Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Day and Extra Experience

Greetings! I have finally discovered how to appear in this small little box like Mae and Korin can over here! I've got a bunch of stuff to go over so I'll try and keep this short enough that you all get the big things but don't get bored!

First up, it's Memorial Day weekend. I'd like to say thank you to all those currently serving as well as all of my fellow veterans. Everyone here thanks you for your service and the sacrifices that you have made. There are various mecha models available in Soluna Main to celebrate the holiday.

Secondly, it's Gianna Glow's Birthday! You can pick up her E-blade, also in Soluna Main, to celebrate. Happy Birthday GG!

Next is a two part issue. We've heard a large number of you mentioning that it both takes too long to level AND that there are issues with certain areas of the game. We're working on fixing that in several ways. I'm currently working on changing overall Experience and Credits rewards, and the Exp curve, to make leveling less painful at certain points and so that you still have enough credits to replace your items and mecha at appropriate times. To help in the short term we have a quest at Tek's that grants boosted Exp rewards. This will allow you to power past certain "sticky" points until we adjust the rewards game wide. At that point the quest will go away as it won't take as long to level. (Note that the bonus exp won't show up immediatly after you get the popup. You must either complete the quest OR fight another enemy in the quest for it to apply to your Exp Bar. This is NOT a bug, this is how the game processes earned quest exp)

There are also issues in terms of overall difficulty on planets after Lagos. Most notably are Yokai and Romero but there are issues on plenty of other planets. Part of my job will be to help make the difficulty curve more uniform as you progress through the storyline so you're not hit with a giant spike in difficulty for no reason. You're supposed to have more challenging content as you level up but there shouldn't be really really easy content and then really really hard content. It should be a nice consistant increase so that you gain power as you level and the game then gets harder as a response. This won't be happening immediatly, but it is being worked on. The Exp/Credit reward overhaul will be occuring first and this overall difficulty changing will be happening as I have time over the next few months.

I also know a question plenty of you may have reading about the Exp curve being adjusted. No, we don't have plans right now to raise the level cap. This is to make sure we CAN raise it later on and you won't be hit with an even bigger wall of Exp needed or difficulty spikes past level 50. Once the overall difficulty is adjusted properly and we get the Exp Curve handled we'll eventually look at raising it. Right now though we have to make sure the game is ready to have that happen.

Also now that I have DN access, and Mae has a bit more time, you will be getting a DN post at least once a week again! We've wanted to do that for the past few months but there have been a lot of issue and it's been hard to actually get them up and posted. We're looking forward to a bunch of new stuff that's planned for the next few months and we hope you all will enjoy it!

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