Monday, August 16, 2010

Post Friday the 13th!

So Friday the 13th has passed. And there are a couple small things worth noting.

First, the bonus EXP and Credits were accidental but it seemed to be a good solution to a small holiday release and everyone seemed to enjoy it so I've decided to leave everything up until this Friday when we make our next release.

This week I'd love to make the Star Captain Only quest as well as open up a hair shop in Yokai. We also need to begin on the Star Captain mech which I wish we started earlier but I got caught up last week.

As for the video, I hear it frightened a few and was generally liked by most. A couple people didn't find it scary at all which is fine because it's really more of an awkward video than a scary one. The video unfortunately has no meaning. At first I was going to ask you all to find the meaning in the video but since there was no meaning, people might get upset if I came out and went "HAR HAR IT MEANS NOTHING!!" Plus I wanted to make sure there was no meaning to ensure no one tried linking it to anything outside of MechQuest and trying to say MQ is the devil. It's just random stuff that looks cool and feels weird. My personal favorite is the beetle that gets cured of his black and blurry appearance only to end up getting caught on fire and emitting a horrific shadow that engulfs everything. My next favorite is the orange scene of the tree just because it's pretty.

I think Friday the 13th is a success for this year. Like I said (somewhere), the Jameson storylines were starting to be like beating a dead horse. We couldn't think of any other monsters we could use or even make in the short time span so I think this ring spoof was fun because we literally just stopped and said we should try scaring some people. One of the reasons behind this are that it's what Friday the 13th has been about. Watching scary movies to the point where your scared stupid was all I did growing up. Granted the fear never REALLY sat in with me but I would still watch a bunch of silly movies to try and get the scared feeling. So I thought it would be fun to bring that to a game.

Sorry if that last paragraph is garbled. I kept pausing in the middle of my sentences. Anywho, should be a good week. I'm really excited for the SC quest. Just need to come up with some good reward item(s). So look forward to that and I'll try and keep you posted!