Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ltd Shoulder and Shadowfoil

Star Date 21 February, 3012

*beep boop boop beep*

*Transmission to all Mecha Pilots*

Hi there everyone, Plasma here!

First off a heads up that the Limited edition versions of the commemorative head weapons will both be removed from the shop this Friday, so be sure to pick them up now if you haven’t already! From Friday on the limited edition shop will be stocking Commemorative shoulder weapons, which will combo together for some awesome DoTs!






Secondly I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Shadowfoil quest from Paige! The quest was a joint effort between Practel and myself, Practel coded the mission and created the character Paige while I wrote the script , designed how the mission would progress and designed the Shadowfoil and Brightfoil e-blades! A lot of credit also goes to Maegwyn and Korin who helped us both squish any gremlins during testing!

That’s all from me for now, see you all on Friday!~Plasma Charge

*Transmission ended*


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