Friday, March 23, 2012

Magical Music Turns the Tide of War

See Braddock Steele in the War Camp to find out about the legend of the magical music that can turn the tide of war! He has a NEW quest for you - guaranteed to give you a spike in the War Meter! (Note - you will probably see this jump in the War Meter percentage when you log in, because the first person to complete the new quest will trigger the change.)

Vivi set up the underground quest - the backgrounds and the flute are drawn by Jemini. I set up a new swordfighting enemy by making some conversions to a mecha-sized monster's attacks.  I gave him a little AI - he's not difficult.  I thought about making him a little tougher but after some of the feedback about swordfighting difficulty I decided to keep him easy.  Note that in the quest at the beginning there is a little Gremlin - if you use the Equip button, it shrinks you when you come back - you'll see a little "mini-me" version of yourself.  When you go underground you will be back to normal.  Although it kind of makes sense for you to shrink when you go underground, actually. 

The music this year is a very special treat! Sionnach is the composer and performer of this authentic Irish Traditional Style piece. The MechQuest title is "Peter's Trip to NZ & Neville's Jig" - "NZ" stands for a location here on Earth, actually, but it got a minor renaming to fit Planet Loreon. In "real life," Sionnach is the Dad of our Gremlins ArchKnight, Plasma Charge!  (Yes, you will be able to get a Starship Item as a war reward that plays this music - I recolored a radio & coded it to play the music - along with a special item designed by Minar that I coded to work in tandem with the radio.)

Charfade wanted to guest-art us a new Cloverblade this year, but she just didn't have time. So this year's Cloverblade series is drawn by Minar and animated by Korin! blues came up with the ideas & numbers for the specials, and Vivi coded them up. These shops open when the war reaches 50% - which you will reach quickly, I'm sure!

Battle ON!

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