptions have to wait until I see how they look and what they'll do - then we'll work with Vivi (and whoever else on staff is around to help) to get it all tested & balanced.  The plan is to have it all set for Monday.

I'm insanely excited about the AE CD, "Critical Hits" - by the NPCs!  We've got some cool promo weapons planned for the CDs.  I can hardly wait for the premiere of the new HeroMart Store (which I've been told will open shortly) - and the new ChickenCow Shirts!  

Well, blues wrote up specials which were supposed to be posted early last weekend except that Korin was at Metrocon & I was swimming ... and ok, also I goofed off a little playing AQWorlds ... we jumped into this week with both feet and suddenly it is Thursday somehow!  So read the post below this for the info blues prepared & wanted you to have on Saturday!  If you haven't read it already.  Because I spent like 2 extra hours agonizing over whether these DNs were funny enough/informative enough/tooooo boring to post ... what do you want to read?  Please tell us on the forums!