Friday, November 26, 2010

Silly turkeys. Overkill is for kids.

That's right. The release is live. Features new minigame of avoiding turkeys driven by the latest Evil Jim single, Overkill. 30,000 kills and the track can be yours in your starship along with a headbanging turkey that rocks out to Overkill! We also have a bunch of weapons for you when you beat the boss and minigame so good luck enjoy. Normal, hard and extreme modes do apply on the minigame so have fun with that.

Thank goodness for Maegwyn and Vivi. They took a lot of work off of me this week. Unfortunately I still managed to create too much work for me this week haha. It didn't help that it was a 3-Day week though and if we had released Wednesday, things would've been a mess. Everything should work right now though so woot! Minar also designed all of the weapons and animated them himself. Vivi and Mae handled programming them and I believe Blues helped with specials. I spent all week on the minigame and cutscenes and other lovely things.

I would also like to announce that the first verified mech (I think we're only doing 2 in the long run) is being animated right now and is currently finished being colored and all that fun. So we may actually be scratching an item off that SOON list soon enough!

Maegwyn figured out some really strange issue with the skin on the punk costumes that Lyris designed so now the female costumes should be nice and dandy!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey day. Mine was spent eating and watching tortoises knock each other over in my parent's backyard (my sister is babysitting big sulcatta tortoises and they don't play nice until they're exhausted). I avoided getting puked on by my nephew by probably less than 2 minutes. My dad was not as lucky.

Also, we're not doing a Black Friday sale or Cyber Monday sale per se. Instead, once we have a list of cool items, we'll have a big happy shop of lovely items available at a discounted price. We don't want to rush it until we have an awesome list for you guys. Might be mechs, might be items.Who knows yet but we'll be going over that Monday for sure and figuring all that out. So expect a *adjective* *weekday* sometime in the next couple weeks.

Maegwyn tells me she's thankful for everyone on the MQ team and is really grateful for all of you loyal players as we all are. We won't be satisfied until you're all dearly departed.

... That's not right. Why would we say that? Curse you Evil Jim!

Or something like that. Enjoy the rest of your weekends. Hope you're full. Later.

Oh yeah. I got my custom sound effects in Planetary Defender working. Woot woot. Check it out.

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