Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wars Against Bugs

War on Bugs! Really the credit goes to Vivi for fixing the bugs in the Data Cell Head and the Mechatron!  I played a role in the process but his role involved cogitation and coding, while mine involved things like downsaving and uploading and rolling and databasing.  If that made sense to you, hooray! Anyway, my point is that I did the easy part.  And the Mechatron and Data Cell Head bugs should now be fixed.  There are some other bugs involving the Yokai planet rewards that are high on the list - but their fixes will come along in the next week or so, as I got distracted by... a Bug War??!!???

Yes, I was doing some real-life Bug Warring here in the Undisclosed Location. I've temporarily dubbed it "MidWestion!"  The ants came marching two by two - kerrick, kerrack, hurrah (if you get that reference in its entirety including the bits beginning with k, you win ... an acorn, man!)  Yeah, I am perhaps not the best housekeeper ever, but I do keep things pretty clean (if not tidy) - and with the wet weather and a missed sticky spill plus a stray raisin, the tiny ants thought they found a prime picnic spot here.  Thanks to real-life friends and facebook friends for the arsenal - I got ideas for ant deterrents and communications from diverse places including Sweden, Singapore, France, the US Midwest, and New York City.  I have only seen a couple of stragglers late to the picnic now that I've cleaned all three food/spice cabinets and counters with an ammonia-based cleaning product, and used other solutions such as crushed red pepper and cinnamon and sugarwater with soap and a chemical-free bug spray... if I combine all this with Cola perhaps we'll have a real-life Maegwyn's Bug Spray!  (Just don't mix chlorine and ammonia - Very Bad Things Happen!)  (I did not do that.  I'm just sayin' ...)

We have some cool stuff happening in the upcoming weeks - thanks for playing MechQuest, and stay tuned for the news here, on the forums, on twitter, and on our official facebook page  which we plan to start updating again on a regular basis!