Friday, August 27, 2010

Hazuko's Challenges now available!

Short DN's today. First I would like to say WHERE DID EVERYBODY GOOOO T_____T!!!

That's right. Mae and Jemini are both on vacation this week. Mae was nice enough to help out yesterday and this morning. Jemini is super busy getting ready for DragonCon. Azami has been helping but he had to run some errands. So bottom line, hopefully everything works! If not I'll be right on it to fix it. My biggest concern is balancing but I did play through each challenge at different levels and it seemed to be about what I wanted.

So finally we have more enemies that don't scale. Leveling has a purpose again! I plan on doing this more often as side quests/bosses. Just go see Master Hazuko's dojo! Marked by another fancy ! mark in Yokai.

Anyways, please know that this is an odd week. So is next week. I'm thinking we may only have a Star Captain mech on Wednesday since we'll be off to DragonCon Thursday morning!!

Coming up in the next weeks will be a revamp of the intro shuttle to hopefully make it easier for new players and especially easier for players that make new characters and don't want to sit through the level 3 requirement everytime because I know that gets on my nerves sometimes and I'm sure it bugs some of you guys and gals.

After that, more work on the new planet though first I need to get Artix's approval on some things. We're also planning the epic Mogloween storyline. Do I sense Evil Jim? I do. Trust me.

I thought these DNs would be short but it turns out they're kind of long. Anywho, enjoy the new energy blade weapons for Mechas and enjoy your weekend. Hope everything works the first time. My fingers are crossed. Later everyone.

Oh. And don't forget to do some Art for the Art Museum! Gehn Aboraji recently submitted a 3D piece which looks amazing and you can definitely expect to find it in the art museum but we need moar! MOAR!!! Go forth and draw your characters, your dream-mech, an alternate version of Soluna! I look forward to seeing it. Now I'm hitting publish for real. Later.

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