Thursday, March 1, 2012


Wow a lot is going on right now. Where to start ?!!!??

Talking with Alina & also with Lyris on MSN as we speak.  Have been wrangling with my poor laptop, which is now in Data Recovery ... but somehow I've managed to juggle MQ's needs! The newsletter is not going out till tomorrow early, though, because I was in a conference call with the data recovery guy & the dude who repaired my no-function screen. 

What's coming up? Well, off the top of my head I know we have new weapons from Minar and one or two new enemies with specials from blues, getting coded by Vivi, on Romero! Korin is working on quests! I'm awaiting a revised cs from Arklen which relates to a quest - it's almost perfect already, so worst-case, I add a line of code and leave one bit of animation as-is.


Sorry this is so short but I had really better post and dash for now! Later, taters!!!!!

Tags: #Maegwyn