Monday, October 22, 2012

Mogloween Sneak Peek

Stardate 22 October 3012:

I'm getting a transmission from Practel!

Heyoooo Quest Mechzerz!
Today I have some screenshots for you of what I've been doing behind the scenes in MechQuest. Coming this Friday you will get to see an awesum update to Soluna City! Mogloween comes once a year, and you'll notice that people all around the city are dressing up as skeletons, zombies, or werewolfs! It's a grand and jolly time, but also a spooky one! I hope you guys enjoy this, all the screens of Soluna City will be mogloweenifyed (Yes, it is a real word. Just as Korin is a brony.)

Battle On!
~Le Practel

I temporarily broke the page! Now you have clickable links instead of images! =Mae