Friday, July 31, 2015

Wyonna Gets An Upgrade

Greetings! Tonight we have a revamp of an older quest. Wyonna in Soluna Main has been trying to years to decide what house to join. She still can't make up her mind though. Will you be able to help her decide?

The House Leaders have given her access to every normal House Mecha so she can, hopefully, pick one! The Job owners around Soluna have also allowed her to use their Mecha as well since she'd have to help them to get one of her own. I even was nice and gave her access to the new package mecha as well as one I created using a few...interesting...equips.

This will give people a reliable place to test out builds against certain enemies without having to run through the random Soluna battle button to try and find the one they want. It will also also let people who are like Wyonna and still need to choose a House the ability to see all the House Mecha in action and find out which fits their play style. The Ashendal Special mecha is just something fun I put together as it uses some pretty powerful equipment.

Speaking of the Houses, this is leading up to something based around them for next week! No, it's not the Gears Games, (even though we're working on trying to get that ready for this year. There's still a bunch of things we need to get done for that but we're trying!) but I'll be working on it over the weekend to have enough time to make sure it's done right! Hopefully you guys will like it!

Tags: #Ashendal