Friday, January 20, 2012

Knife and Spork Challenges Update and More

K&S! The long-awaited Knife & Spork Challenge Updates have begun! If you have completed the first set of ten Grand Opening Challenges, click the new "More" button above the Contest button to access the second set of challenges, called the Advanced Contest.   Challenges 11 and 12 are playable now, with more in the works.  

Challenge 11 is a special feature, incorporating the winning designs from a forums contest to Build Your Own Mecha, held 'way back in 2010!  Maverik, Vadriel, Bling bla, and Lyris (who entered that contest before she joined the MQ team) finally got their designs in game! It is recommended that you be Level 28 when facing these enemies.  Defeating them all opens up a shop with a higher-level Pan arm and also unlocks Challenge 12.

Challenge 12 gives you a series of L30 opponents - one from each House with some customization and stats trained, and a couple of students with Anniversary models and trained stats.  

We had a blast pretesting this.  One of the Contestants was a little crazy at first - he equipped mini-mechas to his mecha! (That's a byproduct of the intended weapon being the default to a different chassis rather than a standalone weapon.)  So Vivi grabbed the screenshot and after we laughed our heads off for a while, I changed things up a bit - we still used the general theme of Bling bla's winning entry as inspiration.  

Updating the K&S has been promised for ages but now that I'm able to set them up myself, I'll keep adding new challenges for everyone - and keep your eyes on the forums because I'm going to be looking for more of your setups for new Challengers!

Wrangler Buff! And now from Vivi, the Wrangler mecha buff details:

Specials are listed as NSC (SC, NG) 
FA, 3 Hits: ---> CD= 2 
- Hit 1: +30 (40,50%) damage 
- Hit 2: +55 (65,75% damage 
- Hit 3: High (Guaranteed, Guaranteed) chance for a crit 

There's a chance the gun will jam - when it does, no damage is done but there's a good (guaranteed, guaranteed) chance for a stun and your bonus increases by 10 (15, 20) for the rest of the fight 

BA, 2 Hits: ---> CD= 2 
- Hit 1: lowers immo resist by 50 ( 80, 120) 
- Hit 2: Good (guaranteed, guaranteed) chance for a crit, tries to stun 

Shoulders, 5 Hits:---> CD=2 
- in creasing damage by +5 (10,+15%) for every Hit 
- Good (high, guaranteed) chance for an extra Hit, extra Hit crits ( same base damage of Hit 5) 

Head, 2 Hits: ---> CD = 5 
- Hit 1: blinding NoT, - 5 (8,10) BtH per turn for 5 turns 
- Hit 2: normal (1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 5 turns 
SC / NG only: 
- additional Hit 1: general damage BoT, +8 (10) damage per turn for 5 turns 
NG only: 
- additional Hit 2: 1.5 time EP DoT for 5 turns

Thanks for the details & for coding them, Vivi!! And thanks to blues for designing them!

Persistence Bonuses! Korin went through a TON of early quests and added persistence bonuses, so doing the jobs will go faster.  I think after we rolled I updated a total of 15 quest names - the Museum quests, the Police quests, and the Hospital quests were all on the list.  Thank you, Korin! We have plans to improve the Ghosthunting quests by changing how soon you earn the rewards - and long-term ideas about making that Ghosthunting training pay off.

New Planet Coming Soon! Lyris and Minar and Arklen have all been working on assets for the upcoming new planet - for which Lyris designed the concept & storyline. I've been working with Lyris on some of the script details while she does cutscenes - Minar has some backgrounds in the works and Arklen & Korin are working on vectorizing & animating some NEW enemies drawn especially for MQ by Thyton!  

Thanks for playing MQ - don't forget to send your referral links to your friends and family so you can earn bonuses when they play - and have a great weekend!