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November 18, 2011

Mae OOps Limited Time Weapon

The Shining Baz-O.Ops is:

  • ONLY available from release time today (Friday the 18th of November - whenever everything is ready) to noon Server Time (Eastern Standard Time) Monday (the 21st of November)
  • priced at 594000 credits
  • a Star Captain Exclusive Super-Ultra-Uber-Rare Back Shoulder weapon. 
  • a Level 45 version of the Star Captain Bazookas rewards for the SC Sneak Peek of the Black and White Planet
  • visually 'shinier' than the 'normal' SC version
  • costs much, much, much more than the 'normal' version due to a pricing typo that I sent out in the weekly newsletter  

So what's this all about?  As usual, I put together the weekly newsletter - and I heedlessly sent it upward without triple-checking my figures.  Even when my new Gremlins ArchKnight, NaturallyMaria, said something to me about the crazy-high pricing on MSN, I was oblivious.  You can read about it while the thread is still active here. The reaction on the forums upon seeing news of a weapon priced at 594000 credits was fascinating - players with insane amounts of credits stockpiled were simultaneously going O.O and interested in having a limited-time insanely-expensive weapon for rarity/novelty value.  

So Korin gave the go-ahead, and I - well, the technical term would be "recolored" but ... let's just say I - changed the look of the weapon slightly.  

The 'normal' SC weapons are going to be in the reward shop for the duration of this Star Captain Sneak Peek.  After the new planet opens to everyone, this version of the SC shoulder will go rare forever. Nice stand-alone weapons that become insane in synergy with the Nova Gem Front Shoulder counterpart. Their levels and pricing are

  • 7  -   2100 credits
  • 10 -  3000 credits
  • 13 - 15600 credits
  • 19 - 22800 credits
  • 22 - 26400 credits
  • 26 - 31200 credits
  • 29 - 34800 credits
  • 32 - 38400 credits
  • 37 - 44400 credits
  • 41 - 49200 credits
  • 45 - 54000 credits

The Nova Gem Front Shoulder weapons synergize with the SC Back Shoulder weapons to create insane power! They are good stand-alones, but amazing as a pair!! These shoulders will also go rare forever after the new planet opens to everyone. Levels and pricing:

  • 7   -  84 NGs
  • 10 - 120 NGs
  • 13 - 156 NGs
  • 19 - 228 NGs
  • 22 - 264 NGs
  • 26 - 312 NGs
  • 29 - 348 NGs
  • 32 - 384 NGs
  • 37 - 444 NGs
  • 41 - 492 NGs
  • 45 - 540* NGs

*(Newsletter also had a pricing typo, stating the cost as 594 Nova Gems. The correct Nova Gem price for the Level 45 version is indeed 540 NGs)

I'd like to send a shout-out to Warlic and superjars for the proofreading and editing work today!!!!

NOW back to breaking everything before it's time to release it!!!

Tags: Maegwyn

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