Friday, August 16, 2013

To MechQuest!

*Raises stein of space moglin juice*

MechQuest breaks all of the rules... deliver pizza in an armed-to-the-teeth giant mecha. Supernatural mecha and worlds. Chtulian creatures of the deep and an unspeakable army of invaders from another dimension. No other game is quite like it. To the staff that has been creating it, the community staff that has been keeping our forums fun and safe, and to the awesome mecha pilots who boldly went were no sane person would ever even consider going... TO MECHQUEST!!!

To MechQuest!
Korin says, "Steins are for sissies!"

  • 250 NovaGems awarded to all players who logged on recently
  • 1,000 MORE NovaGems added to every StarCaptain account as a thank you

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