Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ghostly Shadows Gather

Greetings! I've finally finished the quests and you can now play through the final 2 in this storyline!

The Stranger has found out where the Ghosts are hiding. You know he's up to something, but for now speak to him in Soluna East and see what he has to say!

These are later than I expected mainly due to the fact that flash did not want to cooperate and do very basic things. As an example, I spent two hours on part of the cutscene in the first quest where your character is in his/her mecha and is supposed to be facing left. It faces right. I tried everything I know how to make it face the other way. Nothing I tried, even including straight flipping the pad backwards just to see if flash was being rediculous again, worked. After fighting with it for that long I just moved past it and worked on getting everything else done. If you notice anything weird like that, it's most likely because I tried to do something, fought with flash for several hours, and just moved on because otherwise the release was never going to come out. I'll work on trying to get them fixed and push out a fixed version, but for right now I know some things are going to look weird.

Due to the fact that I was fighting with cutscenes I didn't get a chance to do all the rewards I wanted to either. I'll work on them and have them ready for the next chain I do with the Stranger as well. With everything that happened last week and everything going on this upcoming week I just keep running out of time to do the things I really want to that would be cool and fun. Hopefully the mods make up for it as they do something a bit different than normal.

Tags: #Ashendal