Sunday, January 13, 2013

Send J6 On A Mission to Space

G.E.A.R.S. University Students Can Help Send J6 On a Mission!  Yes, by working together we can make a real-life difference in the life of our very own Bounty Hunter! J6 - the creator of MQ's feature film, D.F.A. - has worked as an artist on every game Artix Entertainment has ever made. His dream is to go to space. He has entered the A.A.S.A. Space Competition. Winning this contest would send him to a training camp where he would have the chance to fly into space with an international crew. This is not a joke contest; the last time he tried, he got the most votes, but the number of votes didn't matter. This time it does! With our votes, we can potentially send him to the top spot and to the stars! Suitcases 300.jpg

His bags are packed and he's ready to go...

How? Just click here to vote! A new window will open up, and after a moment to load, the green Vote button will appear. When you click it, you'll get a prompt to sign in with your Facebook account. Sign in, submit your vote, and he'll be one step closer to his dream! Each Facebook account can vote one time, so please share the link with your friends and fellow G.E.A.R.S. students - if we work together, we can make his dream come true. 

Why? Each contestant has a published "mission statement." J6 says:

"Art is all about breaking boundaries; traveling into space would let me create and inspire a new generation with a first-person view of the universe!" Ship 300.jpg

To the stars!