Friday, June 12, 2015

New Menu and Levels

Greetings! This week we have more of a Quality of Play update than anything else. (It took a while to get everything setup right!)

First off the Mission Log button recieved a few changes. The "news" button has been changed to "Info". If you click that you'll find that there is now just a "Story Guide" button and the Golden Mecha gift shop. The story guide button has been updated to cover all the main storylines. This means that once you finish with the Soluna Jobs, like Mecharoni and the Museum, you can use this button to find out where you should be going next. It'll walk you through the main storyline all the way up to the March of the Shadowscythe and the new storyline quest. If you click one of those sub headings it'll give you some text as well as a button to head to the hub of wherever you need to go. This should help a lot of you out as many times it can get confusing as to where you should be going to follow the storyline.

The other update for today is that the Experience To Next Level has been adjusted. I know I mentioned this before but it's been put into place. You'll now level up a bit faster and you should have less of a grind. If you're following the main storyline, and doing side missions as you find them on the various planets and as we release them, you should find less of a "I'm stuck" feeling. This isn't meant to make you level to 50 in 2 weeks. This is just meant to help you progress through the storyline and feel like you're actually progressing.

Along with this, because you are leveling faster, I upped the credit rewards game wide. This should make it so you'll get the same ratio of credits earned that you did before the change so you can replace items and get new mecha at the same rate you were. These changes should help, along with the overall tweaks and changes we'll make continuing in the future of overly difficult content, to make the game easier to get into for newer players, better for returning players, and helpful to current players if they want to level a new character or progress farther on a current character.

I hope this helps many of you out there as I know quite a few of you have sent me messages over the past few months asking about several of these things. I'm sorry we weren't able to have a quest or item to go along with this but with how much work it took to get everything pathed out correctly and linked and tested along with all the time I spent trying to get the TNL Exp to work out properly there just wasn't enough time to do anything else. We will have a quest next week though!

Tags: #Ashendal