Friday, June 10, 2011

Gameshow Planet Head Weapons and SCMM Buff

So today's release brings new Head weapons to the Gameshow planet and buffs the Mechatron SCMM model.

Here's Vivi with a rundown of the SCMM changes: 

Switched the BA so that the specials are more aligned with the rest of the mecha 
BA is more damaging 
Head is clickable, toggles whether you'll turn shifting on or off when you attack with it 
Head gives +30 defense or boost depending on your current toggle 
Shifted body keeps some crit damage and reduces bonus by 10 per crit instead of 7 
Shoulders deal a bit more damage, effects are slightly stronger 
FA Crits on second hit whether or not you are shifted

Also the default weapons have +2 to crit, and the body has +10 to crit.  That's a database-based tweak, suggested by golden1231 on the forums. Besjbo created the discussion, and notable participants were EinhanderX01, glaisaurus_x, NaturallyMaria, Selutu, Street Halo, TostiTostelli, $$$$ (and maybe more but those were the constructive posts that stood out for me - if I missed your post, it was nothing personal - please PM me on the forums please with a link!) - thanks as always for your valuable input!  

Then back to Vivi again:

NG Head: 
150% damage 
Even odds of either +40 boost to yourself for 5 turns, -40 boost to opponent for 5 turns, or both ("even odds" meaning 1/3 chance of each) 
If you're in the Mechatron, this will also trigger or disable the data shift the same way its default head does 

SC Head: 
First hit gives -20 defense 
Second hit deals 150% damage and either stuns the enemy or heals you equal to damage dealt (50/50 chance of either) 

NSC Head: 
120% damage 
Chance to inflict a 1.5x HP DoT on hit

Thanks again, Vivi!

We worked hard on getting this together for you, and we really hope you like the new Heads!  Also, in theory the buff to the SCMM should set it up to power standards.  We tested it and it definitely plays better - if you have something more tweak-needing to discuss, please use the Mechatron thread in the Game Balance Discussion forum.

If you're in the area, you should check out PariahCon this weekend!  Korin & Charfade were instrumental in setting this up, and ArtixEntertainment has a booth so you really should go if you can! And on that note - thanks for playing MechQuest - please don't forget to tell your friends - and have a fantabulous weekend!