Friday, February 17, 2012

New Weapons and Past Heroes

We Heart You! Replay the Heroes Heart Days of the past (or is that Hero's Heart?) via the News Screen or at Braddock Steele in Soluna City. 

Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Romero mecha !! Thyton drew up a new version of the Hospital Mecha and we're working on getting it ready for rewards later on in the planet storyline. Here's a look at it in its early stages!  Korin vectorized it - he took the screenie of it in its vectorized and posed version.

Energy Blades! Minar drew up a couple of new energy blades for us! One is now in the Hospital Gift Shop in Soluna City - pick one up if you are having trouble with the Romero Zombie fights.  After you get to Romero, find the other blades in the Vend-o-Tron.  These are powerful - keep in mind that we are revamping swordfighting soon and you'll see other changes to swordfighting when that happens. So don't be alarmed that these outclass most of the current energy blades.  You'll need to be L10 to wield one, and you'll have to complete Hospital jobs to open the shop and unlock the planet, too.

Poison I.V. Shoulder Weapon! Concept by Lyris, animation concept by me, art by Minar, animation by Korin, specials by blues, coding by Vivi

Numbers are as always NSC (SC,NG) --->>< CD=3 

does in total 1.25 (1.5, 1.75) times damage 
- normal (1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 3 turns 
- chance for a normal (1.25 time, 1.5 time) EP DoT for 3 turns 
- chance (NG no roll) for a defense NoT, reduces enemy defense by 10 (15,20) per turn, cap is 100 
---> could be poisoning armor 
- NG only: chance for a damage reduce NoT, -12% per turn for 3 turns.

Preparing for Next Weeks: We have new enemies - 2 with all-new art & animation as well as new attacks, and some recolored already-released art but with new attacks.  Korin is working on a HUGE new zone with quests. Minar is getting some awesome backgrounds ready. So there's a lot to which you can look forward on Romero!

Have a fantabulous weekend - enjoy! Thanks for playing MQ!