Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day! ONE DAY SALE!

May Day Weapons: Specials!
Charfade created these and even did most of (if not all of) the animations! I can't decide which one is the coolest. I do wish I had a real-life Weed Killer Shooter to combat a particular Evil Force - I would name it the Euonymus Eradicator. (Euonymus fortuneii, or Wintercreeper, is this insane groundcover that is creeping relentlessly and aggressively from the neighboring apartments into our backyard...) I do believe it is plotting to take over the Universe! But I digress.

Here are the specials for the May Day Weapons:
Front Arm - Leaf Blower (NG)
Hits 1, 2, and 3 each have an increasing chance to do a critical hit
Hit 4: A good chance to nerf enemy accuracy -40 hit bonus for 3 turns. On hit. (No popup.)

Front Shoulder - Liquid fertilizer rifle (NSC)
Hit: Good chance for a 3-turn HP DoT on hit.

Back Shoulder - Seed shooter (SC)
Hit 1: Good chance to nerf Immobility Resistance by 70. On hit.
Hit 2: Good chance for stun. On hit.

Front Shoulder - Weedkiller shooter (NG)
Hit 1: Good chance of a critical hit.
Hit 2: Good chance for Defense nerf of 40. On hit.
Hit 3: Good chance crit.
Hit 4: Good chance for Energy Damage over Time. On hit.

Front Arm mecha-equippable energy blade - Maypole (all)
Numbers read as : NG/SC/NSC
-Damage increased 50/40/20.
-Hit Bonus increased 40/30/20.
Hit: Good chance for EP DoT. On hit.

Swordfighting blade: Maypole (SC, NG)
No specials - just a swordfighting blade. A very pretty one!

These weapons will be in the shops for a week.

Don't Forget: The Maypril Fools Mechas will go Rare Forever at Midnight Tonight, Server Time!

Temporary Shortcut to Necryptos:
FACT: The New Release button is the way to Necryptos temporarily, while the Maypril Fool mechas are in town.

Why? Fact: Because you need a way to get to Necryptos. FICTION: Because trying to walk East in Soluna when the Great Wall of Buttons becomes too large causes insanity (and concussions). And because you can already get to Lagos via the Star Map, but you can't get to Necryptos that way yet. And why is that? Well, the... er... Stellar United Intergalactic Planetary Cartographers' Association (SUIPCA) is really really busy ... attending an in-depth workshop on the breakthrough technology known as the String-and-Silly-Putty Method! And trying to come up with a better acronym. Why? Because SUIPCA means "preposterously non-existent" in Ancient Zargonian! (Disclaimer: this completely whimsical explanation having nothing to do with actual in-game storyline is officially unofficially pure Maypril Foolishness.)

Thanks for playing! Happy May Day! And have a wonderful weekend!