Friday, July 3, 2015

The Eagle Has Landed

Greetings! It's almost the Fourth of July! To celebrate we have a brand new mecha! I asked Korin a while back if he'd be able to help us out with this and he rocked it! Lyris handled the coloring and shading. It came out amazing so I needed to come up with a crazy effect for it to match.

First I'll list the effects and then go into the decisions behind them.

Eagle Series (NSC/SC/NG)

Brilliant Claw
CD 2
2 hits
125/130/135% damage
1st hit is a guaranteed Crit.
2 turn, -35/-40/-45 Bonus nerf.

Explosive Claw
CD 3
2 hits
125/130/135% damage
2nd hit is a guaranteed Crit.
3 turn, -16/-18/-20*(number of hits connected) Boost nerf.

Screaming Eagle
CD 1
3 hits
115/120/125% damage
Nerfs enemy Defense by -10/-12/-15 per use up to a cap of -50. This stays for the duration of the battle.

Screeching Eagle
CD 1
3 hits
115/120/125% damage
Nerfs enemy Defense by -10/-12/-15 per use up to a cap of -50. This stays for the duration of the battle.

Blazing Fury
CD 6
3 hits
130/135/140% damage
Self BoT effect. Starts at +60 Boost and decreases by 20 per turn.
3 turn 1.1/1.5/2x HP DoT effect.

Patriot Frenzy
CD 8
2 hits
110/115/120% damage
For 2 turns player is immune to stuns. If a stun effect is attempted and successful it will purge the effect.


Like every other mecha I design I try to pick something and then base the other effects around that one core effect. In this case I wanted something related to Freedom. Not being able to be stunned is the closest thing we have to that in MQ so I went with that. Starting there I based the other effects on things to keep you alive while also making sure you could deal more damage. Because of how strong that effect is, it'll work on any stun even ones that always stun, the overall damage of the mecha had to be lower and with each other effect the damage had to drop some as well. That's where the head damage buff and DoT came into play, to give you a bit of a damage boost but one that tapers off. Because the low damage means that you can't afford to miss, that's where the perm stacking Defense nerf came from. Then it needed some survival options which is where the FA and BA effects came in.

This mecha is basically a combination of a few different wants from the community that I've listened to but didn't have a real place to put until now. Some players wanted a "perm effect" that they could build around, so I designed one in and balanced it accordingly. Some wanted a brand new type of effect so I got the body effect in and working. I did have to allocate the Holiday Bonus that the mecha gets to the effects instead of damage, but that means that it gets some cooler effects without as many downsides. I do know that even with the basic kit it can be pretty effective in a bunch of places but for those that customize you're going to be able to do some pretty crazy things.

This mecha is a seasonal item as well. It'll return every year from now on with the same specials and from now on we're also going to be adding more mecha's to the shop that will also be seasonal. This is to make sure that the art is always enjoyable but also so that if you really like a certain effect it doesn't dissappear forever. We're going to slowly start doing things like this more often that way more people can enjoy things!

Hopefully you like the mecha as Korin and Lyris put a lot of work into it. Have a fun and safe Fourth of July if you're in the US and have a fun weekend if you aren't!

Tags: #Ashendal