Friday, June 26, 2015

The Mohawk Returns

Greetings! Tonight we have a release for Star Captain's! The SCEM Mohawk is now back in permanent form with new specials in the Star Captain Armory! (The armory is in the Star Captain Club in Soluna) This is a offensive focused mecha, but it lacks a bit of accuracy to make up for that so you should probably train ACC and POW to get the most out of it!


FA - 4 hits
CD 3
30% chance for
100% total damage
100% chance for all hits to crit. (This makes it a total of 200% damage)
+150 Bonus (You're literally sticking your weapon INTO the foe, so missing shouldn't happen)
-100 Defense for 1 turn.

else does
140% total damage
+25% chance to crit.
-10 Defense*(number of hits connected) for 3 turns.

BA - 4 hits
CD 3
First hit - 40% damage, -20 Bonus for 3 turns.
Second & Third hits - 20% damage.
Fourth hit - 40% damage, -20 Bonus for 3 turns.
- 30% chance for all hits to be Crits.

FS - 2 hits
CD 0
Starts at 120% total damage and +0 BtH.
Each hit increases this bonus by +10 up to a max of +100. (This stays for the whole battle.)
Each use after the first deals 140% total damage instead.

BS - 1 hit
CD 3
130% total damage.
On next use
- +70% damage
- +100 BtH
30% chance to immediately use the "next use" effect with no setup needed.

HD - 4 hits
CD 5
140% total damage
-10*(number of hits connected) Boost nerf for 4 turns.
-6*(number of hits connected) Ballistic Resistance for 4 turns.
(All default weapons but this one deal Ballistic damage so it's a direct damage boost!)

CD 4
170% total damage
- Lowers enemy ImmoRes by -15 for each other default weapon used before this one.
- 1 turn stun attempt. If all other default weapons used first, 60% chance for a 2 turn stun.

The Father's Day shop and Summer Quest will be leaving on Monday so you have this weekened to grab the items if you still want them!

The team is also working on a few other things that we're hoping to release really soon. They're really cool and while not a main storyline release, will be fun things to do overall and hopefully you all will like them! We're also trying to get Liath and a few other main storyline things done but due to the team size it's a lot harder to pull everything together. We are trying though!

I'll be back with another DN on Monday with some info on a few things so check back then!

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