Friday, December 9, 2011

Liath Continues

Travel back to Planet Liath via Val at the Museum in Soluna City West to find out what we added this week! 

Prerequisites: To access the new content, complete Val's previous missions (main entrance of the Museum, all the way West in Soluna City, to the left of the Art Museum).  Also make sure that you have completed all the missions from Dean Warlic to reach the Kingadent, and have received flight clearance.

This week, there is a new puzzle designed by Korin, and then there is a quest - and Verified players can open a special shop back at the Museum after completing them!  (You need to be Verified to open the shop - inside the shop if you are Verified and a Star Captain there is something for you, and if you are Verified and want to use your Nova Gems as currency, there is also something for you.)

Still to come (in relation to this section of the Liath storyline) is an animated cutscene of the airship landing - cutscene by Lyris and Liath Cityscape by Minar.  I'll get it put together for next week so that you will feel like you glide into the city before you just appear there.  

I don't want to say too much about today's release because of the spoilers - so go to the Museum and travel to Liath and see for yourselves!

There is more to come on Planet Liath in the upcoming weeks, and Frostval is on its way - we've got a lot of things in the works, which we're really excited about!

Have a great weekend and thanks for playing MechQuest!