Thursday, March 22, 2012

Innumerable Hordes of Leprescythe

Innumerable Hordes of Leprescythe

The war count is massive - it seems like you fight and fight and just aren't getting anywhere.  That Rainbow portal is continally pouring out Leprescythe so something is going to have to be done about that.  There is an ancient legend of a realm underground - where a magical musical instrument could help win this war.  

Contrary to a rumor I read on the forum, the war rewards are ready. What is not yet ready is a quest. That quest is scheduled for release Friday. That additional quest involving the musical instrument and the Leprescythe is why the war meter is so high.  It is not a delaying tactic - it is part of the story.  It was meant from the very beginning to be a war that would take more than a few days.  However, I may have set the initial total too high as it looks like people are feeling war-weary.  That will change but it is a result of something that you will do, not a case of "staff intervention."

I did run into a couple of snags this week with technical issues (still working with the old and slow PC because my laptop STILL isn't back - and my mouse started acting erratic - jumping offscreen.  Finally traced it to my wireless keyboard but I lost a lot of worktime troubleshooting) - and just to put the icing on the cake, ended up with a fever & sore throat.  So, due to the need for a morale boost in the war, Vivi is stepping in to help revise the plan slightly for the quest advancing the storyline - we're simplifying my original quest plan which was going to be a rather complicated maze, but the basic story remains the same.