Friday, January 4, 2013

House Runehawk Wins 5th Annual GEARS Games

Star Date 4 January 3013: GREAT G.E.A.R.S. Games This Year!  The 5th Annual G.E.A.R.S. games is now decided - and the winner is....

Congratulations, Runehawk! It came down to a matter of just ten victories at the crucial moment:

Wolfblade                   Runehawk                 Mystraven                Total

The screenshot of those numbers was taken at 1:39 PM Server Time (the Skype logs below reference the timezone of my "Undisclosed Location") Korin & I just kept refreshing our pages watching your victories roll in, awaiting the moment when one House would pull ahead and hit the total needed to win.

[12:37:38 PM] Korin: keep clicking warvars. Report with which intWar you see hit the goal first

[12:37:53 PM] Korin: I'm doing the same

[12:38:06 PM] Maegwyn AE: yupyup

[12:39:05 PM] Maegwyn AE: rh wins

[12:39:06 PM] Korin: I got RH

[12:39:08 PM] Korin: Wow haha

[12:39:17 PM] Korin: I'll post it in the forums and explain some delays.

[12:39:25 PM] Maegwyn AE: Ok excellent thanks

*end Skype transmission logs*

To celebrate and reward your valiant battling, we've given you a 30% experience and credits boost for this weekend! This will help you reach Level 50, the new level cap - although to be honest there is really no rush to do so. The new Level 50 House Mechas will not be going rare - although when they unlock, for a limited time you will be able to grab yours at a discount!

New Level 50 House Mecha Models: Nearly Ready! We've been working on these for months to get them just right, and ideally we'd've had 'em perfected by the time you completed the G.E.A.R.S. Games, but sometimes things take longer than estimated.  I take responsibility for this delay, and urge you to #BlamePractel2013 early and often!  No, seriously it's my fault that these ended up needing more work when it came down to the final countdown - please join me in thanking Vivi for coming up with details on the specials as well as coding, thanking blues for specials concepts, thanking Arklen for animation along with several do-overs to get positioning and sizing just right - Thyton for the sketches, and along with the above-thanked who also helped test - Gibby, Plasma Charge, Practel - and please throw in a couple of extra thanks just in case I left anyone out!

G.E.A.R.S. Games Mecha Models Available NOW: Pick up a Corrupted or GEARS Edition mecha from the shops at the G.E.A.R.S. Games Camp.  If you want the original Nova Gem versions, note that those will be going rare on Saturday 5 January no earlier than noon server time, to be replaced by a model offered with less power at a lower NG pricepoint. If you saved up and spent 3000 Nova Gems, we will ensure that your purchase continues to give you good value.   If you want a powerful NG model but miss out on the original, you will have the opportunity to grab one when we have them ready.

I've got to run out for the moment - my cousin is a musician and he's got a performance to which I'll be late if I don't leave now. 

I'll have more news for you before the weekend is over! Starship Items. Valor Badge Shop. What's coming next? 

Meanwhile Vivi is still working while I'm out & we'll have those Level 50 House Mecha Models ready a.s.a.p.

Battle ON!