Friday, August 3, 2012


Knife & Spork Challenge! Go West in Soluna City to the Knife & Spork Diner and talk to me (Maegwyn) - if you've completed all the regular challenges, the "More" button opens up to give you a whole new round! And this latest one even unlocks a shop that holds a player-suggested weapon!

Thanks & congratulations to megaman3234 of the forums for the inspiration for the new reward weapons! Minar was so wonderful to draw & animate on short notice - a few tweaks to the original animation suggestion & specials were needed, and blues & Vivi did a grand job of balancing --  & Vivi's coding was Gremlin-free!

Mocha Cola Overdrive! 

  • Hyper!!!: chance for +30 BtH for 3 turns 
  • Dazed:when Hit 1 connects, chance for lowering immo res by 75 and chance for -30 enemy damage for 3 turns 
  • Knock out!: when Hit 2 connects, chance for stun attempt 

(NG = best chance // SC = Great chance // NSC = Good chance)

We also drew inspiration from a forum thread titled "Your Powerful Mecha Builds" - a forum member known as Alex Wolfblade got some unexpected fame when his (or her?) build was used for an opponent in this challenge! Diner Contestant 61 is set up as per this build!

Chassis: Platinum Falcon-P 
Front Arm: Glowing Frying Pan 
Back Arm: Shadow of Doubt 
Front Shoulder: Talon Pulse Laser 
Back Shoulder: Talon Pulse Laser 
Head: Eye of the Falcon 

Thanks, and congratulations!

I keep "threatening" to post Design Notes more frequently, and I've got some reminders on my calendar now, so I'll make a point of heeding them as the weeks go on!


I have to go now so I will talk with you soon! Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

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