Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mae Flies

Hallo from Points East!  I'm having a sort of vacation, in that I am not at home, and assisting some dear friends who live in a large city, doing things like helping get a broken air-conditioning unit out of the window and out of the apartment, and doing errands such as looking for the proper style of 60-watt lightbulbs... 

They don't have internet access at their place, so I've been going to this wonderful coffee shop just a few blocks away, which offers free Wi-Fi.  It's very small, so I try not to over-stay my welcome, but they have been very sweet and accommodating - and they brew excellent coffee, of which I've been drinking quite a lot more than usual. Yesterday I sat there and ate a delicious arugula salad with freshly-grated parmesan curls while testing the release with Korin and Vivi.  

Yep, that was Vivi.  Not our Azami (who also helps test when he has time).  Thanks, Vivi!! I had to go hunting lightbulbs before we were quite finished with the testing - who knew that 60-watt bulbs would be so elusive.

This morning I am using a chain coffee shop to access the internet, which is not nearly as nice, but the little shop restricts laptops until afternoon on Saturdays.  Because people go there to, y'know, eat brunch and stuff.  Which is really what the cafe is for.  

So anyway I wanted to nudge everyone to tell Korin on the forums what a great job he did with the release this week, doing practically everything solo since we all went hither and thither without him... Korin is seriously awesome!  

And now I must away to stalk the wild 60-watt!  See you at DragonCon if you're going - and I'll be home and back to a more usual way of doing things after the holidays!

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